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A city will only be really exciting if by showing moreand more of itself, more and more questions are posed.A capital will be interesting if it manages to make animpression on its visitors so that they crave for more,Budapest is such it has something in stock for everyone,something that makes you even more hooked.


<p>Spring 2012 Spring 2013 All rights reserved!Publisher: BTDM Nonprot Kft.Address: 1518 Budapest, Pf. 141Telephone: (1) 266-0479, fax: (1) Text and translation: WeLoveBudapest.comCover and layout: K.G.B. Stdi Kft.Pagination: Vizulis MvekMaps: A&amp;Z 1.1 Trkpmhely, 2012Cover photo: Tr Balzs, vanguard-photo.huPrinting: Komromi NyomdaThe publisher cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by possible changes as to the contents of this magazine.Next issue: April, 2013Advertising: (1) 328-4083Order at: www.budapestinfo.huImpressum:www.budapestinfo.hu1234564.Classic 11. Explorer18.Beyond Budapest2. SIGHTS23.Museums28.Music, dance and theatres30.Programme tips20. CULTURE32. FOOD &amp; DRINK44. SHOPPING52. BY NIGHT64. BATHS &amp; SPORT34.Bistronomy35.Restaurants 41.Cafs, Confectioneries46.Hungaricums 47.Hungarian designers 51.Markets54.Entertainment districts58.Bars 61.Clubs66.Thermal baths, wellness68.Sport, recreation69.Extreme adventuresOFFICIALStrategic partners:Budapestinfo Point Airport Terminal 1Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport Terminal 1Opening hours: 8:0022:00Budapestinfo Point Airport Terminal 2ALiszt Ferenc Budapest Airport Terminal 2AOpening hours: 8:0023:00Budapestinfo Point Airport Terminal 2BLiszt Ferenc Budapest Airport Terminal 2BOpening hours: 10:0020:00Budapestinfo Point City Centre St utcaBudapest V. St u. 2. (Dek Ferenc tr station of M1, M2, M3)Opening hours: 8:0020:00Budapestinfo Point City Centre Liszt Ferenc trBudapest VI. Liszt Ferenc tr. 11. (Oktogon station of M1, tram 4, 6)Opening hours: 10:0020:00Budapestinfo Pont City CentreMemories of Hungary - BasilicaBudapest, V., Hercegprms utca 8. (Arany Janos utca station of M3)Opening hours: 10:0022:00AirpoOpening hours: 10:0020:00Budapest(Arany Janos utca sOpening hours: 10:0Non-stop tourist information hotline: +36 1 438 80 80City Centre Budapestinfo Point CSt utca2. Budapest V. St u. 2Ocial Tourist Information Points in Budapest~M13Whetheritsthemostpreciousor themosthiddentreasureofthe city, the Budapest sights, while be-ing attractive enough on their own, encourageyoutokeeponpursu-ing other venues of interest. Thats whywepresentvarioustourtips takeouradvicetogettoknow sightssuitingyourpersonalityand currentmood.Whatsthemost importantisthatyoushouldget lostinthedetailsofthecitywhile stillbeingabletoenjoyitsfasci-natingcomplexityanditsaspects thatcomplementorcontrasteach other.Thefollowingpageswill encompassatmosphericdistricts, housesencasingcountlessstories, synagoguesthatarearchitectural masterpiecesandnooksatadis-tancefromthenoiseofthecity. Yourjourneycouldtakeyoutoa myriadofplaces:HeroesSquare (Hsktere),forinstance,thatis knownwellabroad,too,these-crets hidden in Etyeks picturesque beauty or the attractions of Buda. A city will only be really exciting if by showing moreand more of itself, more and more questions are posed.A capital will be interesting if it manages to make animpression on its visitors so that they crave for more,Budapest is such it has something in stock for everyone, something that makes you even more hooked.SIGHTSClassic World Heritage Explorer For kids Trendy Open air DiscountSIGHTSBudapest with open eyesPhoto: Bla Duds OFFICIAL15SIGHTS CLASSIC ANDRSSY AVENUETheHungarianStateOpera(MagyarllamiOperahz),shopsof luxury brands of world-wide fame, colleges, palaces, embassies, museums and historical coffeehouses you walk past all of these on Andrssy Avenue (Andrssy t) that spans between Heroes Square (Hsktere)anddowntownBudapest.Theavenuecanbedivided into three distinctive parts: palaces and villas, then between Oktogon and Kodly Circus (Kodly krnd) there are rows of trees beside the road and nally the residential part with multistoried buildings. You might want to walk slowly because apart from the buildings worth to see, the avenue itself has a peculiar feel to it, too. D7F5HUNGARIAN STATE OPERAThe neo-Renaissance Opera designed by Mikls Ybl and opened in1884issoattractivethatthosewiththeslightestdesireto sit through a performance will denitely want to experience the allure of the historical stage. Though the auditorium of the opera with the third best acoustics in Europe can seat 1300 people, you might want to hurry with the reservation if you want to enjoy one oftheperformancesofvariousgenres.Ifyoudratherskipthis, you can also opt for a tourist ticket for an afternoon tour. E6SAINT STEPHENS BASILICA54yearsofdesign,96metersofheight,morethanacenturyof history, plenty of tourists from every corner of the world and light comingthroughtheenormouswindows,nottomentionthe high-browcelebrations:thisisSaintStephensBasilica(SzentIst-vn Bazilika). The mostly neo-Renaissance church was named after Hungarys rst king, whose naturally mummied right hand is kept in the Saint Right Chapel. Dont leave without visiting the panorama terrace to check out the wonderful view or you might as well sit on the stairs for some minutes to enjoy the rays of the sun. D7324We marked UNESCO Word Heritage Sites with a pictogram.Make sure to check them out!411SIGHTS CLASSIC4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444411111111111HEROES SQUAREHeroesSquare(Hsktere)belongsto Budapests World Heritage Sites. The square, together with the monument built for the mil-lenniumofHungarysfoundationisamust-see.Thefreedomemanatingfromthemwill denitely get to you. If it still doesnt satisfy you, here are the Museum of Fine Arts (Szp-mvszeti Mzeum), the Kunsthalle (Mcsar-nok),theVajdahunyadCastle(Vajdahunyad vra)andtheCityPark(Vrosliget),thats bound to be refreshing after so much culture. Finally,thosewhofeellikeexperiencing something more intense should check out the ZooortheMunicipalCircus,bothofwhich located nearby.Map: G517PARLIAMENTOne of the rst excursions of Hungarian children generally leads totheParliament,andrightlyso.TheHungarianattractionof world-widerenownoffersenoughsightstokeepyouoccupied forhalfaday.The268mlong,96mhighneo-Gothicbuil-dingwith691roomsbytheDanubedesignedbyImreSteindl isabreathtakingsight.Inaddition,oneofthehallsmadeof extremely precious materials houses the Holy Crown that rested on the head of even the rst kings of the rpd dynasty. C6SZABADSG SQUARESzabadsgSquare(Szabadsgtr)isundoubtedlyoneofthe mostbeautifulsquaresinBudapest.Thebuildings,eventsand emotions of history and present day coalesce in such a way that olden times are summoned in front of your very eyes. The Stock Exchange Palace (Tzsdepalota), once operating as the center for goods and valuables in Budapest, the Hungarian National Bank (MagyarNemzetiBank)andthebuildingoftheAmericanEm-bassy are all to be found here. The Soviet monument, a subject of ery debates, is worth a visit, not unlike the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau (Magyar Szecesszi Hza) nearby. D6MARGARET ISLANDThere are a number of beautiful places around Budapest where itsworthtogetouttoifyourefedupwiththenoiseofthe cityandwishforsomegreen.Margitszigetcouldbethemost time-savingchoice,though,asitssituatedintheheartof thecity.Theisland,namedafterSaintMargaretoftherpd dynasty, was once called the isle of rabbits. This pocket of nature drawsusinsidewithfreshair,variousora,alake,birds,the Danube, hidden nooks, a running track, a bath of thermal water, a Japanese garden, the Water Tower, a rose garden and even a singing fountain. C5D1SIGHTS CLASSICFurther info about the opening hours of the Parliament at: www.parlament.hu567{privcle) lcur: cnc {cirpcrl) lrcn:fer: in 8uccpe:l, Hungcry cnc Eurcpe {privcle) crui:e: cn lhe river DcnuLelhemclic cinner: cnc prcgrcm:evenl crgcnizclicnMlCE: meeling:, incenlive:,ccnference:, exhiLilicn:ccccmmccclicnguice: cnc infc@Luccpe:l-lcur:.huIe|.: {Mcn-Fri. :00-18:00): +3 1 2 0808 0-24h Ie|.: +3 70 282 07101023 8uccpe:l, Frcnke| Lec l 51-53.Fegi:lrclicn numLer: U-00122Mcre lhcn 15 yecr: cf experience in lcur cnc evenl crgcnizclicn fcrgrcup:, ccmpcnie: cnc incivicuc|:.0DNHDWU\ZLWKXVWe cre |ccking fcrwcrc lc ycur inuire:l7KH VW U DW HJL F SDU W QHURIW KH %XGDSHVW7RXU L VP 2I I L FH6SHFL DO L ]HG L Q JU RXS W RXU V DQG HYHQW V19BUDA CASTLEAt day its best to go up to the Castle (Budai Vr) by Sikl, a funicular railway,thus,savingenergyforexploringtheantiquelittlestreets oftheCastleHill,theFishermansBastion(Halszbstya)andthe Matthias Church (Mtys-templom). The Gothic residential buildings willamazeyouasyoutakeshortbreaksinbetweentheMuseum andInstituteofMilitaryHistory(HadtrtnetiIntzetsMzeum), the National Archives of Hungary (Magyar Orszgos Levltr) and the MaryMagdaleneChurch(MriaMagdolna-templom).Atnightthe Castle provides the atmosphere, the cityscape delights the eye, and the two together deliver romance. B6C8GELLRT HILLFrom the top of the steep cliff of Gellrt Hill (Gellrthegy) just above river Danube with its 140 meters one can marvel at the beauty of the less hilly side of the capital, Pest, from where, in exchange, the sight of Statue of Liberty (Szabadsg-szobor) welcomes us from the hill. The group of statues at the Garden of Philosophy (Filozai kert) provides a place of harmony for a little relaxation. On the hill, which can by the way be reached from two directions, Gellrt Square (Gel-lrt tr) and Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsbet-hd), there stands the Citadel (Citadella),thatonceservedasasymboloftyranny.Takeawalk after sunset, too, to experience the vibe of the city from up above. C8D9DUNA-KORZIf you want to breathe in a good deal of Budapest as keepsake but have no time to see all of the city, take a stroll on Duna-korz, a promenade by river Danube. Turn your head to both sides, Buda and Pest, and take your time to check out the sights by the second longest river in Europe while enjoying the fresh air. Some of them evendeservealongersipofsaidairtobehadat:Downtown ParishChurch(BelvrosiPlbniatemplom),Vigad,aconcert hall operating since the 19th century and the statue of the Little Princess (Kiskirlylny). D7D8SIGHTS CLASSICBoating on the Danube River is the best to thing to do! Among many boatcompanies, one of the most reliable is Legenda.8910V., Hercegprms street Hungarian souvenir shop andBistro next to the BazilikaV., Hercewww meON-LINE BOOKING: www. t i cket . i nf o. huD a n u b e c r u i s e w i t h l u n c h o r d i n n e rTickets &amp; Information:(+36/1) 317-13-77starts EVERY DAY at 14.00 or 19.00 or 22.00 and lasts 1,5 hours1118hoas on Iha r|var ban|ohny 8IraaI 8ynagogua umbach 8IraaI 8ynagoguakat|ncty 8IraaI 8ynagogua ho|ocausI Namor|a| 0anIraotsdu 0ourIyardSIGHTS EXPLORERho|ocausI usI ocausITHE JEWISH MONUMENTS Thereformer,themoderateandconservative:three synagogues close to other in the 7thdistrict of the city. Theres one in Kazinczy Street, another in Rumbach Sebestyn Street and the fth biggest in the word is in Dohny Street, which containsamuseumofJewishhistiry,too.EarlierJewish merchantslivedinGozsducourtyardwhichcouldluckily retain its former atmosphere. The HolocaustMemorial Cent-re in Pva Street is oneof the museums to deal solely with the Holocaust. The shoes made of cast iron between Szchenyi IstvnSquareandKossuthSquareonthePestsideofthe Danubeareanabsurdandmovinglybeautifulsight.They commeroratethosewhowereshotintitheDanubebythe Arrow Cross. C7F9 Hungarian Folklore Dinner &amp; Cruise Lunch &amp; CruiseJewish Heritage tour Symphony Concert with cimbalom show Organ ConcertH u n g a r i a K o n c e r t p r e s e n t sPhone: ( +36/ 1) 317-13-77 www. t i c ke t . i nf o. hu113EgyaIamSquarekro|y| ardanrIhodox8arb|an 0hurch8tarv|Ia SquarePar|s0ourIyardNrc|us 16. Squarekamarmayar SquareItalian Cultural InstituteNational MuseumSzab ErvinLibraryN||stIhSquarekunsIha||aVajdahunyad 0asI|aNusaum oIF|na ArIsZooAmusamanI Par|8tchany|8aIhSIGHTS DOWTOWN13 13 113 13 3 13 3 13 3 13 13 13 13 3 13 3 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 3 13 3 13 13 13 3 13 13 13 13 13 13 3333 13 13 13 3333333 13 133333 13 33 113 13 333 13 33 13 333 13333333 11hSquareDOWNTOWNSquareoftheFranciscans(Ferenciektere)andits neighbourhoodapieceofParis,alittleFrenchairthis is what awaits you as you look around Kamermayer Square (Kamermayer tr) or have breakfast at Gerlczy Caf &amp; Resta-urant. Visit the Moorish-style Paris courtyard (Prizsi udvar) rst, then munch on a cake at the retro confectionery, Jgb-f. Check out the oldest church on the Pest side, Downtown ParishChurch(BelvrosiPlbniatemplom)ordiscoverthe remains of Roman times below the glass oor at Mrcius 15. Square (Mrcius 15. tr). D81008III 800 Il80III00 I0 08l l00I8I.J00I 00l 08l Il0m 100 08lt 0I0 8IxI 8I WWW.tIxI.00lwww.sixt.hu115F Squarema| |var 8an|0og-Whaa| a||WayAqu|ncum8vb h|||0h||dran`s a||WayErtsbaI Loo|-ouIudas 8aIh0ava 0hapa|L|barIy 8r|dga8IaIua oI8I. a||rIbsarvaIory0|Iada|N|||anr|sV|anna aIaNusaum oIN|||Iary h|sIory kap|stIrn 8quaraand Nary Nagda|ana 0hurch0orv|n sIapsTIh rpd Promanada0ha|r-||II 68 77586SIGHTS TOURS IN BUDA15 115 15 15 155 15 15 15555 15 15 155 15 115 15 15 15 115 15 1111155 15 15 BUDAThe Castle and its neighbourhoodYou can get to the Castle District (Vrkerlet) walking the stairs thatstartfromCorvinSquare(Corvintr).Stoptoenjoythe wonderful panorama along the way. In Tth rpd Street (Tth rpd utca) on the north-western side of the Castle District you can delight in the sight of the Buda hills. Arriving at Kapisztrn Square(Kapisztrntr)itsadvisedtotakeinthebuildingsof theMaryMagdaleneChurch(Mria-Magdolna-templom),the MuseumofMilitaryHistory(HadtrtnetiMzeum)andthe NationalArchivesofHungary(OrszgosLevltr),whichwere all built in different styles. Since youre already there why dont yougothroughViennaGate(Bcsikapu)togettoMillenris, wherethePalaceofMiracles(CsodkPalotja)andthenicely designed environment will amaze kids, as well.B6B75141342KROLYI GARDEN KrolyiGarden(Krolyi-kert)isoneofthemostatmospheric parksinthecityfullofcollegestudents,childrenschatter,ro-manceandcolorfulowersifweatherpermits.Afteryouget refreshed in the green, make your way to Egyetem Square (Egye-tem tr) for an excellent coffee, then turn in Szerb Street (Szerb utca). Here youll nd the the Orthodox Serbian Church of Saint George (Szent Gyrgy Nagyvrtan szerb ortodox templom). Go along Veres Pln Street (Veres Pln utca) from here and dont forgettolookupwardsfromtimetotimetobeholdtheorna-mented facets of the downtown residential palaces. D8E8CITY PARK AND THE ZOOIn the park its wonderfull! - goes the Hungarian oldie. Of course, itsabouttheCityParkwasdesignedtobeapublicparkfrom the beginning sights push each other out of its bounds but the most special of them all is the Zoo, an oasis in the heart of the city. Come here on a day when youre already weary of crowded tourist targets and bustling. You had better nd quite some time for a visit to the Zoo because even after seeing all the 700 spe-cies of animals and 2000 species of plants, the Zoo has more to offer. F4G6PALACE DISTRICT PalaceDistrict(Palota-negyed)wasoncethemostprestigious neighborhoodinPest,whereeventheparliamentarysessions wereheld.Therecommendedstartingpointofthetourto explorethestillstandingpalacesofaristocraticfamiliesisthe gardenoftheHungaria...</p>