Career Interest Inventory Sophomore Career Lesson HHS Student Services Mr. Glenn, School Counselor Mrs. Bornstein, School Counselor Mrs. Hildreth, School

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Career Interest Inventory Sophomore Career Lesson HHS Student Services Mr. Glenn, School Counselor Mrs. Bornstein, School Counselor Mrs. Hildreth, School Counselor Mrs. Sutter, School Counselor Slide 2 Todays Objective l Learn what a Career Interest Inventory is and its importance. l Will be introduced to and learn about the Choices Career/College software program. l Learn what your possible career interests are as you begin to think of your next steps after high school. l Learn how to read the outcome of the Interest Inventory. l Learn next steps on what to do with your results. Slide 3 Career Interest Inventory l Its okay if you do not know what you may want to be when you grow upbegin examining your interests today and ask yourself what do I want to be when I grow up? Slide 4 Interests l What are my interests? Interests are things you like to do, spend time doing and that arouse your curiosity. Often they are things you do just for fun. Examples - writing, taking photos, collecting sports cards, reading and shopping. Slide 5 Interests Some questions you should begin thinking about: l What are my interests? Think about what you enjoy and your natural talents. l What careers make good use of my skills and interests? For example, if you love science, you might think about becoming a chemist or doctor. Slide 6 Why is it important to learn what your interests are? q Will help you decide what career field you may like to pursue. q You can then learn what steps you need to take to become that professional. Such steps may consist of (depending on your career choice): qGraduating from high school qCompleting a program at a post-secondary school qContinue/Advance your education qInternship qFull-time work experience qTraining in that field qEtc. Slide 7 Career Interest Inventory l Log-into your computer Type your log-in and password (your id # without any zeros) l Click on the internet explorer icon and find: l Student Sign Insign in Site ID: 28513 Password: o6113ps2 l Click Choices Planner at top of page l Under Work click Interest Profiler Sign in to your portfolio before beginning to save your assessment test results (bottom of page) Create a portfolioanswer questions Slide 8 Career Interest Inventory l You will complete 180 questions l You will respond to each question by clicking on whether you would like, dislike or maybe like to do the presented task. BEGIN THE CAREER INTEREST INVENTORY **Note: It does not matter if you have the necessary training !You are answering the question based on your possible interest. Slide 9 Things to Keep in Mind l Answering a question takes you to the next question. l Focus on what you would like to do in the future, not only what you are able to do right now. l Don't worry about right or wrong answers just be yourself. Slide 10 Career Interest Inventory l When you complete the inventory: Print out your resultstype your name when the computer prompts you. Pick up your results from the printer. Read over your results and complete the Career Interest Inventory Worksheet. Raise your hand when you have completed the worksheet. Slide 11 Start thinking today l About your interests, possible career choices and your next path after high school. l Begin thinking about steps to achieve your possible post- seconddary & career goals. Slide 12 Career Interest Inventory Questions