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Buntis Day 2012

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Buntis Day 2012. Tacloban City ( MAIN HOST ) March 10, 2012. POSTER. Guinness World Records. Guinness World Record Title: Largest Prenatal Class (Multiple Venues) Objectives: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Buntis Day 2012

Buntis Day 2012Buntis Day 2012
Guinness World Records
1. To become partners with POGS in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015 in decreasing the maternal mortality and morbidity rates in the Philippines.
2. To create awareness among pregnant women about the benefits of pre-natal check-up, through lectures, free laboratory exams, etc.
3. To encourage more pregnant women to attend the Buntis day by creating a World record.
4. Be part of POGS - BioFemme commitment and partnership in giving service to all pregnant women.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
Important Requirements per location:
Official Registration forms (from POGS National)
Manpower: Doctors to certify pregnancy (minimum 12 weeks and above ONLY) However, patients less than 12 weeks can still attend the lecture but will not be counted for the World Guinness Record)
Standard Lesson plan (lecture) from POGS National in all venues ( layman’s module will be the same for all. CDs will be given to the regional director )
Qualified instructors (speakers) per location (from Local POGS)
2 witnesses from local DOH office
2 timekeepers in all venues
Photo and video coverage per location
One supervisor per location (from local POGS) as contact person and to queue start and finish of Prenatal class
Forms from Guinness World Records (to be distributed to ALL venues from BioFemme)
Large Clock – synchronized in all venues. ( This will be given by Biofemme and preferrably should be at the back against the wall behind the speaker so the time can be seen during the documentation process.)
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
General Mechanics:
BioFemme, Inc. to take charge of registration and coordination with Guinness Book of Records. According to Guinness, there’s no existing record marked with the same title.
POGS will advertise and promote the record attempt to all available means stated:
For Promotions and Advertisements:
Printing of Posters c/o BioFemme, Inc.
Distribution in health centers, Private and Government Hospital OPDs, (c/o POGS)
Tri-Media Advertising (c/o POGS)
Through Radio plugging, announcements in Health/Medical shows like Pinoy MD, Salamat Dok
Newspaper print (c/o POGS)
Local Health Center announcements
Announcement at OPD of POGS Training hospitals (c/o POGS)
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
General Mechanics:
POGS will identify the places/units that will participate in the Buntis day event. Main event: Tacloban City, Leyte but simultaneous sessions will be held in all regions nationwide.
POGS Local chapter will coordinate with DOH.
DOH Health officer will fill out authentication form and certify attendance of pregnant women on March 10, 2012, immediately after the event. There should be 2 witnesses (from DOH) per event.
POGS Local chapter will be in-charge of the distribution and collection of registration forms, attendance sheets, photos, videos, and other documentations during the event.
The activity will be done from 8am – 12nn only.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
General Mechanics:
The POGS Local chapter will send the original copies of all documents to POGS National office for consolidation.
POGS will prepare a post activity summary.
BioFemme will submit to GWR all documents.
POGS will wait for the response and confirmation of GWR for the record set.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
(The most IMPORTANT and most CRUCIAL: 10AM-11AM lecture)
All participants must be a minimum of 12 weeks pregnant and must provide evidence to prove it.
The evidence may take form of a doctor or nurse’s letter, or an ultrasound scan. (We should have them checked-up first before the lectures.)
The topics covered during the class must be related to pregnancy, labor and birth. ( as identified by the national host- they want lectures on prenatal care/danger signs and Nutrition and lactation)
The lesson must follow the structure of a normal class and a lesson plan must be submitted with the claim.
The same lesson plan must be followed at every location.
The Ideal set-up will be: The clock must be behind the instructor for easier view / capture of photo/video.
The instructor(s) and the patients taught must remain the same throughout the lesson. If one drops out, they will not be counted.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
Mechanics of the Prenatal class:
8. The organisers can choose either to have one solo instructor or a team of instructors leading different groups of people at the same location. These instructors cannot be witnesses but are counted in the final total. The instructors must be suitably qualified.
9. All participants should be taught the same topics SIMULTANEOUSLY, thus all participants should be able either see instructors or follow their movements on a video screen.
10. The lesson must last a minimum of 30mins. A LOUD START and FINISH signal recognised by all participants must be used. Two experienced timekeepers (e.g. from a local athletics club) must time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 secs.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Guinness World Records
Mechanics of the Prenatal class:
11. There must be a minimum of 25 participants per location and there must be at least 10 different venues. This is the minimum number required by Guiness however, we want to make this big already so it will be difficult for our neighboring countries to surpass our record !)
12. The total amount of venues used and their location must be submitted with the documentation.
13. The event must be SYNCHRONIZED so that it occurs simultaneously in all locations and time zones. The local time at each venue must be included in the documentation. ( 2 days before the main event, we will be coordinating with the RDs on what official time to follow. It was suggested during the meeting that we will be asking PAGASA on the official time).
14. After the event, the witness statements from each location and all other verification as per the general guidelines must be sent to the main organiser (POGS National and Biofemme) who is then responsible for collating all the information and sending a complete claim to the Guinness World Records.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
as contact person
To assist witnesses in filling out the GWR forms
Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation ( 30 minutes)
Open forum will be done at the end of the hour after it has well been documented with pictures / video ( clock time should be seen during the documentation)
2 witnesses from local DOH office (Health officers, must be doctors)
Certify and authenticate the attendance
Fill-out GWR forms
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
All doctors to certify pregnancy
Patients should be more than 12 weeks pregnant – for those who will attend the lecture. Less than 12 weeks can still attend the lecture but will NOT be counted for the Guinness record.
Other activities ( check-ups, lab exams, ultrasound, beauty pageants, quiz contests, etc ) for the Buntis day maybe done before 10 or after 11am. What is important for the GUINNESS is the 10-11am prenatal class only.
All official forms will be coming from POGS.
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Photos and Videos
Photos / videos should capture the ff:
The start of the lecture (esp the time)
Significant incidents that occur during the event.
The point at which the record is broken (not applicable)
The end of the lecture. (time)
The entire audience / class.
BioFemme Participation:
Registration / Coordination with Guinness World Records (GWR)
Assist POGS in the collation of evidence and data in venues where BioFemme representative is present.
Submission of evidence and data to GWR
Posters (only 500 pcs with GWR logo)
Printing of Official registration forms and GWR forms
Printing of Invitations and Programme
Hematocrit and Hemoglobin Testing; Urinalysis in areas where BioFemme representative is present.
Standard Backdrop of Stage in ALL venues.
Standard Photowall in ALL Venues.
Standard Banners in ALL Venues.
Same clocks for all regions.
Headquarters (main counting area) in Tacloban City. – ( similar to NAMFREL).
Buntis Day – March 10, 2012
Thank you!

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