BSB50615 - DIPLOMA OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT human resources coordina- tor, human resources administrator

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  • 1300 823 366 TAFEDIGITAL.EDU.AU


    RTO CODE: 90010


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    Upon successful complet ion of this cou rse, you wil l receive a national ly recognised BSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management f rom TAFE NSW


    Gain roles such as; - Human Resources Manager - Senior human resources off icer - Human resources consultant - Human resources and change


    This course is for people who want to develop the knowledge and ski l ls to effect ively work as a manager in human resources. The course wi l l help you develop the practical ski l ls and knowledge required to ensure that human resources functions are effectively conducted in an organisat ion or business area.

    On completion, not only wi l l you have gained specific human resource management ski l ls but you wil l have improved your managing ski l ls in workforce planning strategies, HR systems and compl iance systems, performance management systems, WHS and industria l re lat ions.

    I f you f ind this course sparks further career aspirations, the TAFEnow course Diploma of Project Management wi l l al low you to progress to become a project manager in a number of a industr ies .

    “I could work at night, or first thing in the morning whatever suited my day” BUSINESS ADMINISTRAT ION STUDENT AND SHEEP STAT ION MANAGER


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    To give yourself the best chance of success in this course i t is recommended you fol low the preferred pathway for this qual i fication - Certi ficate IV in Human Resources or another Certi ficate IV qual i fication.

    I f you are seeking entry based on vocational experience, you should have worked as a human resources assistant, human resources co-ordinator, human resources administrator or human resources off icer.


    Minimum age of 18 years.


    I f Engl ish is not your F irst language and you did not complete the last two years of secondary edu cation in Engl ish, you are required to prov ide evidence of E ngl ish language competency before enrol l ing into the course.

    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FEES How much is the course?*

    Fee for serv ice – people not el ig ible for government subs idies: $6 ,000

    NSW Government: subs id ised pr ices (Smart and Ski l led)

    – F irst qual i f icat ion: $2,530

    - Second qual if icat ion: $2,850

    - Tra ineeship (new entrants only) : $1 ,000

    - Concession: $0

    - Exempt ion: $0

    - Subsid ised Student Fee VSL: $4,060

    * Your government subs id ised fee and your el ig ibi l ity for concess ions, exemptions and scholarships, are al l calculated and confi rmed dur ing the enrolment process.

    Cal l us on 1300 823 366 for further informat ion and advice.

    EVIDENCE EXAMPLE IELTS Overall score of 5.5

    TOEFL 530 (paper),

    197 (computer)

    or 71 (internet)

    Evidence of 12 months in English-speaking employment

    Testimonial or statutory declaration

    Examples of appropriate evidence are listed below:

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    You wi l l need access to a computer and the internet to complete this course. Minimum specificat ions for your computer are :

    - M icrosoft Windows 7 or later or Mac OS X or above

    - Microsoft Off ice ( free download for TAFE NSW enrol led students)

    - Up-to-date internet browser

    You may also need access to a printer and the fol lowing applications:

    - Adobe Acrobat Reader ( free downl oad)

    - Adobe Flash Player (f ree download)

    Course timeframe and commitment We suggest you aim to complete the BSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management over 24 months. We recommend you study and work a minimum of 6 hours per week.

    As you are studying f lexib ly, this is a guide only and i f you feel you are unable to complete within this t imeframe, please discuss with your Educat ion Officer.

    Delivery mode The BSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management is offered through TAFE Dig ita l .

    This self-paced course ut i l ises web-based materials .

    Students have access to a mock organisation’s pol icy and procedure documents, so there is no need to be working in human resources to undertake this course.

    I f you are in human resources you can use your own workplace documents. Support is provided by our Educational Support team and unit faci l itators . The unit faci l itator can be contacted via emai l when you need help.

    You also have access to other support services, such as l ibrarians, disabil ity specia lists, counsel lors and general after- hours study assistance from Studiosi ty .

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    An Indiv idual Learning Plan wi l l be developed in consultat ion with you, your employer ( i f appl icable) and TAFE Digital . This wi l l include the units/modules to be completed, the method of assessment and the learning and assessment time frames. You wil l also be provided with a copy of your Indiv idual Learning Plan.

    Listed below are the units you wi ll be required to successful ly complete to achieve this quali f icat ion. This a lso provides information on how each unit wi ll be assessed.

    Students are required to complete the core units. For this qualif ication there are 6 core units and 3 elect ive units .

    Units marked with *** indicate that a v ideo is part of the assessment. Family or fr iends can be used in the video.

    For more informat ion on the units of competency below vis it http: //

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    Unit code Unit title Assessment Methods

    BSBHRM501 Manage human resources services Business report Essay

    BSBHRM513 Manage workforce planning Business report Plan Short report

    BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance- management processes

    Portfolio of documents Scenario Written quest ions

    BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment select ion & induction processes

    Business report Case study Witten questions

    BSBWRK510 Manage employee relations Business report Case study

    BSBWHS401 Implement & monitor WHS pol icies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

    Written quest ions Essay Portfolio of pract ical exercises

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    Choose a total of 3 e lect ives from this group.

    Unit code Unit title Assessment Methods

    BSBDIV501 Manage diversity in the workplace Report Scenario Staff profi les

    BSBHRM505 Manage remuneration and employee benefits

    Business report Essay

    BSBHRM 50 7 Manage separation or termination

    Report Policies and procedures BSBLED501 Develop a workplace learning

    environment Report

    BSBMGT 50 2 Manage people performance Reports Case study BSBMGT 516 Faci l i tate cont inuous improvement Research report Case study

    BSBPMG 522 Undertake project work

    Project proposal Project business plan

    BSBRKG 50 2 Manage and monitor business or records systems

    Written report Written answers to questions

    BSBRSK501 Manage risk Risk management plan

    BSBSUS501 Develop workplace pol icy & procedures for sustainabi l ity

    Research report Sustainabi l i ty pol ic ies

    BSBWHS 501 Ensure a safe workplace

    Written answers and business report

    BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets


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    The BSB50615 - Diploma of Human Resources Management has 6 core units and 3 e lective units.

    We recommend you study your core units in the fol lowing order. This sequence of del ivery has been determined to group units and provide you with the best outcome.

    Discuss and negot iate the sequence of your elect ive choices with your coordinator or onl ine facil i tators.

    Unit Code Unit Title BSBHRM 501 Manage human resources services

    BSBHRM 51 3 Manage workforce planning

    BSBHRM 512 Develop and manage performance-management processes

    BSBHRM 50 6 Manage recruitment select ion & induct ion processes

    BSBWRK 510 Manage employee re lations

    BSBWHS 401 Implement & monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legis lative requirements

    Elective 1

    Elective 2

    Elective 3

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