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  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >Company Profile 2011

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile



    01 Who we are >>wecreate. listen.connect

    02 What we do >>crisp brand identities

    03 Clients >>they want to be in the game

    04 Our action plan >>what we have in mind 04 Case studies >>great work for great brands

    4.1 Jack Daniels Promo Program 2010-2011

    4.2 Rip Curl Pro Search

    05 Team >>eager to help your business grow 5.1 lets meet

    06 Connect >>dont be shy

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >who we are

    >Buena Vibra is a true, lifestyle marketing agency

    specializing in promotions, branding & special

    events. Through CREATIVEconcepts & technology

    we help brands ENGAGEthe connected CULTURE.Creativityis at the heart of everything we do our design team is

    equally adept at creating crisp brand identities .

    >Buena Vibra is also a lifestyle brand itself within the

    18-26 Target, branching out into trendsettingapparel, art, music, events, sports & education

    among other aspects of daily life in Puerto Rico.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile



    >Our clients are happy for us to help their business . They

    know we do it in the most effective way!

    >Our clients value our marketing opinion and expertise the

    same way we value their business and marketing needs.We trust each other - this is how we work together!

    >Want to be part of the team? Just connect!

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile



  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >our action plan


  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >case studies

    >BriefIncrease brand awareness among the young target audience ofstudents and professionals. Actively promote Jack Daniels as analternative to scotch drinkers while preserving the key elements

    associated with the brand.>Strategy: Present to the Entry Level Consumer (18-25) in a way that

    refreshes its perception & increases its awareness. We are utilizingmodern trends in music, art, fashion & lifestyle to engage the connectedconsumer in the communications channels (Social Media, Grassroots)to create impactful connections with the target costumer trough theyear.

    >Results: The campaign obtain a consumer feedback by 25% andstimulated new consumer reach. Over 10 unique bars experience theart-music event platform nationwide. The total reach of the JackDaniels Black Book on events was approximately 60,000 & socialmedia channels reached 500,000 over a weeks time.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >case studies

    >Brief: PRTC & Coors Light became partners for the first ASP Surfing

    Championship to be held in the Caribbean: Rip Curl Pro Search.

    Our team developed the key exposition guidelines for the event.

    >Strategy: Create an experiential event for the local target andworldwide surfing industry. We perform the promotional plans for:

    Rip Curl PRTC, Coors Light, Jeep, Snickers including all the event

    production set-up. Through our fan base we create a connection

    between target and a top prestigious event.


    esults: The event obtain a worldwide exposition including media,and online presence (webcast, real time feed, & crowd sourcing.

    The event became the most profitable in short terms meanings for

    the PRTC having an impact in the economy of an estimated 4,000

    room nights and 4.5 million dollars.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >lets Meet

    Emil Medina, Partner; Business Manager

    relationship matters

    >is a marketing communications professional oriented intolifestyle branding & social media strategies. His Focus is toincorporate out of the box concepts in brand campaigns

    development. Has be in charge of the PR Tourism Companyevent managementincluding: CopaTutoMarchand, ASTAConference @Turkey, Mayaguez 2010 & Rip Curl Pro Search,beyond others.

    >Developed and delivered BTL campaigns for an impressivearray of local & global brands such as: Nestle, McDonalds

    Listerine & Neutrogena.>Is a natural public speaker who is driven to work in team group,

    often motivate clients & partners to perform brand overallplans.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >lets Meet

    Jose Max Perez; Partner, Operations Manager


    >is an events producer & marketing communicationsprofessional dedicated to develop experiential events. Hasbeing responsible in the development of Puerto Rico nightlifescene developing high visibility events such as: Coors LightSilver Sessions, Electric Daisy Carnival, Temple of Sound,beyond others.

    >Delivered top notch BTL campaigns& tactical programs for theliquor industry, providing continuous sales increase witheffective promotional plans.

    >Has developed an effective team of promoters in charge toperform weekly promotional programs for clients like: AT&T,Brown Forman, V. Suarez & B. Fernandez.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >lets meet

    Jeff Fontanez, Partner, Executive Director

    people person

    >is an events management & marketing professional dedicated to

    improve clients exposition. Has worked with most of the local artist

    and producers, developing strong links between BVG and the


    >Has be in charge to perform continuous BTL campaigns for the

    technology industry, developing nationwide POS plans for: Sony,

    Windows 7 & One Link.

    >His role is to deliver in clients action plans, driven to provide clients

    the extra value; in order to maintain business relationships.

  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >lets meet

    Luis Jimenez, Creative Director

    creativity junkie

    >strategic-thinker and outstanding team worker, his passion is building

    engaging bonds between brands and consumers through lifestyle

    experiences.> Is driven to analyze & audit brand opportunities in order to develop

    Creative Strategic Planning.

    >Has be in the marketing & events industry since his beginning

    indentifying consumer local trends as part of his daily basis.

    >Recently has exposed the Jack Daniels brand to the trendsetters inPuerto Rico connecting to a new consumer target with a traditional


  • 8/8/2019 Buena Vibra: Company Profile


    >lets meet

    Mayrel Gonzalez, Executive Director

    the go getter

    >is marketing & public relations professional dedicated to perform

    detailed brand action plans. Stands out in the market because of her

    organization & attention to brand needs.>Is dedicated to provide memorable experiences between sales &

    promotions team and brand executives. Delivered promo plans for

    worldwide recognized brand such as: Coors Light, Peroni, Listerine

    & Neutrogena.

    >Keeps constant touch with our customers needs and events stayingon the cutting-edge of functionality and creativity.

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