Bruce Rauner Shakedown Express

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Oversized flier issued Feb. 9, 2014, by Republican Fund for Progress & Jobs to combat the campaign of Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.

Text of Bruce Rauner Shakedown Express

  • For several months, Bruce Rauner has spent millions saturating the airwaves with ads.Youve seen him with the snow globe saying he is going to shake up Springfield.Youve seen him carrying a sledgehammer. Youve seen him talk about reform, termlimits, and taking on special interests.

    But do you really know Bruce Rauner?

    Slick ads based on shaking up Springfield and other vague slogans dont tell you muchabout a person. Everyone is for economic growth, lower spending and betterschools. Rauner says he has a secret plan for the economy and taxes, but he has to focuson winning the election first before he can let us know the specifics. He is asking us to buya pig in a poke. Why doesnt he share the details of his plans BEFORE the election?

    Knowing Rauners record helps interpret whatthose synthetic campaign slogans really mean.

    Bruce Rauner isnt going to shake upSpringfield based on his record he is goingto Shake Down Springfield. Hes an expertat doing just that.

    When you see him on television with that snowglobe shaking Springfield, he is reallydemonstrating how he shook down the Illinoispension system by employing a shady dealer, StuLevine at $25,000 per month, to get 50 milliondollars in Illinois pension business. FormerGovernor Jim Edgar expressed concern aboutthis on a WLS radio show on June 6, 2013.

    On January 14, 2011, The Philadelphia Enquirer newspaper cited another outrageousexample of Rauners pay to play on steroids. The Chairman of the Democrat NationalCommittee (DNC) Ed Rendell was running for Pennsylvania Governor. The fact is BruceRauners firm had pension business with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth. Despite thatconflict of interest, Bruce Rauner gave Rendell a whopping $300,000 for Rendells raceagainst the Republican nominee for Governor. Rendell won. Rauners pension businesswith Pennsylvania surged in Rendells first year in office. Rauner made a quick FOURMILLION DOLLARS profit from that expanded business in Pennsylvania. Perhaps that is amere coincidence, but if not, it is an extraordinary rate of return on investment.

    Questioned about the scandal, Raunersaid he wanted to buy influence withthe chairman of the DNC because hewas an education reformer. First, thatstatement about buying influencemakes Rauners campaign about endingspecial interest influence in Springfielda joke and hypocritical. Second, Rendell

    was against charter schools and school choice as Governor. So the contribution wasasRauner statedto buy influence. But was it influence for school reform, or for a vastlyexpanded pension business? You decide.

    Now when you hear Rauner talking about shaking up Springfield you will have a newappreciation for why many believe that really means shaking down Springfield.

    Worse yet, Rendell only beat the Republican by a small margin. The Governors before ANDafter Rendell were both Republicans. Bruce Rauner gave a major boost to the formerchairman of the DNC allowing Democrats to take over the Pennsylvania Governorship.

    But thats not surprising, here in Illinois Bruce Rauner voted Democrat in the 2006 primary,yet now seeks the Republican nomination for Governor.

    Shake up Springfield? No.The Rauner record shows its

    SHAKE DOWN Springfield When you see more of the never ending Rauner TV andInternet ads, ask yourselfwhere is the money coming fromto pay for them?

    With no other political ads on the air, Rauner has beenspending millions of dollars in shameless overkill. Hes beenquoted that he will spend whatever it takes to win, whichmeans he believes your vote is for sale. That cocky attitudeis the opposite of his everyman act.

    Bruce Rauner can afford to spend tens of millions of dollarsafter making millions upon millions managing state pensionfunds. See the article on DNC Chairman Ed Rendell. Raunerdonated $300,000 to Rendells campaign for Governor ofPennsylvania against a Republicanhelping hand the Democrats a big stategovernorship.

    When Rendell won, Rauners pensionbusiness in Pennsylvania doubled,resulting in millions of dollars inadditional profits.

    Here in Illinois, Rauner has made millions off the IllinoisTeachers Retirement System and the Illinois State Board ofInvestment.

    Furthermore, Rauner has raised millions of dollars fromcontributors who are strong Democrats and before theycontributed to Bruce Raunerhad ONLY donated toDemocrats and pro-abortion PACs.

    Bruce Rauner The Taxpayers Voice

    Don't Vote Rauner...

    ...Vote Republican!

    In USA Today:Bruce Rauner

    "I'm a Social Liberal"

    VOTE REPUBLICAN:n Bill Bradyn Kirk Dillardn Dan Rutherford

    Avoid Buyer's Remorse Learn About Bruce Rauner NOW.

    Continued on page 5

    Bruce Rauner was caught shaking up not Springfield, but his own positions on the

    minimum wage.

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    February 2014

    Follow the Money

  • 2Many of these Democrats donating to Rauner arealso from OUT OF STATE. He has receivedcontributions from non-Republicans in at least 36states. Why? What causes them to care who getselected as the Governor of Illinois?

    Rauner is now hypocritically howling over theaudacity of others coming together to opposehim by broadcasting the facts Bruce Raunerdoesnt want you to know. In America, the FirstAmendment right of freedom of speech andfreedom of association covers everyonenotjust billionaires.

    For the last six months Rauner hasenjoyed being the bully whothought he owned the politicalarena and is now shocked thatanyone has dared to stand up tohim. You see that wasnt in thePLAN he bought from his out ofstate political consultants. Raunersmoney was supposed to drown out allopposition in the primary. Rutherford,Brady and Dillard were all supposed to bepolitically dead by now.

    Yet the opposite has occurredthey are allshowing increasing vitality. If the polls werentturning, Rauner would not have suddenly joinedseveral debates in which he had previously refusedto participate. If he didnt feel what he thought wascertain victory slipping away, he wouldnt beacting like a spoiled child throwing a tantrumbecause this race is suddenly not being conductedon his terms alone. The battlefield is now beingleveled to an extent.

    Rauner is going to have to actually compete inthe public arena by putting his cynicallyconcocted everyman image up against theTRUTH that is now being spread far and wide.

    Rauner doesnt respect that Senators Dillard andBrady and Treasurer Rutherford have their ownvisions for improving our state and deserve to beheard. Indeed, they all tower over Rauner in

    Republican credentials and sustained commitmentto the cause.

    Rauner seems to have a self-anointed entitlementto the Republican nomination for Governor. Heseems to believe he can spend millions of dollarseducating Republican voters, but that no oneelse has that same right. He might be able to be adictator to people who work for him, but hes notgoing to get away with it in this primary.

    Rauner, who has donated over $870,000 toDemocrats around the country and voted in the2006 Democrat primary, now whining aboutunions out to hijack the Republicanprimary is pretty rich.

    Rauner is the one who has donated and receivedhundreds of thousands of dollars to and fromDemocrats all over the country. Rauner is theone who is a very close friend of ChicagoMayor Rahm Emanuel and made Emanuel amulti-millionaire, thereby enabling Emanuel to

    get back into politics. Rauner is the one whocontributed $200,000 to Chicago Democratmachine boss Rich Daleys campaigns for mayor.Rauner is the one who votedin the Democrat primary in2006. Rauner is the one whohelped Dick Durbin.

    So when Bruce Rauner isfinally being exposed, thoseperceived attacks will be against theleast Republican of the four candidatesin this primaryRauner.

    One such Democrat contributor toRauner is Glen Tullman's $255,300.Tullman is from Libertyville, IL and has a long listof political donations to ONLY liberal Democratsand is another of Rahm Emanuels friends.

    Bruce Rauner has received big contributions fromhard core Democrats DIRECTLY funnelingmoney into Rauners campaign and thereforeunder his control. Perhaps some expect something

    from Rauner in return if he wins. On the otherhand, an outside effort to educate voters bydisseminating facts doesnt begin to comparethere can be no quid pro quo.

    In the primary, Bill Brady, Kirk Dillard and DanRutherford are raising their money fromRepublicans, not giant chunks from IL Democratsand limousine liberals all over the nation.

    Bruce Rauner's massive campaign contributions toDemocrats is appalling. Besides hundreds ofthousands of dollars to Rahm Emanuel, Rich Daleyand Ed Rendell, Rauner has donated to SenatorMax Baucus of Montanathe architect ofObamacare. In 2008, Rauner donated $4,600 toleft-wing radical Congressman Ed Markey fromMassachusetts. Hes given $40,000 directly to theDNC and $25,000 to the Democrat CampaignCongressional Committee. As DCCC Chairman,Rahm Emanuel chaired and orchestrated thetakeover of the House by Democrats in 2006resulting in Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker.Rauner has even donated to Dick Durbin!

    After all that, Rauner has the gall to protest thehijacking of the Republican nomination forGovernor when its been him plotting the hijacking

    all along.

    This effort is about stopping apretender from buying the RepublicanParty in Illinois by spreading the truth.

    What does Rauner expect for hisgigantic contributions to Democrats,and what do so many Democrats whohave donated to his campaign expect

    from him?

    Are we really supposed to believe that hundredsof liberal Democrats had a change of heart andhave decided to support a self-proclaimedRepublican , OR is this just another example ofRauner trying to fool GOP voters that