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    Pilgrims Books

    The Gerson Therapyfor Those Dying of Cancer




  • FOR ADDITIONAL COPIES: One copy - $4.00, plus $2.50 p&h / Two copies - $3.75 each, plus $3.00 p&hIn Tennessee, add 9.25% tax on total

    PB282The Gerson Therapy For Those Dying of Cancerby Vance FerrellPublished by Pilgrims BooksBeersheba Springs, TN 37305 USAPrinted in the United States of AmericaCover and Text Copyright 1999by Pilgrims Books

    The physician . . hesitates to take risks for his patients byapplying a not-recognized treatment . . I was in a more fa-vorable position. Ninety to ninety-five percent of my patientswere far advanced (terminal) cases without any risk to take;either all recognized treatments had failed or the patientswere inoperable from the beginning.

    Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. xiv

    I should like to tell you what we do to prove that this treat-ment really does work on cancer. Number one, the results. Ithink I can claim [stated in 1956] that I have, even in these faradvanced cases, 50% results.

    Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 411

    This book is only written for those whom the physicianshave given up on. It can provide you with information youneed as you consult with a Gerson-trained physician at theGerson Institute.

    Caution: Consult with your physician and do not,without his guidance, attempt self-help therapy. The

    author and publisher are not responsible for anyattempt to do so. This information is provided as an

    educational tool concerning certain aspects of cancer.

  • 3The Physiology of Coffee 4Preface 6The Story of Max Gerson 8

    1 - INTRODUCTIONThe reasoning behind this therapy

    Four Special Problems 12Solving the Four Problems 13Better in Seven Ways 13Five Dangers 14Why Did Gerson Succeed? 14Gerson Explains His Method 14

    2 THE BASIC THERAPYWhat is included in the program

    How to Begin 17Do this First 17Special Needs 18

    FORBIDDEN FOODSForbidden Foods 18Forbidden Non-food Substances 19

    FOODSFoods to Use 20More on Foods to Use 20Foods to Eat Each Day 21Sample Menu 21Sodium-Potassium Ratios 21Medications - 1 22Foods Temporarily Forbidden 23

    FOOD PREPARATIONPurchase of Food 23Kitchen Equipment to Use 24Kitchen Equipment Not to Use 24Juices 24Preparation of Carrot and Apple Juice 24 Chart: Using the Norwalk Juicer 25Preparation of Citrus Juices 26Preparation of Green Leaf Juice 26Preparation of Cooked Vegetables 26Preparation of Special Soup (Hippocrates Soup) 26Preparation of Peppermint Tea 27Medications - 2 27

    DETOXIFICATIONPhysiology of Coffee Enemas 28

    Preparing the Enema Mixture 29Taking the Enema 29Taking Castor Oil by Mouth 30Taking Castor Oil By Enema 30

    DEALING WITH PAINPain Triad 30Castor Oil Pack for Pain 30Hydrotherapy for Pain 31Heat above the Abdomen for Upset Intes-

    tinal Tract 31Chamomile Tea Enema for Upset Intesti-

    nal Tract 31Potassium Added to Enema Water 31Flare-ups and Reactions 31Clay Poultice 32

    OTHER POINTSGreen Leaf Tea Enema 32Massage 32The Will to Live and Push Through 32Instructions for Giving Injections 32Why Do Some Cancer Patients Do Better

    after Surgery? 35How to Prevent Cancer 35

    3 - SCHEDULES AND SUPPLIESPutting it all together

    SCHEDULES Charts: Two Schedules 34Initial House Preparation 35Sample Enema Schedule 35Daily Schedule 35

    SUPPLIESKitchen Supplies 36Three Months Supply 37Gerson Supply Sources 38Locating Organic Food 40

    Supply Order Form 39Lab Tests 40Improving Your Water Supply 40Gerson Therapy Recipies 41

    4 - NON-CANCER DISORDERSMilder measures for non-malignancy

    The Gerson Therapy in the Treatment ofNon-Cancerous Disorders 41


  • 4 Summary of the Gerson Therapy

    The Physiology of Coffee

    Just what does coffee do in the human body?It is a remarkable fact that, according to the

    manner in which it is taken, it has two entirelydifferent effects.

    If a diluted mixture of coffee is taken in anenema, it opens up the bile ducts so toxic sub-stances can be emptied out of the liver. For about54 years, Dr. Max Gerson used coffee enemas todo thisand found no other side effects. Instead,he found that diluted coffee enemas would savelives, when nothing else would.

    Where do we begin? The most important firststep is the detoxification. So let us go into that.First we gave some different enemas. I found outthat the best enema is the coffee enema as it wasfirst used by Prof. O.A. Meyer in Goettingen. Thisidea occurred to him when, together with Prof.Heubner, he gave caffeine solution into the rectumof animals. He observed that the bile ducts wereopened and more bile could flow . .

    These patients who absorb the big tumormasses [from the tumor into the blood stream intothe liver] are awakened with an alarm clock everynight because they are otherwise poisoned by theabsorption of these masses. If I give them only oneor two or three enemas, they die of poisoning. I didnot have the right as a physician to cause the bodyto absorb all the cancer masses and then not todetoxify enough. With two or three enemas theywere not detoxified enough! They went into a comahepaticum (liver coma).

    Autopsies showed that the liver was poisoned. Ilearned from these disasters that you cant givethese patients too much detoxification . . When Ididnt give these patients the night enemas, theywere drowsy and almost semi-conscious in themorning. The nurses confirmed this and told methat it takes a couple of enemas till they are free ofthis toxic state again. I cannot stress the detoxifi-cation enough. Even so with all these enemas, thiswas not enough! I had to also give them castor oilby mouth and by enema every other day, at leastfor the first week or so.

    After these two weeks you wouldnt recognizethese patients any more! They had arrived on astretcher, and now they walked around! They hadappetite. They gained weight and the tumors wentdown.Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, pp. 407-408.In strong contrast, if a cup of coffee is swal-

    lowed, it has entirely different effectsand allof those effects are extremely negative:

    A cup of coffee taken by mouth has an entirelydifferent effect . . It heightens the reflex response,lowers the blood pressure, increases heart rate, per-spiration, causes insomnia and heart palpita-tion.Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy, p. 191.Checking a standard 1,450-page textbook (pp.

    374-377 of Mosbys Pharmacology in Nursing)which deals with the subject, the effects of drinkingcoffee or other caffeine products are well-known.

    More frequent side effects include increasednervousness or jittery feelings and irritation of GItract resulting in nausea. More frequent adversereactions in neonates abdominal swelling or dis-tension, vomiting, body tremors, tachycardia, jit-ters, or nervousness.Mosbys Pharmacology inNursing, p. 375.It is an intriguing fact that not one of these

    terrible side effects occurs when a coffee enemais given! Max Gerson said that a cup of coffee takenby mouth has an entirely different effect. That washis observation from about 1925, onward to hisdeath in 1959.

    A diluted coffee enema has one, different, andpowerful effect: the strong dilation of the bileducts. This never occurs when coffee is drunkby mouth.

    It is clear that drinking coffee by mouth andtaking a diluted mixture of it, temporarily intothe lower bowel, have totally different effects.

    Why is this?Here are four reasons why:

    First, God made the stomach and small in-testines to be the normal means of absorbingsubstances from the food. This includes carbohy-drates, amino acids, fats, and other nutrients.

    Apparently, the lower bowel was not designedto absorb substances as well. It does not have thelacteals, found in the small intestine, which absorbnutrients into the blood stream.

    Second, coffee drunk by mouth, passesthrough the entire gastro-intestinal system. Incontrast, a diluted coffee enema only enters thelower part of the large bowel.

    Max Gersons consistent practice (continued

  • 5today by the Gerson Institute and all patients) isnever to give high colonics, but only low enemas.The fluid enters and is retained only in the lowerbowel.

    Third, coffee, when drunk, remains in thebody for up to 5-6 hours, until it is entirely ab-sorbed by the lacteals and has passed into the bloodstream, thence to be carried throughout the bodyand into every organ, wreaking havoc on the entiresystem.

    But, in accordance with consistent Gerson di-rectives, a diluted coffee enema only remains in thelower bowel 12 to 15 minutesand then it is ex-pelled.

    Fourth, in order to produce so many differ-ent effects, coffee taken by mouth would have toenter the bloodstream,

    Yet it is quite obvious that a diluted coffee en-ema does not enter the bloodstreamfor if it did, itwould produce the very same effects,which it doesnot. Instead it produces a single, entirely differenteffect: the powerful opening of the bile ducts, sopoisons stored in the liver can be released.

    What is the mechanism by which this occurs?Max Gerson has stated that the diluted coffee in

    the enema, instead of actually traveling to the liverin the bloodstream, may only send a signal to it.

    The present author suggests that it would haveto be the latter. If the coffee entered the blood streamand was carried to the liver,that same coffee wouldalso travel throughout the body and produce allthose negati