Building a Culturally Responsive Classroom Environment

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Building a culturally responsive classroom environmentNoor KipliMohamad Lukman Al HadiMuhamad Zulhanafi

Lets Brainstorm!!!The Murut

Traditional Costumes

Languagespeak 15 languages and 21 dialectsit has divided into 3 groups languagesMurut language groupNorthern Murut language groupTidung language group

Traditional DanceMagunatip Dance (video)Magunatip derived from the word 'Apit', which means the pins. Magunatip performed in the Magginakan Day who worships the spirit of the paddy.

BeliefsWedding CeremonyA man can only get married after he has presented at least one head that he has hunted to the family of the desired girlwedding ceremony held for five daysFuneral CeremonyThe Murut keep the bodies of their deceased in a jar and place them in colourful and elaborately decorated grave-huts along with the deceaseds belongings

Session 1

Ways to Preserve cultureMultilanguageMultiethnicMulticulturalInside/ outside classroom

Session 2

Example of positive and supportive classroom plan

Management of Teaching and Learning

Stages in Management of Teaching and Learning

Culture Based Assessment