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Location Jakarta & Surabaya, Indonesia Dates Monday 1 February Thursday 4 February 2016

Contacts Halldor Halldorsson Danish Fish Tech Group Tel: +45 21 22 95 60 Mark Lerche Danish Marine Group Tel: +45 31 69 84 94

Business-to-business delegation

trip to Indonesia February 2016

The Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia and the export networks Danish Fish

Tech Group and Danish Marine Group are organizing a business-to-business

delegation trip to Jakarta and Surabaya 1-4 February 2016. The focus of the trip

will be on shipbuilding, vessels and the fishing industry, and we invite Danish

suppliers and advisors to join the business-to-business delegation trip.

The four-day programme will consist of site-visits to shipyards, design offices

and shipowners. The programme will also include business-to-business

meetings, roundtable discussions and events with networking opportunities.

Price for participation The package price for participation on the business-to-business delegation trip


DKK 14,900 excl. VAT with 1 representative from the company participating (price is based on grants from The Danish Trade Council/Danida and based on

10 Danish companies signing up for the delegation trip)

The package price includes:

Return flight - Denmark to Indonesia

Return flight - Jakarta to Surabaya

Hotel stay in Indonesia

Participation on the business-to-business delegation trip (lunches and dinners on the trip are not included in the package price)


Please note! In case of more than 1 representative participating from your

company, the additional price per person is:

DKK 1,995 excl. VAT per person + expenses to flights, hotel stay and


Why Indonesia and why participate? The market developments in Indonesia are very positive, best indicated with Indonesias annual economic growth

rate of 6-7 percent. President Jokowi of Indonesia perceives economic growth to be of core importance during his presidency. One of his initiatives is investments of DKK 40 billion underway assigned to projects in the infrastructure

and maritime-related sectors.

Recent developments between Indonesia and Denmark have also been positive. In this regard, it is best exemplified

by the recent Memory of Understanding (MOU) in the field of maritime affairs signed by the two countries. The MOU is to promote corporation between the two countries in the field.

Indonesian professionals in the fishing and maritime industries perceive Danish suppliers as companies who are able to supply products of high quality, deliver innovative technological solutions and provide eco-efficient solutions.

In line with this, the aim of the business-to-business delegation trip is to connect Danish expertise, knowledge and competences with the present Indonesian needs within the sectors.

Currently, Indonesia focus on protecting and preserving their coastal areas, they focus on increasing their

efficiency, eco-friendliness and competitiveness in the fishing, shipbuilding and maritime sectors, and they would

like to create better facilities for these sectors and make significant improvements as well.

With Denmarks strong tradition in these fields, Danish companies can the supply innovative solutions that are sought-after in Indonesia. If you would like to gain thorough insight into the market opportunities in Indonesia,

then register for the business-to-business delegation trip 1-4 February 2016.

Programme for the business-to-business delegation trip

Below you find the preliminary draft programme for the delegation trip (changes may occur). Once we have

the group of Danish companies participating in place, we will define the programme further according to the

Danish participants company profile and their interests.

Day one Monday 1 February Arrival in Jakarta

Hrs. 18:00

Hrs. 19:30

Informal intro-meeting

Embassy of Denmark (Ambassador or Head of Trade)

DanCham / Maersk (Jakob Friis Srensen)

Delegation dinner

Day two Tuesday 2 February Jakarta

Hrs. 10:00

Hrs. 14:00

Hrs. 19:00

Visit to ANDHIKA (shipowner)

Introduction to Indonesian National Shipowners Association (INSA)

Introduction to ANDHIKA (management, purchase, operation and technical management)

Short introduction of Danish delegation companies

Visit to Hamdok (shipyard)

Introduction to Hamdok (management, purchase, design)

Short introduction of Danish delegation companies

Social event - Invitations will be sent to maritime agents, yards and owners.

Day three Wednesday 3 February Transfer to Surabaya

Hrs. 13:00

Hrs. 16:00

Visit to DUMAS (shipyard)

Introduction to DUMAS (management, purchase, design)

Short introduction of Danish delegation companies

Visit to Terafulk (designer)

Roundtable meetings with owners & yards in Surabaya

Day four Thursday 4 February Surabaya

Hrs. 10:00

Hrs. 13:00

Visit to MIF / Meratus (owner and operator)

Introduction to MIF & Meratus (management, purchase, operation and technical management)

Short introduction of Danish delegation companies

Visit to PT. Dok Dan Perkapalan Surabaya (PERSERO) (shipyard)

Introduction to PERSERO (management, purchase, design)

Short introduction of Danish delegation companies

To sign-up for the delegation trip, please

register through this link.

Danish Fish Tech Group and Danish Marine Group are part of the Danish Export Association - the largest organizer in Denmark of

activities, networking and courses with export focus. We offer customer related export network, export promotion, market

knowledge, training and consulting. The Danish Export Association is a non-profit, member-owned and member-driven association.

Our company members have 49% more export than the average Danish exporter.

Brief description of companies in the preliminary programme

Below you find a brief description of the companies mentioned in the preliminary draft programme for the

business-to-business delegation trip.


Shipowner. Andhika is presently representing the chairmanship in the Indonesian National Shipowners

Association (INSA).

Offering services in Ship Owning, Ship Operator, Ship Management, Ship Agency, Commercial Ship Management

and Integrated Logistics Services.

Owns 5 vessels (bulk, oil and general) and operates additional 3 bulk vessels.


Shipyard. National and international shipowner references in fisheries, offshore and cargo segments.


Shipyard. Cooperating with DAMEN on amongst others navy vessels. A shipyard capable of building new ships

that meets international standards and regulations.


Ship designer with contract either from domestic (transportation official of Indonesia Government, oceanic and

fishery official of Indonesia government, private dockyards in Indonesia) and foreign countries (especially



Shipping line. Container line operating twenty seven container liner services using a fleet of over 56 vessels + 9

sets of T/B + 1 set of crane barge and 40.000 box containers.


Shipyard. Build and repair various types of vessels including steel, aluminum alloy, and Fiberglass Reinforced

Plastic. The New Building Division is capable of building vessels up to 6500 DWT, while the Refit and Repair

Division can accommodate vessels up to 8000 DWT.

Jakarta & Surabaya see location on Indonesia map below


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