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Campus Outreach Annual Newsletter 2013

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A highlight of the international projects of Campus Outreach at NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, ECU and Campbell through the Summit Church in Durham, NC.

Text of Campus Outreach Annual Newsletter 2013

  • Campus outreaCh raleigh

    2335-114 presidential drive

    durham, nC 27703



    Campus outreaCh raleighs u m m e r o r l a n d o p r o j e C t u p d a t e ! !

    @ C o _ r a l e i g hC o r a l e i g h . o r g

    ellen haynes:

    the first few weeks of project, two girls in

    my room fought every day. they literally

    despised each other. after a lot of prayer

    and conversations with each of them,

    god began to break them down and

    drew them to him through one another.

    it was a great picture of redemption.

    ally mcree:

    one day, the girls were screaming and

    then Yancey started throwing water

    balloons at us. so obviously, i had to

    do something. i didnt have any other

    defenses except for the banana peel in

    my hand so i just threw it! and it hit perry

    in the face! and hes the project director!

    ben uthe:

    i just love evangelism. i love that we

    are taught how to do something as

    powerful as sharing the gospel and we

    have an opportunity to practice what

    were taught. not only that, but we get

    feedback on how we can better love

    people and share in the future.

    chool is out for the summer! each summer, students can attend the summer orlando

    project (sop) or one of several cross-cultural projects (CCps). stateside students work full-time at seaWorld or universal studios and gain leadership, discipleship, evangelism and stewardship training.

    the sop is a great time for more than 100 college students to live and work together, growing in their faith and leadership skills.

    other students travel overseas on eight-week CCps. this summer, CCp students are in nairobi, Kenya; london, england; Kuala lumpur, malaysia; and penang, malaysia.the penang team is made up of business students studying with a business-as-missions organization.

    the nairobi, london and Kuala lumpur teams also grow spiritually while in an foreign context. the students form relationships with international college students while serving and encouraging our on-location partner missionaries with

    their various needs.

    each project studies a different theme during their summer. Whether on the go project in orlando or the treasure project in nairobi, everyone loves to grow personally, develop skills and live alongside their peers.

    Thank you to all our supporters and friends: These summer opportunities are possible because of your generosity and partnership!

    summerupdate 2013


    our students are

    and of Course, nC :)

    all over the World:

    orlando, KenYa,

    malaYsia, london

    the summer months provide global opportunities.

  • students from

    8-WeeK projeCt

    unC, duKe, nC state,

    meredith, eCu

    and Campbell on an

    for the first time ever, Campus outreach raleigh is hosting two summer orlando projects! the projects have separate themes, leadership teams and schedules. our region grew at current universities and recently expanded to east Carolina university, so students divided into two projects by area. nC state, meredith and Campbell students attend the made project. students from unC, duke and eCu attend the go project. these themes inform what the students study, but both projects involve several training packages that are the same.

    the sops offer weekly training packages: bible study, evangelism and stewardship. older students participate in a leaders training package. the made project spends much of their time studying john 1:1-3 and praying that god would grow them by his power through his Word. the go project studies

    summer orlando projeCt

    this summer, two thailand staff visited us! laura Watkins of minnesota has been in thailand for years and will return to plant a new Co campus in Chang mai, thailand. bow is a thai staff girl who became a Christian in col-lege and was the only Christian in her predominantly buddhist class. We love stewardship and missions emphasis, especially when we get to connect with friends on overseas teams!

    thailand visitorsEach week we learn about missions around the world. Volunteering with local churches is a practical way to complement this teaching!

    grady and tiffany dwiggins

  • in bible study training i want the sop to do one thing: taste and see that the lord is good. i hope students view this time as a chance to come to gods Word, encounter him and see that he is awesome! as we walk

    through context, observation, interpretation, principles and application, we try to focus on understanding the text and hearing from god. We fight to observe the bible instead of implanting our thoughts into his Word. as we continue to grow in our study of the bible, our goal is to learn how to experience god more and more. We want to be transformed to be more like Christ. - dave

    bible studY& evangelism

    dave benton and


    seth hanner,

    bible studY and

    evangelism paCKage

    sop staff team

    evangelism is how god uses people and his Word to reach others. students gain tools to carry out the command to go and make disciples of all nations. evangelism is a lifestyle, something Christians joyfully do

    daily. We learn to share the gospel in an easy and clear way using romans 6:23. later, we go into orlando and share this message with others. if students can share the gospel with someone they dont know, they are equipped to share it with their friends, families and classmates. We also teach how to use our testimonies and our lives to tell others about Christ. - seth

    1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: students are visiting our two-year team in Kl. they help these missionaries by meeting students and connecting them with the two-year team.

    2. London, England: two separate teams are in london. one team is visiting a college discipleship ministry. another is serving with a full-time missionary in an urban context.

    3. Nairobi, Kenya: this team is laying groundwork for a two-year team that moves to nairobi in january. they are building relationships at the university of nairobi.

    4. Penang, Malaysia: a business student and a recent business grad train at a business-as-missions organization, receiving direction about how to run businesses overseas.

    CCP Update!Eight-Week Student Teams in Malaysia, England and Kenya.

  • very thursday, a short presentation highlights an area of the world. a countrys traditions, ethnicities and religious culture are taught, showing us how god is at work around the

    globe! this summer, the missions emphasis focuses on the countries that our CCps are located: malaysia, london and Kenya. during missions emphasis, students learn about different cultures and consider opportunities to go overseas. We hope god stirs in their hearts and some will choose to go and make disciples of all nations. - Kate We love the local church! We believe it is gods instrument to reach the world and create community. the sop includes a stewardship training package, a weekly time where we discuss practical ways to mange our lives and resources. a big part of this is the way we interact with

    the local church. We attend and serve two local churches, Celebration Community Church and new City Church in downtown orlando. We encourage students to get involved with the church and its members. for some, this is as simple as being a greeter on sunday or helping pass the offering.

    for others, it means going over to a familys house to do a load of laundry or eat a meal.

    mercy ministry is another part of sop that helps us love the community. students plug in to established ministries of their churches, going out on saturdays in the community and volunteering with members of their church. students also serve on tear-down and kids minsitry teams. We

    have been blessed to see members welcome and invite us into their church family. please pray for these congregations showing Christs love in their communities. -nate

    steWardship& missions


    Kate and nate striCKler, missions and

    on the sop, we learn weekly about the state of the global Church and personal stewardship.steWardship training paCKage Coordinators

    Erik McKee and Grady Dwiggins, project coordinators.

    matthew 28:18-20 and explores what Christ says about a life devoted to following him and making disciples.

    We are in a new location for the summer. the same hotel hosted the sop for seven years, but god blessed us in a move to the maingate lakeside resort. the students and staff love the hotel, and the management and employees have been great to us!

    We are thankful for each student that gave their summer to attending the sop. We are praying that god would use their time this summer and the training they are receiving to glorify himself in their lives and back on their campuses.

    monday from 10 to 11:30 a.m. is my favorite part of the sop. i call it family time, but the schedule reads leaders training. for an hour and a half each week, the leadership teams from both projects come together for a formal time of discipleship. usually, a share time precedes a 25-minute talk to equip students to lead on the sop and on campus. this is my favorite time because each week grady and i

    have the full attention of 50 college students that want their lives to make a difference. my perspective leading up to the training each week is: this is the most important meeting in the world going on right now for global gospel impact.

    i believe seeds are planted and watered during this time that will bear fruit in the world until jesus returns. i weekly remind the students of a key principle: spiritual leadership is rooted in desperation. only god can give gr

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