Bulletin for 2012-2013 NYSC-ICT-CDS group in Imo State

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Text of Bulletin for 2012-2013 NYSC-ICT-CDS group in Imo State

  • 7/30/2019 Bulletin for 2012-2013 NYSC-ICT-CDS group in Imo State


  • 7/30/2019 Bulletin for 2012-2013 NYSC-ICT-CDS group in Imo State


    Your exe

    Introducing: BOOST ME

    Your health

    According to the world encyclopedia, exercise is a physical

    movement, action or activity designed to make the body

    stronger and fitter. Although muscle contraction is the

    common element of all forms of exercise, many other organs

    and systems are affected, for example, the heart and lungs.Many people also find that regular exercise enhances their

    sense of mental well-being along with their general physical

    health. Today there is an increasing emphasis on preventive

    medicine, or maintaining health which mostly circles around

    physical exercises. Exercise services several major muscle

    groups throughout the body, resulting in greater demands on

    the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply oxygen

    to the working muscles. Exercise includes walking, jogging,

    swimming, running, pedaling, etc and is the form

    recommended for reducing the risk of heart disease and

    increasing endurance. The benefits of exercise are far-

    reaching. Clinical and epidemiological studies have

    demonstrated that regular exercise reduces the risk of death

    due to heart disease and stroke, aids in reducing weight,

    helps prevent diabetes mellitus, strengthens bones, and

    enhances immune function. The psychological benefits are

    also broad, and most studies suggest a positive relationship

    between physical fitness and mental achievement. Also,

    exercises can help you burn off excessive fats from your

    body. Running around your room about 20 t imes every day

    could be enough to keep your body in a good state. My dear

    CD members try a little exercise today and live to testify of

    its enormous effects.5

    Weekly BulletinWeek 6 [2013]


    NYSC-Imo State


    Todays Overview

    Meeting Agenda

    Information corner [highlights only]

    Latest/next moves

    Know your executive Members

    Whose Birthday?

    Your health

    Sponsors corner



    Jobs plate

    n More!



    Latest/Next moves

    Sponsors corner


    Know your executives

    Name Office Phone1 Ehijator Jefferson President 08066184413

    2 Okeke Goodness V. President 08037783941

    3 Adu Kelly M. Gen. Secretary 081012187194 Omitogun Ruth Asst. Gen. Sec. 07039266134

    5 Okegbe Kelechi P. R. O. 08038976397

    6 Isuwa Zakwai Fin. Secretary 08061184715

    7 Akobueze Chioma Treasurer 08034218780

    8 Ayuk Manyo Ntui Lab. Manager 07030333390

    9 Ogudo K. Chizoba Asst. Lab. Mgr 08035559117

    A new executive

    has climbed onto

    the podium of



    start in immense



    Batch APOP is

    on Thursday

    14th, Feb, 2013.


    Name Batch Birth Day

    Victor Udoka O. B 7/2/----

    Baba H. Bala A 2/2/----

    Whose Birthday?

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you!


    Boost Me is an existing program in the CD. Only

    that its name was changed. The classic program:

    In-House Training now wears the name BOOST

    ME. By this rebrand, we promise to be of help to

    the CD and to benefit from it in the areas of our

    professional commitment, efficiency and abilities.

    Trainings will mainly focus on Programming,

    repairs, networking, web sites/application devt.