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CAREER WORK EXPLORATION Ms. Lapointe [email protected] http://2014semester2.wikispaces.com

Career Work Exploration

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Career Work Exploration. Ms. Lapointe [email protected] http://2014semester2.wikispaces.com. Outline. Website Introduction Course Outline – three different courses in one class Expectations Course Calendar Assignments due for Tuesday, February 4 – NO LATES Videos /Stats - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Work Exploration

Career Work ExplorationMs. [email protected]://2014semester2.wikispaces.com OutlineWebsiteIntroductionCourse Outline three different courses in one classExpectationsCourse CalendarAssignments due for Tuesday, February 4 NO LATESVideos /StatsYour Job/My JobModule 1 Intro to career developmentObjectives:Understand career development concepts and apply them to a personal career development processCareer Development ModelWhat is a career?Differentiate between job, occupation, and careerdefinitions Concept of workWhy work? Reasons to work.Changing workplace/force labour market infoCareer AwarenessExperiences/Exposure/Active RoleCareer development modelKnowing YourselfPersonality; values; skills; interests; knowledge; etc.Explore Your OptionsTrends, info, co-op, job shadows, ii, gain experience, research, networkingChoose a DirectionDecision making, objectives, goals, life long learning, options, networking, try things out, job shadow,Pursuing Your GoalsCourse of action, plans, volunteer, Join the workforceRe-evaluate/Reflect/New Goals

High five messages

What doe you think the five messages are?

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HandoutWhat is a career?Your Career is the sum total of your life experiences!Examples Key Terms - handoutThere will be a quiz on career, career development model and this terms tomorrow on the quia site.Why work? Reasons?Brainstorm Why Work? Reasons?Money/Trade/Barter/Cant do everythingYou can get a lot out of working! It doesnt have to be something you have to do!Economic ReasonsFood, shelter, clothing, independence, skillsSocial InteractionMeet new people/network, new interests, acceptance, active, make friends, help people, allows you to be with others, contribute to society,Self RespectSense of accomplishment, praise, self-confidenceWork SatisfactionHappy, healthy, less likely to be late or take days off, happier home life, enjoyment and satisfaction beats out money a lot of the timeTeamBasic human psychological need (belonging), pride, love, group effortFeeling Useful, Being activeSense of purpose and direction, community, contributing

Assignment Title Page Why people work? Name, date, classConduct your own research:Interview two adults and ask the following questions:What are the main reasons you work?Do you enjoy your work?Did you plan to enter this line of work?Is your work rewarding and important to your life? How?What advice do you have for youth today in relation to working and career choices?Answer the following questions for yourself.In addition to money, list three other rewards/reasons for work that are most meaningful to you.What occupations do you think are most valuable to our society?Why are some jobs seem to be valued more highly than other? Explain.Which occupations do you think are undervalued?Contribution - http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2013/07/15/which-occupations-contribute-most-to-society/

Types of work - statsExamples

http://www.careers.govt.nz/plan-your-career/get-career-ideas/types-of-work-arrangement-and-hours/Changing workforce/workplaceExamples Types of WorkFull Time EmploymentPart TimeSeasonalContractCasualJob SharingVirtual/Remote/TeleEntrepreneurshipConsultingPortoflio Piece work

Changing workforce/workplaceNew skill setTypes of workOutsourcingAutomationTechnologyEconomyBaby boomers

Global marketChanging work patternsPink collar/while collarNew Generation/X/Y/MilleniumsEducationSkills ShortageMotivationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJcDaniel Pink