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MONUMENTS OF LONDON: buckingham palaceMarina Pinedo YSofa Gonzlez TruebaINDEXArchitecture ...1Crown room.2Heirs....3History4


It was designed by architec William Winde.

George IV decided to expand the palace in a french style and created two wings leaving open courtyard.

The palaces gardens are the biggest private gardens in London.

The artificial lake was created in 1828 and the water comes from the Serpentine Lake, the lake that is situated in Hyde Park.


2.crown roomIn this room they did little dances, other celebrations of the royal family, weddings, banquets3. HEIRS

He previously served as Prince Regent when his father George III suffered a relapse permanent insanity because they suffered porphyria. When George III died on January 29, 1820, the Prince Regent ascended the throne as George IV, without any real change in his powers. By then, George IV was grossly obese.

4. HISTORYThe palace is a meeting point for the British.The royal family called Buck House.Some rooms are decorated with Chisnese furniture.