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Camila Nakamura - Portfolio

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Portfolio for the application at Parsons (M.F.A. Design+Technology)

Text of Camila Nakamura - Portfolio

  • Camila Gernhardt Nakamura

  • Camila Gernhardt Nakamurais graduted as graphic and industrial designer by the Faculdade de

    Arquitetura e Urbanismo of Universidade de So Paulo.

    Shares her passion in the most different fields:photography, 3D modeling, animation, illustration, coding,

    videos, products, games, cooking.

    And because of that is always learning something new...

  • Make a tale interactive

    Make a tale is a new way of playing. All built through projections, storytelling and motion sensors is an itinerant and versatile play.

  • The games are created within a folkloric narrative seeking to recover the native culture and promotes collaboration among children, focusing on the absence of winners at the collective good. Thus, no one is excluded, no one loses points.

  • APP created for designers dissatisfied with reality. Begins with a persons ability to perceive small mistakes as the misspell: DESING. The game allows editing everyday objects and graphic items. (watch a demo:


  • Kitty Cattycharacter concept

    Character concept of a cat. Drawn, 3D modeled and printed in a 3D printer.

  • Kalicharacter concept

    Character concept of a little girl. Designed with analysis of personality and sculpted in clay.

  • Lost Storiesilustration

    Map developed from the theme hidden things. This fairytale map combines all the fading memories concerning stories from the childhood.


  • book

    Developed from the map, the book Lost Stories gathers all the stories from the map retold from memory and overwritten by true stories indicating where memory modified the tales.

  • Letters as images. Images as

    Under the theme Letters as images, images as letters all the photos were taken from trials with almost no control over the final result. The images are made with paint being thrown in the water, obtaining a light dreamy effect with the strong colors.

  • In a series of 354 photos 9 that best represented the theme request were chosen and these were printed in A2 format in matte paper.

  • Tulip fields foreverphotography

    Double exposure photography with black and white film (iso 100).

  • This is how I lose myselfvideo

    One minute video produced in the workshop The Way Things Go! lectured by Merel van t Hullenaar. The video is the trajectory into the characters memory that recalls past times during a moment of nostalgia.


  • Het meisje met de parelvideo

    Retelling of the famous work of art Girl with a Pearl Earring in modern times trying to unravel the mystery behind the mysterious character. The color blue that catch our eye while observing the artwork is also highlighted in the video.


  • Letter Studiotypography

    Covers the study of typography, using a word HAPPEN (Dutch for biting) from its writing made by parallel pen to its refinement through adjustments made in pencil and later through vectoring.

  • Impulso Magazinemagazine

    Concept, graphic design and development of urban sports magazine. Exploring images and graphics as core features.(See the magazine in:

  • Maestro

    The MAESTRO is digital reader of sheet music. Allows the exchange of pages with touch and also editing and creating notes in the original score. Enables the creation of new music scores.


  • Little Car Bdaproduct

    Follow up in the production process of the Little Car BDA, from roughs, packaging until the baby photo. The toy is all made in nontoxic soft vinyl safe for children to play.

  • Toysterproduct

    Redesign of the standard packaging for the educational line Toyster, held in staff.Assembling of the files for printing of packaging and components.

  • Mugsillustration

    Pattern for the basic line of matching mugs of Tok&Stok.Im the king! // Im the queen!

  • Croquisproduct

    Product development for the line Croquis with patterns by Ronaldo Fraga.

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