Buckingham Palace is the queen ’ s official London home. It ’ s in the centre of London and it ’ s very big ! it ’ s got 775 rooms. There are 52 bedrooms

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Text of Buckingham Palace is the queen ’ s official London home. It ’ s in the centre of London and it...

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BUCKINGHAM PALACE Buckingham Palace is the queens official London home. Its in the centre of London and its very big ! its got 775 rooms. There are 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms! Its also got a chapel, a swimming pool and cinema!

The queen has got a private apartment in Buckingham Palace. When shes at home, theres A special flag called the Royal Standard on the roof.

There are special guards at Buckingham Palace called the Queens Foot Guards. Theyve got red jackets and big black hats. When the Queens at home there are four guards in front of the palace. When she isnt at home there are two guards. Every day in summer at 11.30 a.m. theres a ceremony in front of the palace called the changing of the guards. A military band plays military music and sometimes songs! On royal birthday the band plays happy birthday . Buckingham Palace is open to visitors in August and September. there are over 300,000 visitors year. tornaallamappa


Harrods is a department store with luxury items, clothing and exclusive service. It is located in one of the richest and most exclusive in London, Knightsbridge, in the district of South Kensington. Golden Mecca of modern consumerism, is now one of the icons that represent London, and then became a real tourist destination, beyond shopping. Its slogan indicates the great variety of items it offers for sale.

tornaallamappaLondon PlanetariumNow a real integrated part of the Madame Tussauds experience, the show was designed especially for projection onto the dome shaped ceiling. It takes visitors through a complete 360 degree circuit exploring how our earthly legends such as Marilyn Monroe are viewed by aliens!!The London Planetarium, once located in Marylebone Street, in the green dome next to Madame Tussauds, has been closed in order to make way for a new celebrity-themed show that opened in July 2006. Although the planetarium used to be one of Londons attractions, there was less demand in recent years. The planetarium was therefore renames 'the Auditorium' and now hosts a show by Aardman Animations about celebrities.

Westminster Abbey, is a traditional place of coronation of every British sovereign from the eleventh century and is also the place of their burial.In the middle of the thirteenth century, King Henry III decided to rebuild the church in Gothic style. By decree of the King of England, the 'Westminster Abbey was designed to be not only a monastery and a place of worship, but also the site of coronations and burials of British monarchs. The Abbey contains some 600 monuments and over three thousand people are buried there.LABAZIA DI WESTMINSTER

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