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CAREER PLANNING FOR SUCCESS. LUCY GAMMON KIM BILLEAUDEAU. Two Different Centers. The Career Counseling Center – Lucy C. Gammon – “Offering Help with Major Decisions” through Career Testing, Career Exploration and Career Decision Making Class. Lee Hall Room 110 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Two Different CentersThe Career Counseling Center Lucy C. Gammon Offering Help with Major Decisions through Career Testing, Career Exploration and Career Decision Making Class. Lee Hall Room 110

    Career Services Kim Billeaudeau Assists Students with career planning, job search preparation and connecting with jobs and employers. Conference Center Room 104

  • SAME GOAL - CAREER PLANNING FOR SUCCESSThe Career Counseling Center and Career Services can help students with all aspects of their career journey throughout their years at UL Lafayette. Services include information on majors, career testing, career planning and job seeking strategies.


    Offering Help with MAJOR Decisions

    Lee Hall, Room

  • The Academic Success Center at UL Lafayette houses two academic support centers:The Learning CenterandThe Career Counseling Center

  • GoalsSelf Assessment - to enable students to examine their interests, values, skills and personality characteristics by participating in self-assessment exercises and testing

    Research and Exploration - to help them gather information about career options and evaluate the pros and cons of different occupations as they may relate to their personal choices and career goals Career Planning - to help students learn the importance of school involvement, part-time and summer jobs, internships, volunteer work, professional organizations, resume writing and networking as early strategies in their career decision-making

    Future - finally, to have students learn that career development is a lifetime process that can be both exciting and fulfilling

  • Services of the Career Counseling CenterAn appointment is NOT needed to use the CenterThe Center is a free service to all currently enrolled studentsCareer Testing availableBrowsing LibraryInformational materialsCareer ClassCounseling

  • Who Runs the CenterLucy C. Gammon Coordinator of the Center

    We have a staff of trained student workers who will guide you through your testing process.

  • Who Visits the CenterPerspective students invited by Enrollment ServicesIncoming students invited during OrientationCurrently enrolled student looking to change their majorUndeclared students required to come by their advisorsStudents who are researching what they can do with their degreeStudents who have been placed on Financial Aid ProbationStudents registered in ACSK 100 classes through Academic Success CenterStudents enrolled in the ACSK 140 classGraduate students and alumni

  • Freshmen Seminar and Intro Classes are Invited to the CenterHUMN 101 BADM 100 SCI 101 DSGN 101 EDCI 100 HUMR 100 HIM 101 Nurs 102Cmps 150 Engr Intros

  • Did you knowResearch by Penn State and other institutions has shown that up to 80 percent of students entering college are unsure about their major, even if they've initially declared a major.

    Up to 50 percent of college students change their majors at least once before graduation, and on average, college students may change their major three times over the course of their college career.

    Students who aren't sure about their majors often want a quick decision or a magical answer. But studies have shown that you cant take shortcuts if you want to find a good career fit.

  • What Type of Students Come to the CenterStudents who are Undecided and may have stated their major as Undeclared.Students who want to change their major because of lack of interest in the coursework, poor academic performance or inability to meet the criteria needed for that major.Students who are satisfied with their college major but want to do some exploring or research about how that major will lead them to a good career fit. Students who have a specific career in mind but are unsure what to major in to meet their goals.

  • Some Things to Consider When Students Choose a MajorA description of the Major Interesting history and background information about the MajorCoursework required for this MajorType of career opportunities that this major will offerEducational level required for those career opportunitiesEmployment outlookNational, State and RegionalAverage salary levels---National, State and RegionalAdvice from experts in the field and type of work required

  • CAREER TESTING110 Lee Hall

    CHOICES by Bridges (computer based)

    SIGI 3 by Valpar (computer based)

    Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

  • Career Library110 Lee HallResource information of all types is available in the Career Counseling Center. Learn about the nature of work, education, training, job outlook, salaries, job titles and job descriptions for thousands of careers.

  • Career Decision Making Class

    ACSK 140 is a half-semester, one-credit hour course. The class is taught primarily on Moodle. It is recommended for students wanting an in-depth career analysis. Students are required to take career tests in this course.

  • On the Right Track?Things Students Should ConsiderGet to know and talk to their advisor about their goalsVisit the Career Counseling Center and talk to the counselor and use the tools available at the CenterJoin a student organization in their fieldSeek out professionals in the field and ask questionsVolunteering in their community provides personal satisfaction and creates a more well rounded personThink about an internship or summer job in their area of studyStart a Career file and Resume early

  • Value of the Career Counseling CenterThe Center is a very hands-on, student-oriented place for students to come and gather information about career options and evaluate the pros and cons of different occupations and graduate programs as they may relate to their personal choices and career goals.

  • Career Counseling CenterLee Hall 110 337.482.5431

    Offering Help withMajor DecisionsCareer Testing SoftwareVocational AssessmentCareer Library Career Decision Making Course (ACSK 140) The Career Counseling Centers hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM M-TH8:00 AM to 12:00 PM F Most services are FREE to current UL Lafayette students. Please bring your UL Lafayette I.D. with you when visiting our Center. Academic Success Center

  • ExploringCAREER SERVICESConference Center, Room 104

  • UL Lafayette Career Services department is a division of Student Affairs and provides services to UL Lafayette students and alumni in career planning, development and job seeking strategies.

    The department serves as a major link between students/alumni and potential employers.

    The Career Services staff is a team of professionals who are committed to providing quality services to our customers. Welcome to Career Services!

  • Mission StatementTo assist students and alumni in developing and implementing their career goals by providing skill enhancement, career and employer information, and maintaining quality university-employer relationships which provide a link between student and potential employers.

  • Customers of Career ServicesStudentsAlumniEmployers Faculty & Staff

  • Services for StudentsJob ListingsOn Campus InterviewingCo-op ProgramCareer & Recruitment DaysWorkshops Resume Writing AssistanceResource RoomGuest Speakers

  • Any Student or Alumni Seeking a job shouldCheck out CAREER SERVICES ONLINE

  • Services for Students:Career Services OnlinePart-timeFull-timeInternshipsCo-op positionsSummerMany local employers as well as employers nationwide are posting jobs for all UL Lafayette students and alumni in CAREER SERVICES ONLINE.Students and alumni can search jobs at no charge!

  • Benefits to Students and Alumni:

    Students can set up Job Agents to alert them about openings that meet their criteria (emailed automatically to the student).Maintain an online Personal Career CalendarManage multiple resumes, cover letters, and other employment related documentsSearch online listings through Career Services Online for internships, part-time, full-time, co-op and summer jobs that have been posted specifically for UL Lafayette students and alumni.Schedule on-campus interviews (requires registration in our Career Services office to set up) View and RSVP for career events


  • Services for Students:On-Campus InterviewingEvery Fall & Spring semester Career Services coordinates approximately 40 50 employer visits on campus to interview students for Full-time, Internship & Co-op positions.

  • Services for Students:Cooperative Education ProgramCooperative Education is a supervised educational program for qualified students which integrates periods of academic study with periods of paid, professional work experience.Benefits of a Co-op:Retain Full Time student statusGain real world experienceEarn $ while learning

  • Services for Students:CAREER DAYSRepresentatives from Major Companies & Agencies attendRecruiters from Graduate & Professional Schools attend

  • UPCOMING EVENTSSpring 2010 Career DaysTuesday, February 23Student Union Ballroom9:00 am 1:00 pm

    Engineering, Sciences, MIS-Technology Day &Wednesday, February 24Business, Government, Liberal Arts General Career DayStudent Union Ballroom9:00 am 1:00 pm


    Teacher Recruitment DayMonday, March 15, 8:30 am 3:00 pm

    Liberal Arts DayFriday, March 26, 9:00 am 12:00 pm

    Grad School on LocationConference Center, Room 104Wednesdays, 10:00 am to 12:30