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Career Development The way I am building my career pathway

Career Development

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Career Development. The way I am building my career pathway. Career Development - Beginning. Club management Is the job that I choose and from the beginning of my working life I have tried to give myself objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Development

Career DevelopmentThe way I am building my career pathwayCareer Development - BeginningClub management Is the job that I choose and from the beginning of my working life I have tried to give myself objectivesPractice does a lot, with consistent education it is possible to avoid mistakes and make faster progress1990 start from the basics at the Secretary School by the Italian Golf Federation

Career Development - EventsExperience in Pro Events is not affordable at every Clubs, so the next goal has been: get this experience1992 1998 worked at the organization of the Italian Open and assisted at the Masters Tournament, spending a day with the Augusta National Green Staff

Career Development - RulesGolf Clubs find (at that stage) very important the knowledge of Rules, so become a Referee is a plus1998 Italian Golf Federation Rules Official2003 Passed the examination in Refereeing while attending the R&A Referee School

2006 Italian Golf Federation Tournament Director

Career Development - NetworkingThe relations with colleagues is very important and the professional network is just pricelessI want to know as much as I can about our industry1991 join my national Association, AITG2006 2009 great experience in the Board of the Italian Association of Club Managers

2009 privilege to be in the Board of Club Manager Association of Europe

Career Development - CCMIn 2008 I have search and found CMAE because I wanted to enrich myself with international relationship, as I did in my Country. At the world conference I realized what a chance CCM certification was for a professional qualificationThis new goal make me follow this pathway:2008 Join CMAE2010, February - World Conference 2011 - BMI International2011, November CCM exam

Club:Improving operations quality while facing the current economic troubles.Plan the 2015 Italian EXPO Open at GCMIndustry:Serve CMAE to expande in Europe Work for improving Club Manager professional perceptcionFamily:Always thanks My wife and sons for the time they gift to me