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Text of Bumper Stickers, Window Decals, - Rosary Gr Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Holy Family, Pray for us! Listen to

  • Bumper Sticker Rubber Stamp Slogans

    He Must Reign I Cor. 15:25 Long Live Christ the King God Bless America One Nation Under God In God We Trust A Godless Nation cannot remain free. Keep Christ in Christmas God's Ten Commandments- Your best Bill of Rights When God's Laws are honored, your rights are secure. Heaven- Don't miss it for the world. Where will you spend Eternity? To love God and Neighbor, we must hate sin and error. Children in Public Schools haven't got a prayer. Save the Children- Teach them at home. Stop monkeying with evidence- Fossils deny volution. Marriage is for Life. I'd rather be right than politically correct. Are you intolerant of intolerance? Some preferences are perverse and some choices are wrong. Mommy! Please let me live. Abortion is Murder. Abortion: the cruelest child-abuse. Adoption Yes, Abortion No! I survived the "right to choose". People are not disposable. And the Lord said, "Woe to you lawyers." Luke 11: 46, 52 Kyrie Eleison O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Ecce Agnus Dei... Restore the Mass! I love the old Latin Mass. Pray for the Pope. Pray for Priests- We need their prayers and they need ours! Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Holy Family, Pray for us! Listen to your Mother: Pray the Rosary, Wear the Scapular. Heaven's peace plan: Pray & sacrifice for the conversion of Russia. Call Heaven...Toll-free! Pray the Rosary. "My Immaculate Heart will triumph." Ave Maria Immaculate Virgin Mary Pray for us. Where She is Queen, He is King. Can we love her more than He Does? St. Joseph, Pray for us. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us from Satan. St. Christopher be my guide. Liberate Purgatory- The Holy Souls need your prayers. Happiness is being Catholic. The Catholic Church wrote THE BOOK. Modesty is beautiful! UnDo Vatican II. Set yourself free- Trash the TV. Christus Vincit, Regnat, Imperat. Our Father. Hail Mary. Our Lady of Guadalupe. O Come let us adore Him. I Am the Good Shepherd. Greater Love than this, no man hath. Jesus I trust in Thee. Be a hero, save a whale. Save a baby, go to jail. Chi Rho Adoramus Te Christe. Crucifix IHS XP Little Gospel Holy Face St. Therese. This Book belongs to... Pray the Rosary Every Day. 15 Mysteries of the Rosary. When all else fails, follow the Maker's Instructions. Miraculous Medal Holy Mass Chalice & Dove Pax et bonum Domine non sum dignus. Tu es Petrus. Venite Adoremus. Veritas R.C.D.J. Blessed Trinity. Guardian Angel. Gloria in excelsis Deo. Wise men still Find Him... With Mary His Mother! Matt. 2:11 Teachers Helper Angel Series. Much better. Excellent! Very Good. You can do better Try Harder. Careless! Not Good! Ecce Homo. Follow Me. I Am the Bread of Life. John 6 Holy Infant of Prague. Pieta Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Fatima Czestochowa Prompt Succor Walsingham Mother of Perpetual Help Saint St. Joseph Agnes Alphonsus Liguori Andrew Anne St. Anthony Guide S.A.G. Athanasius Benedict Bernadette Catherine Laboure Catherine of Siena Cecilia Christopher Clare Cosmas and Damien Cyril and Methodius Dominic Dominic Savio Dymphna Elizabeth Seton Elizabeth Cabrini Francis of Assisi Francis Xavier Gerard George Germaine Helen Ignatius Loyola Jerome Joan of Arc John the Evangelist Baptist Bosco Neumann Vianney Cure of Ars Joseph Moscati Jude Thaddeus Louis de Montfort Lucy Luke Evangelist Margaret Clitherow of York Margaret Mary Alacoque Maria Goretti Mark Evangelist Martin de Porres Mary Magdalene Matthew Maximilian Kolbe Nicholas Paschal Baylon Patrick Paul Peter the Apostle Peter Julian Eymard Philippine Duchesne Philomena Padre Pio Pius V Pius X Raphael Archangel Raymond Nonnatus Rita Rose of Lima Sebastian Martyr Simon Stock Teresa of Avila Therese of Lisieux Little Flower Thomas Aquinas Thomas More Valentine Veronica

    Your one-stop source for Catholic Bumper Stickers Catholic Rubber Stamps (Catholic Art Stamps) Catholic Window Decals Catholic Clip Art Catholic Computer Graphics Traditional Catholic Art Gallery CD-ROM Catholic Picture Font/ Symbol Font Templates for Catholic Greeting Cards Catholic sticky labels We promote the true traditional Catholic teachings and culture (pre-Vatican II)

    Over 35 years of promoting our

    Catholic Faith and Heritage!


    2014 Catalog of

    Rubber Stamps, Bumper Stickers, Window Decals, Computer Graphics and more

    Rosary Graphics - P.O. Box 73 - St. Mary’s, KS 66536 Phone/Fax: 785-437-2072 – graphics73@yahoo.com


  • Page 2 Prices and ordering information are on page 10.Please order by catalog number below each image. Images on top line are 1.25 inches high. Others shown approx. to scale

  • Page 3 Prices and ordering information are on page 10. Please order by catalog number below each image.

    Images on top line are about 1 inch high. Others shown approx. to scale

  • Page 4

    “Teachers’ Helper” Series: This whimsical angel helps get your

    message across

    “The Gallery Series”-- Pictures of Our Lord, Our Lady, St. Joseph, and the Saints in alphabetical order. Images about 1” high

  • Page 5 “The Gallery Series”-- continued from page 4

    Our Rubber Stamps are made the “old-fashioned” way, and require a stamp pad. They will work with almost any stamp pad you may already have, or you may order one (or more) from us. Our pads are good quality, long-lasting, and re-inkable. These Stamp Pads are “Size 1” (2-3/4” x 4-1/4”) Prices/ordering info on p.. Please order by catalog number. #P1, Stamp Pad, BLUE #P2, Stamp Pad, RED #P3, Stamp Pad, GREEN #P5, Stamp Pad, BLACK

    For Your Convenience We Offer Stamp Pads...

    Prices and ordering information on page 10;

    Order form on page 11

  • Page 6 Vinyl 3”x12” RUBBER STAMPS of these designs arealso available (Size about 1/2” x 1-7/8”). (Image color depends on stamp pad color.) Change “B” in catalog # to “R” to order.

    Prices & order info are on page 10.

  • Page 7

    30 labels (1” x 2 5/8”) per sheet, all alike.

    “GRACEmats” VINYL PLACEMATS Durable and Washable! Bright Cheery Colors! Approximately 10 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches. Made in USA! Imprinted with traditional Grace before & after meals. A Handy Reminder! Good gift for family members.

    Catalog #GM1Prices and ordering information on page 10, order form p. 11.

    About 3” across. Other images

    shown to scale.

    Self-adhesive! Apply to inside of a window to be seen outside! Instructions are included!

    Mix-or-match with Bumper Stickers for more favorable quantity price. Same price schedule as Bumper Stickers.

    Now available in both “black & white” and color. Prices on p.10 are for B&W. For color, add “-C” to catalog number and include 50 cents extra per sheet.

    (-C) (-C) (-C) (-C) (-C)

    (-C) (-C) (-C) (-C) (-C)

  • Page 8

    New! Catholic Computer Graphics

    catholic art gallery on CD-ROM! Giant collection of traditional

    Catholic art in digital format for computer use.

    * Over 3,000 files totalling over 500 megabytes of beautiful Catholic Art for multiple uses! * Many hundreds of images, in multiple sizes and formats for slide shows, printing, or the Web. * Conveniently arranged by category with descriptive filenames for easy finding! * Categories include Angels, Bible Art, Our Lord, Our Lady, Saints, Popes&Papacy, and many more! * File formats include Raster (jpg and gif) and Vector (wmf, pct, eps) * Made for use with "Windows 98" or later, but can be used with “Linux” or "MAC" OS 7.5 or later also. * No installation needed. Use with your favorite applications that import these file types.

    Cat. #CD2

    Cat. #CD3

    Help spread Catholic Truth with ready-made colorful attention-grabbing e-mail attachments in the popular pdf (portable digital file) format. Simply select an appropriate attachment from this disk, attach to whatever e-mail you are sending, and send it off. Messages are similar to those seen in our vinyl bumper stickers and labels. Over 90, including cartoons. Instructions included.

    “e-tachments” Digital “Bumper Stickers” for e-mail “traffic”!

    Prices and ordering information on page 10... Order form on p. 11

  • Page 9

    More Catholic Computer Graphics Prices and ordering information on page 10... Order form on p. 11

    Cat. #CD1 (or FD1 for Floppy disk)“angelwings”! Our original “True-Type” Computer Picture Font 94 Catholic Symbols & Graphics all at the touch of a key!

    * Works with "WINDOWS", "LINUX", and “MAC OS” (v.8.5 or later). * Includes hints for use and sample document templates.

    FREE! TWO BONUS FONTS also included: “Prayerbook Initials” and “ Canterbury”[j]JgHIkp81

    (Above: actual sample of typed characters!)

    Or, if all you want is the fonts...

    This package, plus your computer, color printer, your regular printer paper and card envelopes (available at office supply stores), is all you need to make your own

    CATHOLIC GREETING CARDS for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Feast Days, Ordinations, Baptisms, Wedding Invitations, First Communions, Confirmations, Graduations, Christmas, Easter, and just about any other occasion that calls for Catholic greetings. Files for printing Stationery and Memorial Cards are also included. INCLUDED: CD-ROM containing many ready-to-print, fold and trim greeting cards, plus templates that you can use as-is or modify to your liking. (Templates require a special program