Canadian National Railway What they don’t want YOU to know

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  • Canadian National Railway What they dont want YOU to know
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  • Tsunami of Far East goods set to hit North America According to Bloomberg News, the Chinese have invested $15 billion to develop Yangshan, Chinas largest port. Yangshan currently handles 20 million containers a year. In 2010, capacity will increase to 30 million. In 2005 the largest container ships carried an average of less than 2,500 containers. Today, megaships are longer than 4 football fields and carry 12,500 containers. See the the megaship, Emma Maersk at sea at: RlthTwEEM RlthTwEEM
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  • Employs approximately 22,700 in Canada and the U.S. Operates a network of nearly 20,400 route miles. 2007 Revenues CDN $7.9 billion with CDN $2.2 billion in net profit. The only North American railroad that crosses the continent north to south and east to west connecting all three NAFTA countries. Proposed acquisition of EJ&E line will: Link five rail lines radiating out from Chicago Create a freight rail superhighway between Libertyville, IL and Gary, IN Be used as a freight bypass for containers heading to Memphis and beyond without providing any real benefits to our region. DATA:
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  • Goods from China come to North America through the Prince Rupert Terminal in British Columbia. They are transported by mega-trains through Chicago to southern U.S. ports to be sent to South America, Europe and the world. CN is the only railroad serving this port. PRINCE RUPERT TERMINAL, B.C. Chicago PACIFIC OCEAN ATLANTIC OCEAN SOUTH AMERICA U.S. CANADA CHINA RAIL LINES The Asian Gateway CN plans to connect Asia to the rest of the world through YOUR backyard! CN SHIPPING ROUTES Key: Map note: Locations of shipping and rail lines are approximations and are for illustrative purposes only. Links to CN shipping and rail service maps: a/en_KFChina_popup_map_com m.shtml?/images/maps/cn_betw een_china_and_north_america_ en.jpg s/intermodal/en_IMX_map.shtml
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  • Located in British Columbia, Canada Phase I Completed 2007 Capacity: 500,000 - 20 foot containers Phase II To be completed in 2010 Capacity: 2,000,000 20 foot containers Implications: 4 times as many containers will enter North America and be shipped on trains through the U.S to southern ports. We anticipate 82 additional Mega-freight trains per DAY on EJ&E train lines once the Port reaches its FULL capacity. Click on to watch a video of Prince Rupert Terminal Port of Prince Rupert Container Terminal
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  • OUR CONCERNS: Increased Traffic Gridlock at Rail crossings Added air pollution Noise levels incompatible with residential living Delay in Police, Fire and EMT response times Negative impact on property values More accidents/deaths along rail lines Disruption and/or closure of local businesses Interference with Metra commuter lines
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  • YOU can Make a Difference: BE INFORMED Current legislation (HR 6707) before Congress changes rail law to tell the STB that "it shall not approve a transaction" if the adverse impacts on safety and affected communities "outweigh the transportation benefits." LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD Contact your senator and thank him for his support of HR 6707. Contact Links: Senator Dick Durbin (IL) -- Senator Barack Obama (IL) -- Senator Evan Bayh (IN) -- Senator Richard Lugar (IN) -- CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and let them know you support HR 6707. SPREAD THE WORD Send the link to our website to all of your STAY CURRENT Keep checking our website for the latest news and action opportunities.
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