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CA 670, Aitken 1 Measuring Leadership Week or Unit 1 Part 1 Visuals provided by students(source unknown), Microsoft clip art, or as marked.

CA 670, Aitken1 Measuring Leadership Week or Unit 1 Part 1 Visuals provided by students(source unknown), Microsoft clip art, or as marked

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CA 670, Aitken1 Measuring Leadership Week or Unit 1 Part 1 Visuals provided by students(source unknown), Microsoft clip art, or as marked. Slide 2 CA 670, Aitken2 Take a Break Any Time You Want If you need a drink or whatever, just go... Slide 3 CA 670, Aitken3 Week or Unit 1 Agenda 1. Syllabus is online. 2. Use eCollege. 3. Signup Sheet. 4. Introduce yourself to the class. 5. Discuss course overview. Assignments are in eCollege http://parkonline.org 6. Discuss Kouzes & Posner materials. 7. Lecture over measurement principles. 8. Leadership stories: Real life business example of the importance of communication and organizational culture (e.g., Enron). 9. One-on-one until 9:30. Slide 4 CA 670, Aitken4 1. Readings due each week. 2. A quiz and discussion participation each week (6 needed). 3. Weekly question oral presentation assignment ( Hackman and Johnson Study Guide Knowledge Questions). COURSE OVERVIEW Come prepared for each class meeting! Slide 5 CA 670, Aitken5 Learning Activities For Next Week. Hackman and Johnson Study Guide (Knowledge Questions) "Learning Activities by Week. Do the question for the upcoming week (not current). Slide 6 CA 670, Aitken6 Assignments are in eCollege http://parkonline.org Link on lower left. http://parkonline.org Hardcopy of main assignments due at beginning of class meeting: Interview & Observation Due Week 3 Give oral PowerPoint presentation (not family or close friend) LPI: Work on computers in class week 3 to make sure everyone can use the software. Slide 7 CA 670, Aitken7 Project Template http://onlineacademics.org/CA670/Private/ Project Measures http://onlineacademics.org/CA670/Measures/ http://onlineacademics.org/CA670/Private/ http://onlineacademics.org/CA670/Measures/ LPI Printout Due Week 4 LPI Plan Due Week 5 LPI Results Synthesis Due Week 6 LPI Reflection Due Week 8 Slide 8 CA 670, Aitken8 Kouzes and Posner Exemplary Leadership Overall, it is difficult to ignore the combined views of 75,000 people. Slide 9 CA 670, Aitken9 Model the way Going first, living the behaviors you want others to adopt. This is leading from the front. People will believe not what they hear leaders say but what they see leader consistently do. Slide 10 CA 670, Aitken10 Inspire a shared vision People are motivated most not by fear or reward, but by ideas that capture their imagination. Note that this is not so much about having a vision, but communicating it so effectively that others take it as their own. Slide 11 CA 670, Aitken11 Challenge the process Leaders thrive on and learn from adversity and difficult situations. They are early adopters of innovation. Slide 12 CA 670, Aitken12 Enable others to act Encouragement and exhortation is not enough. People must feel able to act and then must have the ability to put their ideas into action. Slide 13 CA 670, Aitken13 Encourage the heart People act best of all when they are passionate about what they are doing. Leaders unleash the enthusiasm of their followers this with stories and passions of their own. Slide 14 CA 670, Aitken14 Basic concepts of statistical analysis and measurement for course survival. No, there is no relevance to this picture except my concession that statistics and measurement may be hazardous to your sense of humor. Slide 15 CA 670, Aitken15 Examples of Measurement Error Using instruments in the assessment process solely because those instruments are stipulated by the organization or an administrator(s). Regularly using instruments for purposes other than those for which test have been validated. Using the quickest instruments available even though those instruments may not assess the areas of concern. Slide 16 More errors Using currently popular instruments for assessment. Failing to establish effective rapport with the examinee. Failing to adhere to standardized administration rules. Making various scoring errors. CA 670, Aitken16 Slide 17 CA 670, Aitken17 What are numerical scales? Nominal scale consists of numbers used only for identification purposes (numbers that cannot be used in mathematical operations such as your student ID). Ordinal scale uses rank (does not have the quality of equidistant units). Interval scale are equidistant units (numbers that cannot be used in mathematical operations). Ratio scale does have an absolute zero and can be used in mathematical operations. Slide 18 CA 670, Aitken18 What are descriptive statistics? Descriptive statistics are used to organize and describe data. Measures of central tendency are statistical methods for observing how data cluster around the mean. Slide 19 Mean The mean is the average, which can be affected by an extreme score, especially if the group is composed of only a few people. CA 670, Aitken19 Slide 20 CA 670, Aitken20 Mode Mode is the most frequently occurring score in a set of scores. Slide 21 Continue with part 2 CA 670, Aitken21