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How to do fun stuff with cameras

Text of camera DIY

DISCLAIMERthe DIYs in this presentation have been performed by a non expert under no supervision whatsoever. you might not want to try this at home. Especially if you are extremely sure of yourself. The presenter takes no responsibility whatsoever for whatever goes wrong with camera, equipment, property, life or limb.

where it all started from...?

no clue...

the first cameras

the first lens

a 4 newtonian telescope.

and the first few funky moon shots

shot during 2007s full lunar eclipse.

a tripod for the telescope

The fish eye lens attachment

somewhere inside a door viewer...

is a meniscus lens

somewhere inside a lensbaby...

is a meniscus lens

the holga fixed lens

Ttv information card designed by John Dick

the beginnings of a fixed lens (

Pinhole cameras

digital pinhole

film pinhole

the calculationsf = focal length (distance from the film/sensor to the pinhole) d = diameter of the pinhole l = wavelength of light. (use 0.00055 mm for yellow/green light) formula for focal length/diameter:

d = 1.9 f x lformula for F number:

F number = f/d

my sweetshopbox pinhole camera specifications: f = 45 mm d = 0.3 mm f number = 150

using 35 mm film in m. f. cameras

filmy shuttle box scanning

homemade close up fil ter

magnifying glass

UV filter

do stuff with broken lenses

old cameras

light leaks?

replace light seals

uess what this is

spice up your panning shots

camera toss