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  • Burchfield Club
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  • What am I I am Poem Color poem Abc poem Parody poem Shape Poem Limerick Diamonte Monster Poem Patchwork Poem
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  • What am I ? I am fat and furry, I can be black or brown, I have claws, Im big or small. I can be a cub or an adult. What am I ? (a bear)
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  • I Am Poem I am happy and loud I wonder if I will be a teacher someday I here pop, pop, pop! I see an ice cream cone all day I want a Justin Bieber poster I am happy and loud I pretend to be a teacher I feel hungry for an ice cream cone I touch a rainbow I worry about my pap in the hospital I cry when I think about my pap I am happy and loud I understand my pap is sick and could die I m sad when I think about my pap I am happy and loud
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  • Red tastes like red cherries. Orange juice smells like oranges ! Yellow feels like lemon peels Green looks like grass Blue sounds like bluebirds ! How do colors make you feel? By. Harley Scheibel 3-C
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  • Theres a monster in my bathroom. I saw his red eyes. They glow in the dim light and give me a surprise. The monster is tall. He is bad and hairy. He has green teeth. That hairy monster. Theres a monster under my desk at home. He has tiny small hands. It untied my shoes and tied the shoelaces together. I fell and bumped my head.
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  • Along time ago Babe ruth Cracked a homerun and Dove to home plate Everyone cheered For the yankees!
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  • Hey Diddle Middle Hey diddle middle the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the flies. The little dog laughed to see such fun. And the dish ran away with the fries.
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  • I once met a boy from Mars. Every day he ate from a jar. But whenever he stopped. The jam jar dropped. That strange hungry boy from Mars!
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  • There once was a cat, Who had a softball bat, The crazy cat, Sat on cat fat hat. There once was a frog, Sitting On a loge, He was friends with a hog, That has its own blog. by HARLEY, MCKENNA AND JULIANNA
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  • Outside butterflies, birds Playing, running,swimming Flowers,plants, bed,desk Studying, eating,sleeping Quiet,safe Inside

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