Bruce Boutet High School Senior Pictures

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High School Senior Portraits taken at Bruce Boutet Photography! 616-682-1160


<ul><li> 1. High School Senior Pictures<br />By Bruce Boutet Photography<br />Bruce Boutet captures not just the smiles, but also the personalities of those in his photographs!<br />Make your seniors portraits stand out in the crowd! <br />The picture in the yearbook will be etched in time FOREVER. His/her children will look at them and for generations after!<br />Make your seniors picture count!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Considering their Journey Ahead.<br />High school senior pictures are not just merelya photograph of a smile, it is the contemplation and reflection of what high school seniors have to look forward to ahead and also what they are leaving behind. <br />Capture your high school seniors journeyand make their pictures stand out in time!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 3. Capturing their Uniqueness!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br />Bruce Boutet proudly captures those little things that people around them see everyday in photographs keeping that familiarity and their personalities in true form!<br /> 4. Its Hard to Pick Your Favorites!<br />The number one thing we hear every time we take senior photos is How are we supposed to pick with so many great photos?<br />We say EASY, we put them online for people to vote on them! <br />Let others tell you which they like the best, we list the pictures online for friends/family to see!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 5. Remembering their Accomplishments<br />Show the pride in your high school seniors achievements!<br />Showwhat they did to build their character and the passion for what they loved!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 6. Capture the Many Different Sides..<br />Each person is unique and by their Senior year they are pretty set in their personalities!<br />Capture their different sides and let future generations experiencethe many different facades of your seniors youth!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 7. Celebrate their Milestone!<br />These pictures mean more than just capturing a smileit is celebrating an important milestone, a right of passage in life that will not come again! Make it count with the award winning photographer Bruce Boutet! With over 30 years of senior portrait expertise, make each picture count! 682-1160<br /> 8. Creating the Exceptional!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 9. Capturing the Beauty from Within!<br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /> 10. High School senior portraits do not have to drain your pocketbook! While Bruce Boutet is an award winning photographer, he understands that parents have parties to plan, etc. <br />Bruce is affordable and delivers extraordinary pictures that your senior, their friends, your relativesand your pocketbook will LOVE. <br />Call Bruce Boutet Photography! <br />Bruce Boutet Photography 682-1160<br /></p>