Buckingham Palace Guard Popsicle Stick

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BUCKINGHAM PALACE GUARD POPSICLE STICK:Materials: Craft sticks or popsicle sticks, red paint, black paint, yellow paint, black pom pom, white glue, googly eyes (optional but oh so cute!), black marker, newspaper or plastic to cover work area, art smocks or old clothes to wear when painting, paint brushes, a jar of water, paper towels, wax paper or paint pallet.Step 1: Show your child a picture of a palace guard from Buckingham Palace. Heres a good picture:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Buckingham-palace-guard-11279634947G5ru.jpgStep 2: Have your child paint the bottom part of the craft stick black to be the guards pants.Step 3: Have your child paint the middle of the craft stick red, leaving room at the top for a pom pom and space to draw a face or glue googly eyes.Step 4: Have your child add details in yellow paint like buttons or a belt.Step 5: Let your child dip the black pom pom in white glue (on the wax paper) and then stick it to the top of the craft stick to be the hat of the guard.Step 5: (Optional) Have your child glue two googly eyes on the face of the guard OR just have your child either paint or draw with a black marker the face of the guard.Step 6: Let the glue and paint dry.Step 7: These can be used as stick puppets, as decoration for potted plants or as bookmarks!