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Welcome to the world of-. Cambrian Multimedia Presentation . Conducted by. Md Hasan Hafizur Rahman Senior lecturer Department of English Campus-5 Cambrian School & College Dhaka. What do you mean by the pictures and video shown in the screen?. Passengers boarding the plane. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I am Hasan Hafizur Rahman going to conduct with the multimedia presentation

Cambrian Multimedia Presentation Welcome to the world of-

Md Hasan Hafizur RahmanSenior lecturerDepartment of EnglishCampus-5Cambrian School & CollegeDhaka.Conducted byWhat do you mean by the pictures and video shown in the screen?Passengers boarding the planeOur todays lesson is-Boarding the planeEnglish 1st PaperClass -VIIIUnit-1Lesson-4ss4After we have studied this unit, we will be able to-listen informationlisten and follow announcementsread and understand textsask and answer questionswrite the main ideas of the topics.AimsNew words/Key wordsLoungeLuggageSecurityFormalitiesrow Zara Jhuma Islam. Zaras Mother.Jahirul Islam. Zaras Father.Mita AhmedZaras cousin

More than 100 ml100mlLess than 100 mlIn the hand bag 100 ml and less than 100 ml liquid things are allowed but more than 100 ml liquid thing is not allowed in the plane.But why is it so?It is done for security reason. Moreover, it is seized and thrown away by the checker. Let us see what was their next step?

Mita, Zara, Jhuma Islam and Mazharul Islam went through the security checking and waited in the enclosed area. When All the formalities were done, They boarded the plane after their row number was announced. Mita got a window seat. Her seat number was F23 C. Zara sat beside her on an isle seat and her parents sat behind them.After a while they-Write an article on the procedures of boarding the plane by Zara , her parents and Mita around 50 words.

Group workMake 5 groups each having 6 students to do the work.Evaluation

01.Choose the best answer from the alternatives (a)Mita,Zara and her family were sitting at_________(i)the station(ii)a plane(iii) the lounge (iv)an immigration(b) Mita took a _________lip gel in her carrying bag.(i)large(ii)small(iii)medium(iv)family size(c) Liquid, gel, lotion etc. less than 100 ml is_______(i)not allowed(ii)forbidden(iii)restricted(iv) allowed(d) Gel, lotion, etc. over 100 ml isnt allowed for_________(i)over weight(ii)hand bag(iii)carrying problem(iv)preventive measure(e)Mita gets an _________ seat (i) suitable(ii)door(iii)isle(iv) middleislehand bagsmallallowed the lounge Give short answers to the following questions

(a)Who sat at the lounge?

(b)What was Mita carrying with her?

(c)Why is more than100 ml liquid not allowed?

(d)Who went through the security checking?

(e)Who gave some advises to Mita?Ans: Zara, her parents and Mita were waiting in the lounge.Ans: Mita was carrying a small lip gel with her.Ans: Any liquid more than 100ml is not allowed for security reason.Ans: Mr Jahirul Islam, Mrs Jahirul Islam ,Zara and Mita went through security checking.Ans: Mr Jahirul Islam gave some advises to Mita. Home Work

Cloze Test without clueZara, her parents and Mita were (a)____________ in the lounge. Mita was asked (b)_________ her uncle if she was carrying (c)__________ liquid in her hand bag more (d)_______100ml. Mita wanted to know about (e)____ to her uncle Mr Jahirul Islam.Fill in the blank of the following passage with suitable words of your own.Take a tour to refresh your mind, delete all the problems, undo all the mistakes and save the happy moments.Verse to follow