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1. The Power of the Web How will I put your property in front of online buyers? Presented By: Edward Fusco Cell: 912-320-9491 Office: 912-692-1085 Fax: 912-692-1110 Email:[email_address] Website: 2. Did you know that, as of 2009, nine out of every ten home buyers used the web to find their new home? In 2010, the percentage is predicted to increase even further. The number of buyers who use the internet to find their next home is increasing daily. The traffic to online real estate marketplaces is sky-rocketing. The power of the web is growing. And I have been able to successfully establish myself online so that I am able to tap in to this steady stream of real estate shoppers. 3. Your Property will be a Featured Listing on the biggest Real Estate Websites I have subscribed to premium versions of the top Real Estate websites to make sure more buyers see your listing. Your listing will stand out to potential buyers on, and with their premiere listing packages. 4. Post up to 25 jumbo size photos - grab the attention of buyers Homes with the most photos rise above all other listings when consumers search for homes by the number of photos Powerful Icons on the search results page - stand out and encourage clicks to your listings Your listings stand out over other listings when buyers see icons for features such asMore PhotosVirtual Tours Open House Alerts 5. GET A 6X INCREASE IN TRAFFIC TO YOUR LISTINGS FEATURED LISTINGS PUTS YOUR LISTINGS AT THE TOP OF SEARCH RESULTS. OUR ANALYSIS SHOWS THAT FEATURED LISTINGS ARE VIEWED BY BUYERS 6 TIMES MORE THAN NON-FEATURED LISTINGS. Featured: Listings sorted to top of search resultsVisibility: Featured listings generate 6 times more page viewsAnalytics: Reports on traffic and page viewsComprehensive: Add unlimited photos, contact info, and open house datesCOMING SOON While Yahoo! Real Estate does not currently offer Featured Listings, as a Premier Agent,I will be among the first offered to expand my Featured Listings to Yahoo! Real Estate. And in the mean time, your listing will still be on Yahoo! Real Estate for buyers to find. 6. Your Listing Everywhere Not only will your listing get serious advertising on my website and on the websites I have partnered with.I will also push it out all over the web.