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  • 1. NSA Corporate OfficeCollierville, TN NAI (Manufacturer)Vista, CA

2. NSA Founded, 1970 1970s smoke detectors 1980s water and air filtration 1990s whole food based nutrition Over $6 billion in sales / double digitgrowth for the last 15 consecutiveyears Debt Free Global operations in 21 countries Jay Martin, President and Founder 3. NSAs Mission Statement To build a stable and lasting company, thatwill help as many peopleas possible realize theirdreams.Jay Martin President & Founder NSA - 1970 4. Paul Zane Pilzer, Economic Forecaster The Wellness Industry is The Next Trillion Dollar Industry 5. The Virtual Franchise & Juice Plusoffers the average person the best chance for financial freedom. -Bob Burdick 6. Is what you are currentlydoing working for you? 7. Do you have a Plan B? 8. One Year From NowWithout changing what you arecurrently doing EARNING INVEST$5,000 $50,000$10,0001 0% $100,000$25,000$250,000$75,000$750,000 9. OptionsInheritanceJobLottery Own Your Own Business 10. INTRODUCINGCombining thestrengths of several marketing methods to create something very unique in thehome-based business industry. 11. The Juice Plus Virtual Franchise combines the best of Direct Sales Network Marketing Franchising Corporate World 12. Unlike A FranchiseLow Investment Low Overhead No Territorial Restrictions No EmployeesNo Risk! 13. Like A FranchiseProven SystemBrand Name Training & Support 14. The SystemLet the experts tell the story Preferred customer programHigh-tech support 15. Benefits of the VirtualFranchise Start Part-Time No fixed hours No boss Passive Income Corporate Benefits Unlimited Income