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  • Community Associations Institute / Central Arizona Chapter / Winter 2015

    Insight and Education for Community Associations

    PLUSPresidents MessageMyths and Misconceptions2015 CAI CAC Event Calendar

    Forces of Nature

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  • Winter 2015 1




    CARPEN TERHAZ LEWOOD.COM *See ful l Agreement for details


  • Preventing Storm DamageBy Fernando Torres


    MosquitosBy David L Deeney


    14 When it Rains, It PoursBy Michael G. Wales, Carpenter Hazlewood, Delgado & Bolen, PLC

    When Flooding Isnt CoveredBy Audra Purdie, CIRMS


    Hiring a Public Adjuster By Bruce and Stacy Horowitz



    Features Departments

    Community Associations Institute / Central Arizona Chapter /

    Winter 2015

    Forces of Nature

    3Winter 2015

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    From the Chapter Board President ......4 Presidents Letter

    From the Chapter Executive Director ... 5 Chapter Executive Directors Letter

    Community Spotlight .........................6 Desert Ridge Community Association

    Myths & Misconceptions ....................8

    New Members .................................. 10 Welcome to the Central Arizona Chapter!

    CAI Events ........................................ 12 December Luncheon Summary 2014 Leisurely Golf Extravaganza

    Annual Sponsors ...............................26 2014 Annual Sponsors

    Congratulations Corner ....................28

    Calendar of Events ............................30 2015 CAI CAC Event Calendar

    Diamond Corner ............................... 31 Showcase of Top Sponsors

    Product and Service Directory .........32

    Preventative Planning & Damage Cleanup from aCommunity Managers Perspective By Tabatha Rook, CMCA, AMS



    Just In Case By Robert Pocano


    Fool Proof Flood ForecastingBy Rebecca Herro



    Microbursts Can Cause MEGA ChallengesBy Saundra McCarrell with Liz Foutz Contributing


    Knowledge is PowerBy Michael Frank


  • www.caicommunityresource.com4

    F r o m t h e p r e s i D e n t

    Community Associations InstituteCentral Arizona Chapter

    2015 BoarD oF Directors

    chapter president Mark Wade CMCA, AMS, LSM, PCAM Leisure World Community Association


    chapter president-elect Linda Van Gelder

    ALPHA Community Management 623-825-7777

    chapter Vice-president Augustus Shaw, IV, Esq., CCAL

    Shaw & Lines, LLC 480-456-1500

    chapter secretary Toni Rudolph

    First Citizens Bank 480-624-0949

    chapter treasurer Jeff Reynolds, CMCA, AMS

    Messina HOA 602-549-5369

    chapter Directors Milan Carnes

    Verde Groves HOA 937-477-8652

    Jenna Perkins, CMCA CCMC


    Mary Jo Edel, CMCA, AMS, PCAM PMG Services

    480-829-7400 x202

    Josh Bolen, Esq. Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado & Bolen, PLC


    cai central arizona staff Kayte Comes

    Executive Director 602-388-1159

    chapter office 1625 E. Northern Ave., Ste. 201

    Phoenix, AZ 85020 Tel: 602-388-1159 Fax: 602-513-7462

    community resource committee committee members Jessica Maceyko, Esq. Ekmark & Ekmark, LLC

    Jacob Marshall, CMCA CCMC

    Elaine Anghel, PCAM Tri-City Property Management Services

    Lindsey OConnor, Esq. Carpenter Hazlewood Delgado & Bolen, PLC.

    Audra Gambill, CIRMS CAU

    Lydia Peirce Linsmeier, Esq. Shaw & Lines

    Sarah Sukta eUnify, Inc.

    John Kaye Our House Financial Services, LLC

    magazine editing subcommittee Dawn Engel, CMCA, AMS

    Planned Development Services

    Kerry Lynn Goto, PCAM Great Boards

    Ursula Mancuso, CMCA, AMS PMG Services

    Kathe Barnes, PCAM Scottsdale Ranch Community Association

    Presidents LetterBy Mark L. Wade, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, LSM

    From the Editor...Just when you thought an angry resident was the most unpredictable force facing your association, Mother Nature stormed into your community with a fierce display of her own!

    The storms that pounded the Valley in the fall of 2014 will likely go down in the history books and also become a source of community folklore for generations to come: Remember when we went boating in the greenbelt? Remember when a swimming pool suddenly appeared in our neighbors yard? Remember when the board member got stuck underwater on the I-17 and couldnt make the meeting? (This last one actually happened to me!)

    While the monsoon season undoubtedly spawned many interesting tales, it also caused extensive damage from which some communities are still recovering. As our goal is to keep you safe from the storm, this issue of Community Resource is filled with tips for communities, individuals and businesses to use before, during and after experiencing the forces of nature.

    The Magazine Committee wishes everyone a Happy (and safe and healthy) New Year!

    Jessica Maceyko, Esq., on behalf of the CAI-CAC Magazine Committee

    Im impressed with all that has happened within this organization over the past several years. I think its important that we glance in the rear view mirror from time to time and remember our successes and challenges. While it is important to look in the rear view mirror from time to time, we should spend the bulk of our time looking out the windshield watching where were going and making plans to get there.

    In our CAI chapter, we are fortunate to have many great volunteer leaders some are association board members, some managers, and some business partners. You have devoted many hours and your skills and expertise to make the Central Arizona Chapter successful. I would like to thank you for all of your continued efforts.

    I issue the challenge for every member of our chapter to be involved this next year. Let us all see your qualities that make you great. Help us to see the vision of where were going over the next several years and help us plan how to get there.

    I look forward to seeing all of you at the events, activities and luncheons, but I especially look forward to serving with all of you to build wonderful community associations and leaders.

    Mark L. Wade, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, LSM


    Visit us online at

  • Winter 2015 5

    Happy New Year! Hope everyone had excellent holidays, and that all are ready to get back into CAI activities. At the beginning of each year, the Membership/Sponsorship Committee starts an annual campaign for sponsorships. The annual sponsorship program is designed to help support the Chapter throughout the year. The sponsorships consist of marketing and event packages for the entire year. This allows for members to take advantage of the one stop shop for their year of CAI activities.

    All sponsorships were created to be well below the a la carte price, which is an incentive to sign up early, especially for the tradeshow. Last year we sold out the tradeshow in less than two weeks. Every annual sponsor that chose the tradeshow as part of their package had a booth. I highly encourage all business and management companies to review the revised 2015 Annual Sponsor Packet. The Committee went through and condensed ten pages into three. Basically, on two sheets you can see a comparison between all the levels. I think most members will find this more convenient and easier to read. The sponsorship pa