CARLI Tech Savvy ways to Engage Students Savvy ways...Tech Savvy ways to Engage Students: Cluster, Shelflister, Kahoot! Colleen Bannon Colleen Shaw Information Services Librarians ... u Voyager compatible website

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  • Tech Savvy ways to Engage Students: Cluster,

    Shelflister, Kahoot!Colleen Bannon & Colleen Shaw

    Information Services LibrariansHeartland Community College

  • Problemv College NOW

    student orientation

  • Solution: Cluster

    What is it?

    u Private group sharing app and website

    u Create a scavenger hunt using Cluster

    u To the website! #VikingsVisitGroupB

  • Cluster


    u First group of students were unsure what was expected of them

    u Photo releases

    u Direction heavy for the students downloading the app


    u Adapted scavenger hunt to our GENS classes

    u Positive feedback on campus

    u Students left:

    u With student IDs

    u Able to login to the portal

    u Familiarity with library resources

    u Reduced library anxiety

  • Problemv Stacks maintenance

    What's on the shelf? Whats not on the shelf?

    Improve student worker shelf-reading with LC call numbers

    v Collection management

    Small, aging collection

  • Solution: Shelflister

    What is it?

    u Voyager compatible website

    u Created by Michael Doran at the University of Texas at Arlington

    u Enter a range of barcodes or call numbers to generate a list of all the items between two items.

    u To the website!

  • ShelflisterStacks Maintenance

    u Challenges

    u User error

    u Motivating student workers

    u Successes

    u Find disparities in catalog

    u Identify problems before patron complaints

    u More accurate shelf-reading

    Collection Management

    u Challenges

    u Not a replacement for walking the stacks

    u Successes

    u Easy way to create a list of books to pull and evaluate

  • Problemv Student worker staff


    v COMM 101 review session

  • Solution: Kahoot!

    What is it?

    u Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform

    u Create a multiple choice game for staff training and COMM 101 review

    u To the website!

  • Kahoot!


    u Not a true assessment of individuals when game is played in pairs

    u Technical problems

    u Players may get kicked out

    u Learning curve


    u Good informal assessment and gives librarians a chance to review incorrect answers

    u Great student and faculty feedback

  • Questions?

    Colleen Bannon