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Career Assessment Project

Career ProjectBy Nick Contess

Part 1: All About MeSubjects discussed in this part:Life Style ChoiceLearning StyleWork ValuesUnique QualitiesMy Foundation blocks

Part 1: All About MeLife Style Choice:My Goals represent my life style choices for my future. By completing high school by taking business and communications classes, I hope to go to college for teaching and minor in business and eventually have a job teaching on long island.

Part 1: All About MeLearning Style:To figure out my learning style I took a survey and answered questions based on how I learn. After completing the survey I came to the conclusion that I am a stronger auditory listener then a visual and kinesthetic learner.

Part 1: All About MeWork Values:Work Values are important in determining what career you wish to pursue. My 3 most important work values were On my ideal job it is important that I could do things for other people, I could give direction and instruction to others, and I would receive recognition for the work I do.

Part 1: All About MeUnique Qualities:What makes me is my unique ability to speak in front of a crowd. Thanks to teaching karate and DECA my public speaking skills are stronger then others. Also my ability to take charge and lead is a quality that I am proud to have. I want to use these qualities and put them to good use by finding a career in teaching. The best would for me would be to become a business teacher because of my skill and interest in my business classes that I have taken.

Part 1: All About MeMy Foundation Blocks:The Foundation Blocks I believe I currently have are:LeadershipSociabilityNegotiation Integrity/HonestyListening Communication

Part 1: All About MeMy Foundation Blocks (continued):The Building Blocks I wish to acquire are:Self-EsteemSelf-ManagementKnowing How to LearnArithmetic/MathComputersMental Visualization

Part 2: Career Assessment The Holland Code:The Holland Code is a way figuring out a career that would be the best for someone based upon 3 words that best describe who you are. The 6 personality traits you pick from are Realistic, Artistic, Enterprising, Investigative, Social, and Conventional. The 3 I picked were Social, Enterprising, and Investigative. From these 3 I picked 3 Careers that I would be interested in researching.

Part 2: Career AssessmentThe Holland Code:1st Career: Vocational Education TeacherI picked this because it matched my 3 choices in order perfectly. Teaching is a career I wanted to peruse my whole life because I have experiences teaching and the feeling I get after helping a child is better then winning any award in the world. To know I made a difference and I was a leader in their life is enough for me.

Part 2: Career Assessment The Holland Code:2nd Career: Agent and Business ManagerThis career involves protecting people such as athletes, famous stars, performers, artists and other people of interest when it comes to signing contracts and making decisions with business. This relates to me because I want to help people and I can be a person who makes a decision when necessary.

Part 2 Career AssessmentThe Holland Code3rd Career: School PsychologistWhen I saw this pop up under careers that might interest me I got excited. This seemed so interesting and it caught my eye. I started reading and I felt this would be perfect cause its the next best thing to teaching. I would be able to help students work through a rough time in their life and let them to a path of success and a bright future.

Part 2: Career AssessmentThe Birkman Code:The Birkman Code is another test or survey that you take with questions that involve what you would like to do as work. Things that you would prefer to do over others. Then the test gives you 2 colors that describe you my two are:

Part 2: Career AssessmentThe Birkman Code:1st Career: StockbrokerA Stockbroker is someone who works on wall street and executes trades for his/her clients. Famous for its high stress, a lot of people avoid this ad an occupation. This career connects with me because of my interest in finance and my desire to help and take care of people. The one thing I love more then money is helping people.

Part 2: Career AssessmentThe Birkman Code2nd Career: Advertising Executive This career is someone who runs the marketing board. This career requires hard work and creativity. This appeals to me because of my business interest and the chance to incorporate my creativity. It takes a lot of work to reach the position of Advertising Executive and you need to climb the ladder but this job fits perfectly with my ability to lead.

Part 2: Career AssessmentThe Birkman Code:3rd Career: Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeThis is someone who travels and finds pharmaceutical products to sell. The necessity of an open mind to learn about new products and treatments is apparent. This possession requires a lot of hard work involving selling products and opening up inventory for new ones. The motto is Sell, Learn, Sell, Repeat. I love to learn and interact with people and sales so this caught my interest.

Part 3: ReflectionI learned a lot from this project, not only careers, but I learned about myself. How something as insignificant as what I used to watch when I was kid can affect my interest and what I would want to pursue as a career. I learned about careers I never heard of before and something I might find as something I want to fallow. I am happy that I kept an open mind and now I learned so much.

Part 3: ReflectionI believe the importance of doing something like this requires an open mind. The ability to open yourself up and be honest to yourself allows the rare opportunity to find a path to a bright future and a the perfect career for you. Your life will revolve around your family and career, make it worth living.