BSF Recruitment Notification Date 5/24/2016 11:42:22 AM

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    No. A.6/Rectt/Pers/BSF/AC(LDCE)/2016/-) 3 l4 s' \ 1Govcmmcnt oflndia

    N4inislr) ofl lome AffairsDirectorate Ccneral Rorder Sccurity F_orcc

    (Pers Dte : Rcclt Scction)Block No.10, CGO Complcxl,odhi Road. Ncw DelhiDated, thc 45 May 2016

    The DIG(Rcctt),Directorate General. CRPF.Block No. l,CCO Complcx.Lodhi Road.New Delhi-110003

    Thc DIG(Pcrs),Directora(c General. I'l-BP.Block No.2, CGO Complcx,Lodhi Road.Ncw Delhi-110003

    The DIC(Pcrs)Direclorate ceneral, SSB.R K PuramNew t)elhi-l 10066


    Please refer to Ministry of llome Affairs lD No.450l 3/01/2014/Pers-l dated I l'h April


    2. The MIIA vide their lD under refcrence has assigned the responsibility for conductingLimited Departmental Competitive Examination 2015-16 for BSF,CRPF, IlBp & SSII forthe post of Assislant Commandants(GD) to this Directorate. I am directed to forwardherewith the Advcrtisement for selection ofAssistant Commandants(GD) in CAPfs through

    LDCE- 2015-16 alongwith tentative timc lin plan.

    3. The Director General of all the CAPFS are requestcd to circulate adve(isement forgiving wide publicity down level up to their rcspective Field Formations. The saidadvertisement is also available on BSF Websitc wlr"

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    4. The Dte. Gcn. of concemed CAPFs may collect applications from eligible, willingcandidates of their organi2ation, consolidate them and constitute a Board of OIficers to

    scrutinize the applications as per checklist and forwatd the list of only cligible candidates

    alongrvith their Admit Card, one selfenvelope Stamped ofRs.25l- and data in soft copy in

    MS Excel as per format enclosd at Appendix-'B' to Commandant (Recruitment), Pers Dte.

    Directomte Generdl, BSF, Block-Io, CCO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi by ll July2016 posirively for compilation & allotmenl ofRoll Number. A n/vEncl:As3beyc. ,l/ /or'a(t


    Copy to:l. Director(Pers), MIIA :

    2. IT Wing. FHQ : For upload the advertisement on BSF web site and IPPGcncral Download.

    Iror favour ofkind inlormation w.r.t their ID No. 45013/0l/20l4Pers-l dated ll'h April 2016.

  • Govemment oflndiaMinistry of I Iomc Affaim

    Directorate General, Border Security ForceBlock-l0, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,

    New Delhi-1 10003


    Selection for ahe post of Assistrtrt Commrtrdrnt(GD) ir CAPFS throush LimitGdDeoartmental Comocaitive Eramination 20lAl6

    1. Applications are invited from serving male/female Sub-lnspectors andInspectors for the post of Assistant Commandant (GD) in the Border SecurityForce, Central Reserve Police Force, Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, andSashastra Seem. Bal through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination(LDCE) as per Recruitment Rules of respective Forces and SOP ofMHA. The postsare temporary but likely to become permanent in accordance with the guidelines ofthe Govemment.

    2. Vacencies:

    Srl No. Name ofthe Force

    No. ofVacancieslJnrcscrvcd SC st' 'Ii)lrl

    I B SI] 05 052. CRPF t9 0,1 0: 253. ITBP Nit4. SSB 20 0l 0l 21Totrl {{ 01 0.1 5.1

    !q[i Vacancies mentioned above arc subject to change (May increase ordecrease at any stage)

    3. Pav:PB-3(15600-39100) & Grade Pay Rs. 5400/- plus allowances like DA, HRA,

    CCA and other allowances as admissible under Rules.

    4. Eliqibilitvconditiors:(D Ager The upper age limit for appeafing in the LDCE-2o15-16 will be 35

    (Thirty five) year as on lsl August 2015.

    (iD Educational qualificrtion:- Graduation from a recognized University asapplicable to Assistant Commandant(Direct Entry).

    Nole: The eligibilily lot AU(GD) thruagh LDCE will be os pq the R.fs oflhe respective Forces and SOP o! MIIA dated 01.07.2014.

    5 . Rehxrtior of Aqe : Relaxable by 05 (five) years for SC/ST candidates only.

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    The candidate should have completed 04 (Four) years ofregular service as onI't January, 2015 in the rank of Sub-Inspector/ Inspector including period oftrainingand have clean record ofservice as prescribed by respective CAPFs.

    PhYsical Strrldards:

    As applicable to Assistant Commandant (Dircct Entry) which arc as under andcandidates who qualify in Paperl and II (witten examination) will only be calledfor PST:-

    s/N I'articulars ]lrlr FcmaleI Height (Minimum in cms) 165 cms 157 cms2 Chest(Minimum in cms)

    UnexpandedExpanded in

    8l cms86 cms


    Weieht in Kqs 50 kcs 46 Ks.sMoreover, the weight should b as per the height and aqc.

    )redical Standards:(D The candidates must be Medical Category SHAPE-I (ONE).

    (iD. The candidates must not have knock knees, flat foot, squint in eyes and shouldpossess high colour vision. The candidates will be tested for colour vision byIshihara's test. They must be in good mental and bodily health and free fromany physical defect, which may interfere with the efficient performancc oftheduties.

    (iii) It should, however, be clearly understood that the Govemmcnt of tndiareserves to itself, absolute discretion to reject or accept candidature of anycandidate after considering the rcport ofthe Medical Board.

    Nole : Medical examinarion ,ill be conducled qs pet rcvised unifotm guidelinesissued b) MHA daled 20.05.2015 for recruitment of GOs ond NGOi in theCAPF| & AR

    NUMBER OF CHANCES:A total of 03 (Three) chances will be givcn for appearing in LDCE. Thc willing &eligible crndidates will submit applicatiol in the Appendix "A" to thcirrespective Directorste Gcneral. No TA/DA joumey expenses are allowed forattending the test. The period ofthe test will be treated as on leave for the candidatesappearing in the test, which would be sanctioned by the leave sanctioning authority.


  • 10.

    J-Sclection procedure:t hc selcction prorcss u ill be as unrler:-

    (i) Written Examination:There will be three papcrs in written test as pcr details givcn belou'.Admission for the written examination will be purely on production of callletter issued to the eligible candidates by the Nodal Agency and Forcc identityCard ofthe candidates. Since this examination is purely for CAPFs pcrsonnel,all candidates shall be in proper uniform.

    Paper-l (Intelligence Test and Gencral knowledge)(Time 2 hours- 100 Mrrks & 100 Questions)This will include Cencral Awareness, General Intelligcncc, Reasoning,Numerical Ability, Cunent llvents, Matters of every day observation andexperience. This paper would be objective typc (Multiple choicc questionsin English and Hitrdi)

    Paper-fl(Professional Skill)(Time 2 hours- 100 Morks & 100 Questions)This will be designed to test prof'essional skills of the candidate in relation tooperational and administrative requirement of the Force of which he is amember. 'Ihis paper would also be objective type (Multiple choicc questionsin English and Hindi).

    Paper-III (Essay, Pr6cis Writing and Comprchension)(Time 2 hours- 100 Marks)The medium of writing of essay may be opted by the candidate as Hindi orEnglish. However, medium of writing precis and comprehension will beEnglish.

    Nglel Qualifying marks will be 45%o in each paper and 5002 in aggrcgatc.However, qualirying marks for SC/ST candidates will be 40% in each paperand 457o in aggregate.

    Ngllg:L ]'he result ofpaperJ and II will be announced within 02 working days& candidates qualified will be callcd for PST & PET. The result of paper-lllwill be announced after conducting PST/PET.

    Phvsical Standrrd Test (PST) end Physical Erliciency Test(PET)i

    The candidates who qualiry in Paper-l & II (Written examination) willonly bccalled for Physical Standard Test (PST) and Physical Efficiency Test (PET) bythe Nodal Agency at one lraining centre of any CAPFS by comprising aBoard of Officcrs by the Nodal Agency. Physical Standard Test (PS'l) andPhysical Effrciency Test (PET) will be qualirying in nature but bi!!_4!yggglyg4llof lhis tcst will amounl to disqualification. Physical Efficicncy Testshall comprise the following evcntsr-


  • -4-

    a) )Ialc (}ndid:rtcs:

    100 meters race to be completed in 16 seconds.800 meters race to be completed in 3 minutes,45 Seconds.Long Jump-3.50 mtrs (Three chances are to be given)Shot Put (7.26 Kgs.)-4.50 mtrs (Three chances are to be given)

    b) Female Candidates:

    100 meters race to be completed in l8 seconds.800 meters racc to be completed in 04 minutes, 45 Seconds.Long Jump-3.00 mtrs (Thrce chances are to be given)

    PST/PET will be only qualifying end will trot carry rny marks.

    (iii) Interview and personditv Test

    Candidates who qualiS in the written examination and secure requiredaggregate percentage of marks in written examination i.e. Paper-I, Paper-IIand Paper-III as well as quali$ Physical Standard Test and PhysicalEmciency Test would be called for interview by the Nodal Agency. Theinterview will carry 100 Marks and the break-up of Interview will be asunder:-

    S/No. Tcst/Evcnts MaximumMarks

    I Physical Make-Up l0 MarksGeneral Intelligence aptitude, interest andProfessional skill.

    30 Marks

    l Behavioral asDects and Dsycholocical 30 Marks4 Any conspicuous achievements (Gallantry/ Life

    saving medals/DM & Fire medal) durinA service.05 Marks

    5 Intemational^ational spons/All IndiaPolice Gamcs (Achievements during service)

    05 Marks

    6 Overall asscssment 20 MarksTotal I (Xl \larks

    Noter- In the irterview, therc are no minimum quali$ing marks butsttendance is mandrtory.

    Medical ExaminationThe candidates who qualifu the wriften examination, PS


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