Came Down Golf Club Annual Corporate Brochure 2012 - 2013

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A guide to the golf club, course and facilities, and supporting local businesses.


<ul><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 1</p><p>Came Down Golf Club</p><p>Official cOrpOrate brOchure 2012</p><p>Birthplace of the Ryder Cup</p><p>Listed in Golf World &amp; Golf Monthlyas one of Britains Hidden Gems</p></li><li><p>A wealth of expertise on your doorstep...</p><p>Call </p><p>01305 761185 </p><p>for your complimentary </p><p>guide to wealth management.</p><p>e focus solely on providing face-to-face advice and offer a dedicated, personal wealth management service to build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. Together, we would look to create a working plan, providing you with a clear direction towards meeting your financial goals. This includes clarifying your objectives and researching all of the options available to you. 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The contents of this brochure are believed to be correct at the time of printing, nevertheless, we cannot endorse and readers should not rely solely upon the accuracy of any statements or claims contained herein without prior consultation with the service provider.</p></li><li><p>4 | Came Down Golf Club</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 5</p><p>Came Down Golf Club, located in Thomas Hardy country just south of Dorchester in Dorset, offers a spectacular golfing challenge suitable for all skill levels .</p><p>The course sits on chalk downland and offers stunning 360 degree views to locations such as Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Isle of Wight, Maiden Castle and more .</p><p>The current layout was designed by Harry Shapland Colt, who includes Muirfield, Royal Lytham, Pine Valley, St Andrews, Wentworth and Sunningdale among his other masterpieces .</p><p>Founded in 1896, we can lay claim to being the birthplace of the Ryder Cup, because it was during his numerous visits to Came Down that Samuel Ryder was given the inspiration to create the most famous team competition inworld golf .</p><p>Golf World magazine named our course among their 100 Hidden Gems, placing us in illustrious company, and we would be delighted if you paid us a visit to discover for yourself why we received such an accolade . Came Down is a very friendly club and visitors are more than welcome to come and sample our hospitality .</p><p>Our members enjoy much competitive and social golf and we are also able to offer them reciprocal golf at a number of other outstanding courses across the South .</p><p>For a round of golf in Dorset, theres nowhere better than Came Down .</p><p>welCome</p></li><li><p>6 | Came Down Golf Club</p><p>This brief history of Came Downs origins starts with a private club, situated at Broadway Farm, locally known as Lorton Links .</p><p>When play there was terminated in 1895, negotiations began with the landowner Lord Portarlington for 180 acres on Came Down . Successful talks led to Tom Dunn of Bournemouth laying out the original nine-hole course of 3,620 yards complete with small pavilion . The Dorchester Golf Club opened for play on March 2, 1896 .</p><p>With golf in Bournemouth proving such a successful attraction, Weymouth Town Council enlisted former Open Champion J .H . Taylor as their golf course architect in 1904, with a view to setting up a first-class 18-hole course . Taylor took the view that there was no land suitable for golf south of the Ridgeway and recommended the expansion of the Dorchester Clubs course to 18 holes . The proposal was carried out and the course extended to 18 holes over 6,090 yards . In addition, a new clubhouse was constructed at the northern end of the course and the Great Western Railway were persuaded to build a halt at Monkton to provide golfers with easier access to the course just a mile away .</p><p>The Clubs oriGins</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 7</p><p>The new course opened under the revised name of the Weymouth, Dorchester and County Golf Club on May 15, 1906 .</p><p>During 1910 the club appointed Ernest Whitcombe to be the club professional . Later his mother Bessie was appointed as the stewardess and brought her other two sons, Charles and Reg for a stay of 17 years . The brothers did much to put the club on the map by their brilliant play, which brought them many national tournament victories . During their time here the brothers got to know Samuel Ryder, a country member who played at Came Down when on holiday in Weymouth . It was an association </p><p>which was to change the face of golf and one which we cover in more depth elsewhere in this brochure . </p><p>During 1923 and 1924 the club was thriving, helped by the fame and popularity of the Whitcombe brothers . A resolution was passed to liquidate the original company known as Wey-mouth, Dorchester and County Golf Club Company and alter the name to Came Down Golf Club . It was also agreed to raise money for improvement to the course and clubhouse .</p><p>It was not until 1927, however, that the work started . Harry Shapland Colt was employed to undertake a major course reconstruction . Mr Colt was himself a fine player but even more famous world-wide as a golf course architect responsible for such courses as Sunningdale, Wentworth, Royal Portrush and the redesign of Broadstone .</p></li><li><p>SJR Executive Carsof Dorchester</p><p>For All Your Special Occasions</p><p>For Weddings, Hen Nights, Stag Do's, Anniversaries, Parties,or just because you fancy a treat!</p><p>Please call Stuart on 07818078191 or 01305 259778</p><p>Visit our website at or e:mail</p><p>1953 Riley~</p><p>Rolls RoyceSilver Shadow</p><p>~</p><p>Stretch Limo</p><p>SJR Executive Carsof Dorchester</p><p>For All Your Special Occasions</p><p>For Weddings, Hen Nights, Stag Do's, Anniversaries, Parties,or just because you fancy a treat!</p><p>Please call Stuart on 07818078191 or 01305 259778</p><p>Visit our website at or e:mail</p><p>1953 Riley~</p><p>Rolls RoyceSilver Shadow</p><p>~</p><p>Stretch Limo</p><p>SJR Executive Carsof Dorchester</p><p>For All Your Special Occasions</p><p>For Weddings, Hen Nights, Stag Do's, Anniversaries, Parties,or just because you fancy a treat!</p><p>Please call Stuart on 07818078191 or 01305 259778</p><p>Visit our website at or e:mail</p><p>1953 Riley~</p><p>Rolls RoyceSilver Shadow</p><p>~</p><p>Stretch Limo</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 9</p><p>As well as Came Downs links to the Ryder Cup, visitors may be fascinated to learn that our Club also has a unique association with the Royal Naval ship HMS Iron Duke and its crew .</p><p>It all started back in 1931 when HMS Iron Duke (the second ship to bear that name) was stationed in Portland Harbour . The Club offered sailors on the ship a wardroom membership offering discounted rates and a relationship was struck up which saw a match played between Came Down members and officers of the ship . Iron Duke officers presented a very elegant silver salver to the club which is still played for as a major competition to this day .</p><p>The link was re-established about ten years ago when contact was made with the crew of the third Iron Duke, a Type 23 frigate launched in 1991 . The fixture started up again in 2004, with matches taking place at Came Down and also at the Navys course near Portsmouth . Came Down members have even been given a guided tour of the ship and entertained on board .</p><p>The friendship has grown to such a degree that Came Down has been named an official Affiliate with the Iron Duke, perhaps the only golf club to enjoy such an association with the Royal Navy .</p><p>hms iron Duke</p></li><li><p>10 | Came Down Golf Club</p><p>Here at Came Down Golf Club we like to refer to ourselves as the birthplace of the Ryder Cup . It is no idle boast and makes for a fascinating story .</p><p>Samuel Ryder, the donor of the Ryder Cup, was a St Albans seed merchant who made his fortune partly thanks to having the foresight to sell seeds to the public in the form of the Penny Seed Packet . A member of the Verulam Golf Club, he was determined to improve the lowly status of the golf professional . Accordingly he arranged for one of his companies to sponsor the Heath and Heather tournament at his beloved Verulam club in 1923 .</p><p>For his holidays Ryder liked to go to the seaside resort of Weymouth on Dorsets coast (a few miles from Came Down GC) . Taking a party with him comprised of various relations and golfing friends, he always stayed right </p><p>on the esplanade at the Royal Hotel . Ryder played golf at Came Down and eventually became a country member . He took the greatest of interests in the clubs affairs, in particular noticing the brilliant play of the Whitcombe brothers . He asked Ernest if they ever played in important tournaments, Ernest replied that they rarely did . They could ill afford the unpaid time and travel costs . Ernest told Ryder, the Americans come over here smartly dressed and backed by wealthy supporters . The Britisher has a poor chance compared to that .</p><p>Came Down anD The ryDer Cup</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 11</p><p>Now Sam Ryder was a man full of pity and sympathy for the other chap . It was just this kind of sympathy for the underdog that Ernest Whitcombes comments brought out . Ryders eldest daughter Mrs Marjorie Claisen takes up the story in her 1979 booklet entitled The Ryder Family . Father considered that something vital was required to rouse golf clubs to take a real interest and responsibility in encouraging any young pros who showed promise, such as the Whitcombes at Came Down . He consulted his friends Abe Mitchell and George Duncan who had both made names for themselves in the golfing world . Together they discussed the </p><p>question of the poor support given to British pros, and the idea emerged for some important contest to be set up, to be played solely between Britain and America . </p><p>Father provided the golf cup; beautifully designed and bearing on top the figure of a golfer based on a photograph of Abe Mitchell .</p><p>So was born The Ryder Cup . It has definitely achieved the aim which father had in mind - British pros are now respected and supported by clubs eager that their man shall be included in The Ryder Cup team, on equal standing with the wealthy Americans . The golfing world now has </p><p>opportunities for them which were impossible in the old days before The Ryder Cup .</p><p>Members have twice seen the famous trophy at Came Down, most notably in 1996 as part of the centenary celebrations, when it was brought to the Club by Bernard Gallacher, Ryder Cup Captain for our 1995 victory .</p></li><li><p>12 | Came Down Golf Club</p><p>If you like your golf to be challenging without the need for a ball retriever then you will enjoy Came Down . The course has no water hazards, fewer than 40 bunkers and at 5,903 yards from the visitors tees is quite short by modern standards . For the ladies it is a formidable challenge, at 5,563 yards, one of the longest around, but there are few long carries from the tee so the shorter hitters need not despair . The fairways are not narrow and the rough is maintained at a level that should enable you to find your errant shots, or at least most of them . </p><p>That should equate to easy but you will find that is not true . </p><p>Much of the course is set high on the hill overlooking Dorchester so there is usually enough breeze to be a factor in club selection and the greens have subtle, sometimes not so subtle,slopes, so few 10-foot putts are straight . The amateur course records for men and ladies stand at 65 and 71 respectively .</p><p>If your golf is not going well you can still enjoy the wildlife, the wildflowers and the views . In the summer months you can see swifts, swallows and martins; the swallows are often flying past your feet . Buzzards are usually wheeling overhead and there is often a kestrel hovering in search of prey . </p><p>Pause a moment on the 16th tee to look at the view of Weymouth harbour and Portland and if the visibility is really good you can look to your right on the 18th fairway and see Bournemouth and even the Isle of Wight .</p><p>The Golf Course</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 13</p><p>One of Dorsets best-kept secrets may not remain that way for ever . Every two years Golf World magazine publishes a list of the top 100 courses in Great Britain and Ireland . The courses listed are those which we all know and revere such as St . Andrews, Muirfield, Carnoustie, Sandwich, Wentworth to name but a few .</p><p>In 2011, the publication decided to add a second list known as Hidden Gems which selected another 100 lesser-known but also outstanding courses in the British Isles .</p><p>We are proud and delighted to announce that Came Down has been listed in the 100 Hidden Gems and thus becomes a club which sits within the top 200 courses in the country .</p><p>The accreditation is a fully inde-pendent and impartial listing, thus demonstrating the strides the club is making to move forward, enhancing its reputation within the national golf community .</p><p>The club is one of only four clubs in Dorset mentioned in the Hidden Gems section, the others being Parkstone, Sherborne and the Isle of Purbeck .</p></li><li><p>14 | Came Down Golf Club</p></li><li><p>Came Down Golf Club | 15</p><p>Situated close to the county town of Dorchester and also close to the busy coastal resort of Weymouth, Came Down Golf Club offers the ideal location for both the regular lo...</p></li></ul>