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  • Assignment template for 5293 Assessment: assessing progress and achievement For examination 2011

    © CIE 2010

    Cambridge International Diploma for

    Teachers and Trainers

    Module 5293

    Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement

    Assignment Template for examination in 2011

    By completing this form and submitting the assignment for assessment by CIE I confirm that the assignment is all my

    own work. I have appropriately referenced and acknowledged any work taken from another source.

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  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


    Your context

    (approximately 300 words)

    Please give brief information about your context:

    Your professional background

    I graduated as a teacher of Business Education in 2006 and started my first role as a teacher in High Storrs School, Sheffield – teaching GCSE Business & Communication Systems, GCSE Business Studies and A-Level Applied Business, alongside this I also taught ICT at key stage 3.

    At the end of my NQT year, I applied and was promoted to coordinate and embed Student Voice throughout the school. This involved working to develop teaching and learning with the aid of students. Student council was only a very small part of my role; the aim was to get students to feedback on different elements of their learning and classroom experience. Students would discuss lesson plans and programmes of study as well as having discussions with teachers about teaching styles.

    In September 2009 I was promoted to Deputy Head of Faculty for Maths, Computing and Enterprise faculty. This role included co-running a faculty of three subjects, managing a team a staff of twenty, and running the Business & Economics department. The Business department at the time wasn’t particularly successful; therefore my role was to turn this around.

    In January 2010, due to the unfortunate long term illness of the Head of Faculty – I was promoted to Head of Faculty. This role lasted till the end of the year. This was an excellent opportunity for me to work strategically within the school and I was able to work on may transdisciplinary projects with other faculties. Upon the return of the Head of Faculty, I was then able to then return to my focus of improving the Business department with a clearer vision of the bigger picture.

    Your role and responsibilities

    Since starting at Fairview, I have been responsible for three different classes on different courses. I currently teach CIE iGCSE Business Studies and International Baacalaureate Middle Years Programme in Business Studies (who are also expected to sit the iGCSE exam). I also teach the International Baacalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in Economics to DP1.

    Your institution

    Fairview International School, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur is an IB-approved school. It is the only educational institution in Malaysia to offer the full International Baccalaureate Programme from Primary Years to Diploma level, in addition to its comprehensive international syllabus. There are approximately 120

  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


    teachers at the school, with nearly 2,000 students

    Your learners

    The students that I will be focusing this dipoma are a group of 13 IBDP Economics students – All students are aged between 16 and 19. Some of the students are here on a scholarship, and demonstrate an excellent work ethic and interest in the subject. Most of the students graduated from their GCSE (or equivalent courses) with grades A and above. They are a very high achieving group, made up of seven boys and six girls.

    There are no specific learning difficulties, and the range of ability is consistant, however I have identified one student is identified as requiring additional support, as his level of achievement at GCSE level was considerably lower.

    Your professional development during the Diploma

    (approximately 100 words)

    What do you expect to learn from this Module about assessment which will help you in the next Module, which

    focuses on evaluation?

    My main learning aim within this module will be to conduct assessments that are in line with what I planned for the programme in the last module. I hope to ensure that I keep as close to the planned programme as possible, and give feedback to the students that will be constructive to allow them to develop and progress at a pace that they are comfortable with which allows them to develop as young people and to meet the learning objectives set by the IBDP.

    I expect to learn through practice and reflection how to effectively assess my students with a view to get the students to improve on their learning. This will allow me to truly evaluate my ability as a teaching practitioner in the next module.

  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


    Part A: Assessment of progress and achievement

    3.1.1 Preparing formative assessments

    (approximately 500 words)

    For one of the methods of formative assessment you have used in your programme plan for Module 1, how

    was the assessment material linked to the content of your programme plan?

    Formative assessment tests the current level of understanding and progress at any point in a learning programme and provides feedback information to teacher and learner, to guide the next phase of learning. It is assessment for learning. The objectives for the lesson were

     Explain, with reference to the concepts of leakages (withdrawals) and injections, the nature and importance of the Keynesian multiplier.

     Calculate the multiplier using either of the formulae.

     Use the multiplier to calculate the effect on GDP of a change in an injection in investment, government spending or exports.

     Draw a Keynesian AD/AS diagram to show the impact of the multiplier. The formative assessment was a homework piece based on questions given in the Higher Level paper. Students were asked to use their knowledge from the lesson, along with independent reading to complete the task by a certain date.

    For the formative assessment you have devised, how have you designed the tasks and the marking


    The task was designed using some past paper questions from a previous exam. The marking scheme is the IBDP Economics rubric along with the answers to the paper.

    How have you ensured that the formative assessment you have designed is valid, realistic and workable?

    I have ensured that all assessments are in line with the requirements of the assessment outcomes given by the IBDP Economics course guide. This ensures that students are consistently practising their skills when it comes to exam technique, and can use the feedback that I give them to progress to the next level of the course.

  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


    3.1.2 Interpreting and using formative assessment data

    (approx 500 words)

    How have you interpreted the data from the formative assessment task you have discussed in 3.1.1?

    Of the 10 assessment submitted, the marks ranged between 25 and 16 – therefore a difference of 9marks. This means that all students within the class were quite close together. 25 was the highest available mark. The lowest mark was 16, which equates to a Level 5 at IBDP. The average score was 20.8 with the average IBDP grade being 6.5. As mentioned previously it’s now obvious that the class are high performing. Overall I was very happy with the results of this formative assessment, it was due to three students missing out the final question that meant their mark suffered, otherwise everyone would have got above 20.

    How have you provided feedback about the formative assessment results to the learners and other interested parties?

    Students were given written feedback which identified what level they were working on and what they needed to do to improve. This information was put on the school management to show progress, which will feed into their end of semester result.

    How did the outcomes of formative assessment enable you to help learners develop their learning?

    This formative assessment was key to see whether the students were able to understand a very important concept involved in Macro economics. All students demonstrated that they had clear understanding of the concept, but there were small errors that unfortunately stopped students from fully achieving their potential, therefore when I did the feedback session, I made a point of explaining that they must be more careful in checking their work before they submit as well as answering every question fully. This is evident in my written feedback also.

  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


    Sample formative assessment task and marking scheme Insert samples

  • Assignment Template for 5293 Assessment: Assessing progress and achievement. For examination 2011.


  • Assignment Template for 5293