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  • Brooks' 'Notes on Birds from East Siberia and Arctic Alaska'Notes on Birds from East Siberia and Arctic Alaska by W. Sprague BrooksReview by: W. S.The Auk, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Jul., 1916), p. 335Published by: American Ornithologists' UnionStable URL: .Accessed: 16/05/2014 09:20

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  • Vol. XXXIII] Recent Literature. 335

    est in the birds of the island among the residents and the author is to be congratulated upon an admirable piece of work.- W. S.

    Hersey's 'List of Birds Observed in Alaska and Siberia.' 1_ Mr. Hersey's trip along the Alaskan coast during the summer of 1914 was undertaken in the interest of Mr. A. C. Bent to obtain data for his continua- tion of the 'Life Histories of North American Birds.' Notes on 105 species are contained in the list of which 74 are water-birds.

    The " repeated occurrence " of Fisher's Petrel (zstrelata fisheri) was one of the pleasures of the trip, but the scarcity of the Emperor Goose and Spectacled Eider seems to point to the greatly increased rarity of these species in the near future.

    The practice of treating two species collectively in the annotated list is unfortunate as it leads to ambiguity. On p. 13 for instance it is impos- sible to tell whether the four gulls that followed the vessel to Ketchikan included any Western Gulls or whether they were all Herring Gulls. If any of the former were present the occurrence constitutes a new record for Alaska.

    Mr. Hersey's list is a welcome addition to the literature of the Alaskan coast and the western arctic region, and the extensive notes obtained for Mr. Bent will doubtless add largely to the accuracy and interest of his accounts of the northwestern waterfowl.- W. S.

    Brooks' ' Notes on Birds from East Siberia and Arctic Alaska.'9 Messrs. W. Sprague Brooks and Joseph Dixon accompanied the ' Polar Bear' hunting party, organized by graduates of Harvard University in the spring of 1913, and remained in the Arctic regions for some fifteen months, making collections for the Museum of Comparative Zoology. The paper before us comprises Mr. Brooks' report on the birds, of which 160 species were observed. Notes of interest on the habits and distribution of many of the species are presented. Five forms are considered worthy of differ- entiation. A gull from Ellesmere Land allied to L. kamlieni is named Larus thayeri (p. 373) in honor of Col. J. E. Thayer through whose gener- osity the collection was obtained. The other new forms are Histrionicus h. paciflcus (p. 393), Cape Shipunski, Kamchatka, including all the Pacific coast Harlequins; cEdemia deglandi dixoni (p. 393), Humphrey Pt., Alaska; Nannus hiemalis semidiensis (p. 400), Semidi Islands, Alaska; Leucosticte griseonucha maxima (p. 405), Commander Islands.

    Messrs. Brooks and Dixon deserve much credit for securing so many interesting specimens and for visiting so many localities. They have added materially to our knowledge of the birds of the great northwestern arctic coast.- W. S.

    1 A List of the Birds Observed in Alaska and Northeastern Siberia During-the Summer of 1914. By F. Seymour Hersey. Smithson. Misc. Collns. Vol. 66, No. 2, pp. 1-33. 1916.

    2 Notes on Birds from East Siberia and Arctic Alaska. By W. Sprague Brooks. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Vol. LIX, No. 5. pp. 361-413. September, 1915.

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    Article Contentsp. 335

    Issue Table of ContentsThe Auk, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Jul., 1916), pp. 237-356Front MatterField Notes on Some Long Island Shore Birds [pp. 237-255]Bird-Watching and Biological Science. Some Observations on the Study of Courtship in Birds (Concluded) [pp. 256-270]Anatid of South Georgia [pp. 270-277]The Classification of the Scoters [pp. 278-281]The Breeding of the Prairie Horned Lark at Hatley, Stanstead County, Quebec [pp. 281-286]Notes on the Eider [pp. 286-292]Notes on the Birds of the Elk Mountain Region, Gunnison County, Colorado [pp. 292-317]General NotesRecent Occurrence of Iceland Gulls near New York [pp. 318-319]The Arctic Tern in Central New York [p. 319]American Merganser, Wintering at Boston, Mass. [pp. 319-320]The European Widgeon in Central New York [p. 320]Limicol at Porto Rico in July [pp. 320-321]Krider's Hawk (Buteo borealis krideri) in Alaska [p. 321]The Type Locality of Colaptes cafer [pp. 322-324]The Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher in New Mexico [pp. 324-325]The Catbird in Winter in Massachusetts [pp. 325-326]Breeding of the Golden-Crowned Kinglet in Norfolk County, Massachusetts [pp. 326-327]A Record of Townsend's Solitaire (Myadestes townsendi) [p. 327]Regular Breeding of Alice's Thrush in Arctic East Siberia [pp. 327-328]Some Unusual Records for Massachusetts [p. 328]Bird Notes from the Chicago Area [pp. 328-329]Notes from Leon Co., Florida [pp. 329-330]

    Recent LiteratureReview: Ridgway's 'The Birds of North and Middle America' Part VII [pp. 331-332]Review: Todd's 'Birds of the Isle of Pines' [pp. 332-333]Review: Wetmore's 'Birds of Porto Rico' [pp. 333-335]Review: Hersey's 'List of Birds Observed in Alaska and Siberia' [p. 335]Review: Brooks' 'Notes on Birds from East Siberia and Arctic Alaska' [p. 335]Review: The Birds of Australia [p. 336]Review: Cassinia, 1915 [p. 336]Review: Bangs on New American Birds [pp. 336-337]Review: Swarth on the Pacific Coast Races of Bewick's Wren [p. 337]Review: Murphy and Harper on New Diving Petrels [p. 337]Review: Chapin on the Pennant-Winged Nightjar [pp. 337-338]Review: Bangs on Birds from the Cayman Islands [p. 338]Review: Cherrie on New South American Birds [pp. 338-339]Review: Todd on New Neotropical Birds [p. 339]Review: Forbush on The Domestic Cat [p. 339]Review: The Official List of Generic Names [pp. 339-340]Review: Aves of the Zoological Record 1914 [p. 340]Review: Recent Papers by Hartert [pp. 340-341]Review: White on the Birds of Interior South Australia [p. 341]Review: Life of Tegetmeier [p. 341]Review: Recent Publications on Bird and Game Protection [pp. 341-342]Review: The Dissemination of Virginia Creeper Seeds by English Sparrows [p. 342]The Ornithological Journals [pp. 342-346]Ornithological Articles in Other Journals [pp. 347-349]Publications Received [pp. 349-352]

    CorrespondenceThe Significance of the Osteological Characters of the Chionides [pp. 352-353]

    Notes and News [pp. 354-356]Back Matter