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Career Exploration Assignment

Career exploration assignment

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  1. 1. Career Exploration Assignment
  2. 2. English Award presented to Top StudentsAchieved by having a 90% grade in English. This award demonstrates myability to communicate from a young age.
  3. 3. United Way FundraisingWeekAlong with a fewcolleagues, we were ableto raise close to $800dollars for United Way.Events held included:Dress down weekInternational Food DayIce Cream Day50/50 RaffleEmail BINGO
  4. 4. Job Fair Location: Civic Centre Year: 2010 Met several different employers to see what qualifications they were looking for currently Retrieved business cards Gained valuable knowledge in networking
  5. 5. Appreciation Award From EmployerGiven to employees who show hard work on a continuous basis and whoare meeting department objectives. Signed by Supervisors, Manager andDirector. This shows my Commitment and Loyalty to my employers.
  6. 6. Baseball Award Softball League Championship Award Like many of my friends we had not played competitive sports since we were 10 We enrolled in a House League in April 2011 We ended up winning the Championship in October of 2011 in our first year I personally developed a strong sense of unity