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  • Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, & Occupational health, McGill University

    Orientation Session for the 2012-13 Academic Year

  • Division or Unit?

    We are:

    A Division in the Department of Oncology (Division of Cancer Epidemiology)

    A Unit in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

    (Cancer Epidemiology Unit)

    Our Official Name:

    The Cancer Research Society Division of Epidemiology

  • Our Mission:

    To conduct epidemiologic research on the etiology and prognosis of cancers of global public health importance with an emphasis on proposing preventive strategies.

    To provide advanced training in cancer epidemiology and prevention to graduate students and health professionals.

    To provide epidemiologic oversight and expertise to clinical collaborators in oncology.

    To provide advice to governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in cancer control policy.

    To advise pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in developing cost-effective agents and tools for cancer prevention and screening.

  • Present Students and Fellows

    New Students and Fellows in 2012 (fall)

    Hani Al-Marzouki (MSc, 2011-, Otolaryngology) Joseph Tota (PhD, 2008-) Sandra Isidean (PhD, 2011-) (CIHRs Banting and Best Graduate Scholarship) Fabiano Santos (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-) (McGill MICRTP Fellowship) Ziad El-Khatib (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-) (McGill MICRTP Fellowship)

    Karolina Louvanto (Post-doctoral Fellow) (Sigrid Juselius Foundation Fellowship) Eileen Shaw (MSc)

    Visiting Professors on Sabbatical

    Edson D. Moreira Jr. (Fed. Univ. Bahia, FIOCRUZ, 2011-12) Jacinto C. Silva-Neto (Fed. Univ. Pernambuco, 2012, 2013-14)

  • Past Students and Fellows (at McGill) Graduate Students, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

    Alexandra de Pokomandy (MSc, 2005-09) (Deans Honour List) Amin Andalib (MSc, 2010-12) Andrea Schaffer (MSc, 2001-04) Andrea Spence (PhD, 2001-12) Anita Koushik (PhD, 1999-04) (CIHR and NCIC scholarships) Ann Burchell (PhD, 2003-09) (Tomlinson and NCIC scholarships) Candace Sirjoosingh (MSc, 2008-10) (Max E. Binz Fellowship) Carmen Victoria (Tory) Atwood (MSc, 2002-06) Colin Sharpe (MSc, 1993-94) Cara Flamer (MSc, did not complete, 2001-04) Harriet Richardson (MSc, 1993-96; PhD, 1997-03) (MRC scholarship) Hela Makni (MSc, 1998-99) Javier Pintos (Diploma, 1991-92; MSc, 1993-96; PhD, 1997-02) J. Joo Mansure (MSc, co-supervision, 2009-12) Julie Bruneau (MSc, 1998-03) Jun Chen (MSc, 1999-02)

  • Past Students and Fellows (at McGill) (contd) Graduate Students, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

    Keira Robinson (MSc, 2002-04) Lyndsay Richardson (MSc, 2009-11) (Faculty of Medicine Gershman Memorial Fellowship) Maaike deVries (MSc, 2009-12) (NSERC Graduate Fellowship) Marie-Claude Rousseau (MSc, 1995-97; PhD, 1998-03) (MRC scholarship) (2x Deans

    Honour List) Marie Hlne Mayrand (PhD, 2002-07) (FRSQ and NCIC scholarships) (Principals

    Dissertation Award) Myriam Chevarie-Davis (MSc, 2010-12) (RAMQ Clinical Investigator Fellowship) Nader Sadeghi (MSc, did not complete, 1996-98) Nicolas Schlecht (PhD, 1999-02) (MRC scholarship) (Deans Honour List) Rhea Ferguson (MSc, 2008-10) (CIHRs Banting and Best Graduate Scholarship) Saleh Al-Nasser (MSc, 2010-12, Surgery) Seungmi Yang (MSc, 1999-02) Sophie Kulaga (MSc, 1996-97) Steven Ades (MSc, 2002-05) Susan Brogly (MSc, 1998-99; PhD, 1999-02) (NHRDP scholarship) (Deans Honour List,

    MSc) Suzie Lau (MSc, 2001-08, part-time) Tam Dang-Tan (PhD, 2002-08) (CIHR scholarship)

  • Past Students and Fellows (at McGill)

    Abdissa Negassa (1997-98) Belinda Nicolau (jointly with Dentistry) (2002-05) Ghislain Lugoma (2000-01, 2003-04) Helen Trottier (2004-08) Paul Allison (jointly with Dentistry) (1998-99) Salah Mahmud (2002-05) Tam Dang-Tan (2008-09) Ann Burchell (2009)

    Post-doctoral fellows, Division of Cancer Epidemiology

  • Eduardo Franco (James McGill Professor and Director) Agnihotram Ramanakumar (Assistant Professor)

    Laurent Azoulay (Assistant Professor, joint part-time appointment) Raghu Rajan (Associate Professor, joint part-time appointment) Celia Greenwood (Associate Professor, joint part-time appointment)

    Candida Pizzolongo (Administrative Coordinator) Nathalie Slavtcheva (Research Nurse, to July 2011) Natalia Morykon (Research Nurse) Amelia Rocamora (Research Nurse, to February 2012) Beth McCallum (Research Nurse) Melissa Cartillone (Research Nurse) Allita Rodrigues (Medical Research Coordinator) Jennifer Selinger (Epidemiologic Clerk) Mengzhu Jiang (Epidemiologic Clerk, to August 2012) Michael Antwi (Epidemiologic Clerk, to July 2012)

    Research and academic staff

  • Portfolio of Studies by the Division of Cancer Epidemiology, McGill University

    Areas of Concentration in the past 17 years: Cervical cancer and HPV-associated

    malignancies Upper aero-digestive tract cancers Childhood malignancies (Wilms tumour) Prostate cancer Inflammation and cancer etiology and prognosis Other Cancers: endometrial, esophageal, lung Methods HIV epidemiology

  • CIHR team in HPV infection and associated diseases E. Franco (PI), F. Coutlee (co-PI), P. Brassard, Z. Rosberger, M. Roger, J.

    Archambault, H. Trottier, M. Brisson

  • Glandular cells line

    the endocervical canal


    zone: 2 cell

    types meet

    Squamous cells

    line the ectocervix

    Two types of cervical cancer

    Courtesy of Dr. Ray Apple

    Squamous cell carcinomas: 75%-80% of all cervical cancers.

    Adenocarcinomas: 20%-25% and incidence continues to increase.

  • How we collect our specimens:

  • Natural history of HPV infection and cervical carcinogenesis

    4-24 months 2-20 years Adapted from: Wright and Schiffman, NEJM 2003; Franco and Harper, Vaccine 2005

    Cofactors: Host-related (polymorphisms in HLA and other genes), behavioural (smoking), hormonal/reproductive (OC use, parity), STI-related (HSV, Chlamydia),

    nutritional, immunosuppression (HIV, transplantation), HPV-related (variants)

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Studies

    Etiology, Natural History, and Transmission:

    Ludwig-McGill cohort (NIH, CIHR, NCIC) A. Negassa, H. Makni, M.C. Rousseau, N. Schlecht, S. Yang, S. Kulaga, S. Mahmud, S. Lau, H. Trottier, A. Ramanakumar, R. Ferguson, M. Chevarie-Davis

    McGill-Concordia cohort (CIHR) H. Richardson, K. Robinson, S. Mahmud, H. Trottier, A. Ramanakumar, R. Ferguson, M. Smith

    HITCH cohort (CIHR, Merck, NIH) A. Burchell

    BCCR (CIHR) and other case-control and lab studies (CIHR, NCIC) A. Koushik, A. Schaffer, S. Ades, H. Trottier, R. Ferguson

    Inuit cohort (FRSQ, CIHR) (led by P. Brassard)

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Studies Screening: Newfoundland primary screening Study (NHRF) co-led by S.


    Kinshasa (Congo) Screening Study (PATH) G. Lugoma, S. Mahmud, A. Ramanakumar

    CCCaST Trial (CIHR, Merck) M-H Mayrand

    PICCS study: Psychosocial impact of HPV screening results (CIHR) (led by Z. Rosberger)

    BC RCT (HPV-Focal) (CIHR) led by A. Coldman, G. Ogilvie

    PEACHS: Pap Efficacy And Cervical HPV Status Study Consortium L. Richardson, A. Ramanakumar

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Studies HPV vaccination: Analysis of GSKs phase 2b trial data and natural history

    studies (GSK) H. Trottier, A. Ramanakumar, S. Mahmud

    RCT of Transmission Reduction and Prevention Using HPV Vaccine (TRAP-HPV study) (Merck) Z. El-Khatib, A. Ramanakumar, A. Burchell, T. Dang-Tan

    Epidemiologic Approach to Evaluate the Potential for HPV Type Replacement Post-Vaccination (GOC) J. Tota

    Other preventive strategies: RCT of carrageenan-containing vaginal gel to prevent

    HPV infection (CATCH trial) (CIHR) J. Tota, A. Burchell, A. Ramanakumar

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer Studies Health Services and Cost-Effectiveness: ICCAS: Audit study of invasive cervical cancers in

    Montreal (CIHR) A. Spence

    Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Cervical Cancer Survival in the United States C. Sirjoosingh

    Cost-effectiveness analysis of new screening technologies specific to Canada (NCIC) (led by R. Rajan) C.V. Atwood

    New approaches in modeling (NIH) (led by S. Goldie) S. Mahmud

    Role of herd immunity in modelling HPV transmission (led by M. Brisson)

    (Consultation to individual scientists, governments, WHO, NGOs, and industry)

  • Period and statistic

    Full papers

    Other papers

    Total papers Chapters Books

    Journal Supplements

    Technical Reps, etc

    1995-99 34 14 48 14 1 0 8 2000-04 64 16 80 13 1 1 4 2005-09 72 30 102 15 0 8 7 2010-present 58 3 61 5 0 1 5 Total 228 63 291 47 2 10 24 Annual Avg 12.7 3.5 16.2 2.6 0.1 0.6 1.3 Avg since 2005 18.6 4.7 23.3 2.9 0.0 1.3 1.7

    Scientific Productivity (Publications)

    Note: Stats for 2012 until mid-September 0







    1995 2000 2005 2010


    Tech Reps, etc


  • Research Productivity Publications in top-tier journals (impact factors > 10)

    Journal Title Period

    1995-99 2000-04 2005- Total

    Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2 5 2 9

    CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians 1 1

    New England Journal of Medicine 1 1

    British Medical Journal 2 2

    Public Library of Science-Medicine 2 2

    The Lancet (includes Lancet Oncology) 4 5 9

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