"By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn." - Latin Proverb

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Text of "By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn." - Latin Proverb

  • "By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn." - Latin Proverb

  • Teaching a Class ProjectIts about GreeceIts about you using your awesome talent to speak in front of a friendly classIts about exploring Greece in a depth you havent beforeIts about writing a test and seeing if you want to be a teacher in your future

  • Research Project & PresentationStankiewiczWorld Studies

  • Essential QuestionsWhat are my responsibilities for this assignment?What topic do I have to cover?What type of presentation do I have to give?How do I give my presentation?How will I be assessed?How will I research my topic?

  • TaskingYour assignment is to teach a twenty to thirty minute class on a topic related to Ancient GreeceYou will have a partner (1-2) to do this presentationThe presentation will a Power Point product and be presented to the class

  • Tasking (Continued) - 2You will research your topic using the following sources:TextbookInternetPrimary Sources found in the Library websiteBooks and periodicals

    You will properly cite all sources on your last presentation page

  • Tasking (Continued) -3You will present a finished hardcopy of your slide to teacherYou will self score the written presentation using the handout providedHard copy of Power Point Presentation itself is worth 100 pointsOral Presentation is also worth 100 points

  • Tasking (Continued) -4Your presentation will contain essential questions for the students to learnYour presentation will cover the essential questionsYou will answer questions from the audience and clarify as neededOral presentation is much more than reading the slides

  • Tasking (Continued) -5You will provide three (3) thought-provoking questions that will be used on a future examTwo will be multiple choice questionsOne will be an essay question

    You have an option of providing notes to the other students

  • Tasking (Continued) -6You will be assessed on:Facts presented and accuracyWhether you covered the topic sufficientlyEssential Questions providedQuestions for class assessmentOral presentationVoice, confidence, tone, (all the things you have been assessed previously in speaking)Equality of presentation

  • Tentative Library Schedule:(

    To be determined

  • GuidanceMust follow handoutMust self evaluateMust be accompanied by hard copy of slides

  • Topics Greek GeographyGreek City StatesSparta, Athens, etcDemocracy in GreeceArt in GreeceAlexander the Great Trojan War Truth and MythGreek PhilosophersSocrates, Plato

    Greek Philosophers (2)Aristotle, ArchimedesPeloponnesian WarGreece vs. SpartaGreece vs. PersiaGreek Gods and Goddesses (2)Homer- Iliad and Odyssey

  • NoteYou will have regular classes during this time when you are not in the library

  • The PresentationYou and teammates are the educatorsYou have vital information to shareYour task is important

  • Your Performance - 1You know how to do thisYouve done it before You are building on your previous success

  • Your Performance - 2Things to rememberResearch wellSupport your slides with more informationSpeak clearly at normal ratePractice

  • Your Performance - 3PitfallsThings that will distract from your presentationReading the slides onlyAdd interesting supplements to slidesDistracting mannerismsPing pong, etcAway from the white board

  • Your AudienceEvery person in your audience is importantMake eye contactSpeak to them like a conversationWhen it is assessment question time give the audience time to respond

  • The AudiencePart of total assessment is to be a good audienceQuiet, supportive, helpfulCooperate and graduate

  • Title of PresentationYour NamesWorld Studies (Class)

  • Attention Step SlideRelated quote or fact that gets the students interested in your topic

    Quote should be from someone with credibility on the subject

    Explain who made the quote and why they are credible

  • Essential QuestionsHow did .What are .Who did ..Why did .When did .What was the result of .

  • Slide TitleThis is the basic slide for factsCan be found in Text and/or Content LayoutsMany of your slides use this formatBe careful not to put too much information on each slideA cramped slide is ineffective

  • Slide TitleThe format you use for information with a picture or map

  • Assessment Question(example)What is the Capital of Maine?BostonHartfordc) Scarboroughd) Augusta

    Multiple choice question

  • Assessment Question(example)What were the political reasons as to why the ancient Athenians and Spartans engaged in so many wars?

    Essay Example

  • Assessment Question AnswersHave a slide with answers to the assessment questions you constructed

  • Summary SlideSummarize your presentation on one or more slides

    No new information

    Reinforcement Quote

  • References ConsultedUse proper format

  • Important InformationAll presentations are constructed on SHS computers. Presentations will be put on your school hard drive and accessed from SHS computer in classroom or other facility.There is to be no information imported from another computer, disk, thumb drive, emailed, etc as they can corrupt the system.

  • Final WordPracticeRelaxDont worryYou can do itDont worry

  • Summary of LessonTasking You teach a classHow to teach the classProceduresHandoutChoose topics