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A POETRY COLLECTION written by McKenna 3C a member of the 2011 Burchfiel d Club

Burchfield Club 1: What am I Poem 2: I Am Poem 3: Color Poem 4: A B C Poem 5: Parody Poem 6: Limerick Poem 7: Shape Poem 8: Diamante 9: Monster Poem

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Text of Burchfield Club 1: What am I Poem 2: I Am Poem 3: Color Poem 4: A B C Poem 5: Parody Poem 6:...

My Poetry by

A POETRY COLLECTION written by McKenna 3Ca member of the 2011

BurchfieldClubTable of Contents1: What am I Poem2: I Am Poem3: Color Poem4: A B C Poem5: Parody Poem6: Limerick Poem7: Shape Poem8: Diamante9: Monster Poem10: Patchwork Poem


What am I?

I am fluffy,And sometimes big or small.I have a tail that can be long or short.I have sharp teeth too.And I can be a childs pet.

What am I? {DOG}I AM POEMI Am I am athletic and kind I wonder if I can do all GIRL sports I hear sounds everywhere I see a weird type of animal I want more good dogs I am athletic and kind

I pretend I am touching the sky I feel I can catch a leprechaun I touch A rare piece of money I worry about my sister bothering me I cry because of my sister I am athletic and kind

I understand that I can't sometimes be with my friends all the time I say that I can believe in myself I dream about me at places I try to do my best in the sports I play I hope I that I can stay myself forever I am athletic and kind

COLOR POETRYGreen looks like a stuffed animal frog,

Pink tastes like guck,

Orange smells like the fresh spring air,

Yellow feels like a soft and squishy lemon,

Red sounds like a devils scream.


Annie has an annoying littleBrother, hes only a toddler but hesCute, hell keep copying you allDay long. Hell talk aboutElephants, and when hes done, hell act like hesFunny, but hes really not that funny, hesGoofy instead.

A PARODY POEM Itsy Bitsy spider was hopping up its web. Down came a fly and freaked the spider out. Out came the sun and was stopping all the rain. Now Itsy Bitsy spider went without food again.


I once met a girl from a cave.Everyday she had to behave.Her master gave her a sword.And then gave her an award.That good little girl from a cave.



Student Smaller, Smart, Learning, Writing, StudyingPencil, Paper, Pen, ScheduleTeaching, Checking, Helping Bigger, Older Teacher

Monster Poem Monster in my mindTheres a monster in my mindI saw his scary eyesThey glow like Rudolfs noseAnd scares me with surprise

The monster has big furry toesHe is as huge as a buildingHe has a little noseThat grows like pinocchios

Theres a monster under my feetHe has fur that tickles meIt is all different colorsI really like to see

There once was a cat Who had a softball batThat crazy catSat on a fat hat

There once was a frogWho sat on a logHe was friends with a hogThat had its own blog

By McKenna, Harley andJulianna