BSF key notes for Managers - May 2013

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Staff briefing and BSF notes for Managers


<ul><li><p>All Managers notes on BSF to share with your team </p><p>-May 2013- </p><p>Thanks for keeping up with the changes! To ask questions and get updates: </p><p> BSF button is now available in our CAFODconnect home page. </p><p> BSF Announcements (also in Managua to Manila newsletter) Project updates available here, within the BSF site and in Romero House next to </p><p>the BSF visual. </p><p>This is updated information on how our BSF projects are running. As a manager you are </p><p>asked to share relevant key dates to remember with your team: </p><p>1. 8 May Validation exercise as part as the Review of Regional Managers </p><p>Function. Interviews and focus groups are now completed and discussions will take </p><p>place to validate the findings of this review. </p><p>2. 8 May Consultation time: Supporter Partnership Programme (SPP) Consultation </p><p>documents to test the design proposal for the Communities and Supporters Division </p><p>(CSD) changes are being finalised. The document, which will also be sent to Union </p><p>representatives, is focused on the new management structure proposal for our CSD. </p><p>Learn more in the SPP COW. </p><p>3. Summer 2013 New UK Salary Framework. Managers and staff briefing sessions </p><p>have been scheduled. To learn more about the new UK Salary Framework and the </p><p>transition process, sign up here and check the resources available in the COW </p><p>4. Process started International contracts, salaries and benefits. A draft plan has </p><p>been drawn up to look into this review. </p><p>Building a Sustainable Future BSF Programme </p></li><li><p>An example: Is your team undergoing restructuring? Do you have people in new roles? As the picture below shows, our weekly Managua to Manila has space for you to announce these changes. </p><p>Managers resources for this month </p><p>Costs of sending all staff </p><p>emails </p><p> Email overload: productivity </p><p>cost and impact on attention </p><p>spans for staff. </p><p>Duplication of information </p><p>management activities. </p><p>What can we do instead? </p><p>Publish your information on CAFODConnect and promote it as the </p><p>first source of information for your team. If you have connectivity </p><p>problems or need training/assistance using it, ask for help to Steven </p><p>(Sharepoint) or Becky (CAFODConnect) </p><p> Map the most suitable areas on CAFODConnect and use it as home </p><p>for all your information updates. </p><p> If you need to communicate via email, link back to CAFODConnect. </p><p> All staff emails are often used to send out new policies and procedures, programmes updates and other changes. These can range from a few paragraphs to 50 pages documents, </p><p>and it is left for each staff member to keep track of this information. </p></li><li><p>JUST CRITISIZING </p><p>WONT RESOLVE </p><p>ANYTHING </p><p>HELP BY PARTICIPATING! </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION SERVICES: WE REGRET </p><p>TO INFORM YOU THAT AT THIS </p><p>MOMENT WE CANT PROVIDE YOU </p><p>WITH ANY KIND OF INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>FOR FURTHER ENQUIRES PLEASE COME </p><p>BACK TO US WHEN THE SITUATION HAS </p><p>RETURNED TO NORMAL. THANKS! </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>INFORMATION </p><p>JUST CRITISIZING </p><p>WONT RESOLVE </p><p>ANYTHING </p><p>HELP BY PARTICIPATING! </p><p>Encouraging our staff engagement: Consulting? Informing? Communicating? </p><p>Make sure you are offering the right message to the right audience. </p></li><li><p>Enough Food for Everyone IF update. Call to action for UK based staff to participate in the </p><p>G8 Rally to tell the most powerful world leaders to act on global hunger. Resources and ways of </p><p>getting involved can be found in CAFOD Connect. </p><p>Did you miss the Staff briefing yesterday? Access to the video through this link: Corporate headlines video&gt; </p><p>Need help? </p><p>Remember to use our BSF Change Management Support for Staff </p><p>The Internal Communications Team or your HRA can also be contacted directly if you need any </p><p>extra support in terms of communicating or engaging with your team. </p><p>Visit and use the learning resources Einstein has available for all staff, no matter where you are </p><p>based. </p><p>Having connectivity problems? </p><p>From April on, you will have an offline version of the staff briefing video </p><p>which you can download requesting it to our IT Team. Contact Gregory: </p><p> </p><p>Attention UK based staff: </p><p>Pension changes </p><p>consultation still </p><p>in process. </p><p>You have until 14 May </p><p>to submit your views </p><p>on our pensions </p><p>provisions. </p><p>staffpensions@cafod.</p><p> </p></li></ul>