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Capstone Project!. January 9, 2014. Remember Junior Year?. Senior Year Capstone projec t. This is a graduation requirement for CTE students. All students must complete a Capstone Project enter into Competition get Certify in MOS/MTA for gaming development. Due Dates:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capstone Project Your Resume!

January 9, 2014Capstone Project!

1Remember Junior Year?

2Senior YearCapstone projectThis is a graduation requirement for CTE students. All students must complete a Capstone Projectenter into Competitionget Certify in MOS/MTA for gaming development

Due Dates:Presentations will be on Monday, April 10th/11th !Week of April 21st will be set aside to twink your project for competition.April 26th Capstone Project Competition at Prosser Please plan to be here!

Resume RequirementEach team member must provide a professional resumeDetailing your role and responsibilities on the projectListing any additional work experience, qualifications, awards and certifications

Lets reviewHigh School student resume lecture clip

Career Center student resume no-nos

For those who need to learn how to type a resume How to write a resume

Resume Questions????ObjectiveIf you have a good objective then use it! If not, leave it out!EducationList your GPA (if its a high GPA/leave out the low ones!)EmploymentRecent job is listed firstDont forget your datesList your duties (Anything that shows responsibility)OtherList your skills, awards, certifications, volunteer work, extra school activities, etc.ReferencesAvailable upon request (make sure you have another sheet of paper with your names, e-mail, phone #.

HomeworkStart keeping track on the time you spent on your project you will need to develop a timeline!A list of the project team members and their rolesA written explanation of your role and expertise for the projectA written explanation of your projectMust be typed!This will be used for your project documentation

Examples of Projects that went to competitionTypes of projects that you can do:Web Development web design and implementationGaming designing an interactive game with documentation.

Class of 2012Capstone Projects

Class of 2012Capstone Projects

Class of 2012Capstone Projects

Lets start!Decide if you want to work in a group or by yourself.By Friday, January 10th tell me:Group NameGroup MembersIndividual projectProject descriptionTurn in your form!