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How to increase the UHT sauces market

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  • 1.Barilla: il sugo del discorso

2. OverviewObjective To increase category penetration communicating the REAL genuineness of the product To increase purchase frequency communicating the versatility of the productThe current Barilla UHT sauces situation Not proper values driven by communication and wrong perception of preservatives inside sauces Low visibility of quality recipe on packaging Not proper positioning on the store shelvesWhere we want to go Barilla sauces be perceived as a GENUINE and HEALTHY products Thinking about UHT sauce as a YOUNGER and MULTI-USAGE product 3. A new mood for your saucesOur ideaI like eating healthyI dont have time for cookingI feel a real Italian =I want something differentOur strategy 4. Fight for Barilla valuesThe reasons for renewing the packaging QuantitativeQualitativeStore-checkFalse belief of the presence Alternative ways of eating The main Barillaof preservatives and fat Barilla sauces competitor has a packagewith an explicative label 5. What a messLets tidy upStore-checkBarilla is always There is a mess on the There is a limited rangecollocated on superstore shelves of products on thethe bottom ofshelvesshelves 6. Barilla, speak upThe reasons for changing communication Our quantitative researches show the four main wrongfeelings that are communicated by sauces140120100806040200 7. Our target The consumers we choseStressful lifestyleWorkers and students:(+)Men and women with asceptical, health full-timefanatics, do not like UHT job, students, one-sauces, high income componentfamilies, young couples Conditions of (-) (+) useOld people, homemadeHousewives, big sauces lovers, healthfamilies, high school fanatics, people who students, unemployedcook well and have a lotpeople, brand devoted of timeconsumers(-) 8. Our strategyNew product, same priceProductRenew the packagingLabels on the glassTag on the glass with recipes PricePerceived as economicIf higher, will be the same of StarIf lower, will be closer to PL price 9. Our strategyBarilla: il sugo del discorso. Traditional media Spot TV and Dynamical Promotion advertising The values of TV spots are: Io SUGO genuino Io SUGO veloce Io SUGO facile Io SUGO tradizionale Io SUGO in compagnia Io SUGO veloce a special challenge Io SUGO genuino no tricks 10. Our strategyBarilla: il sugo del discorso. Promotion In-store communication Promoters and a different way for eating sauces Events APE BARILLA: happy hour in strategic young location to promote the alternative uses of the sauces Digital advertising Behavioral and geo- targeting and Search Engine Marketing techniques 11. Our strategyFrom pull to pushIncrease of the contractual power withthe retailer by the traffic generated from aPlace previous pull strategyImprove the position on the shelves andincrease the variety of sauces collocated inthe storePay a Category Manager for the retailerwith the aim of tiding up the shelvesIn-store promotion with a co-sale asBARILLA SNACK (Barilla will share thecost of pallet) 12. EconomicsHow much does it cost?TIMING: 1 month and halfTOTAL INVESTMENT: 3 milions of euros 2013: 3 Nov 4 Nov 1 Dec 2 Dec 3 Dec 4 Dec 1 Nov 2 Nov weeks DYNAMIC ADVERTISING* 900.000 TV SPOTS 2.000.000 DIGITAL ADVERTISING 20.000APEBARILLA EVENTS* 2 weeks 44.640IN-STORE COMMUNICATION*43.20EBITDA: 14.956.021PAYBACK: 3 months*6 Italian cities:Milano,Bologna,Roma,Perugia,Napoli,Bari 13. ContactsCarlotta Maragno