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Building Stronger Communities, Building Stronger ChorusesLiving Your Strategic Plan1

Living Your Strategic PlanAt previous conferences we have held sessions on developing a strategic plan. However, for far too many of our choruses, the strategic plan becomes a binder sitting on a shelf, until our next attack of we really need to update our strategic plan!

For a strategic plan to serve its purpose it must be:

The guidelines for each years operating plan

Reviewed for progress on a quarterly basis

Updated annually to reflect changes in circumstances2

Living Your Strategic PlanThe strategic plan must link to the annual operating plan and budget which must be monitored for progress on a regular basis. Each years results then are considered in the update of the strategic plan.3

Living Your Strategic Plan


Living Your Strategic PlanGALA Choruses strategic plan is contained on one 11 x 17 piece of paper. It provides general guidance on our goals and action steps for the current and two following years in each of the strategic areas we are organized in. It helps if your strategic plan follows your internal committee structure as it then becomes clear who is responsible for executing which goals/action plans.


Living Your Strategic Plan

The strategic goals and action steps for each year are developed down to a further level of detail in the annual operating plan and budget. The plan describes how we intend to achieve our goals and the budget translates those plans into dollars and cents.6

Living Your Strategic PlanEach years operating plan begins with a review of results from the prior year so that we maintain the continuing feedback loop of planning, taking action and assessing results.


Living Your Strategic PlanThe annual operating plan then goes on to describe the goals for the current year as they are set out in the strategic plan.8

Living Your Strategic Plan9

Living Your Strategic PlanProgress against the goals is tracked on a quarterly basis both with text explanations and budget reports.10

Living Your Strategic Plan


Living Your Strategic PlanThe format of the strategic plan makes it easy to continually add a new Year 3 as each year is completed.