Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever

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  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    A true story:

    Broken wings dont stay brokenforever."

    Written by: Leena abdul-

    Raheem Quraini

    Dedicated to: Sarah Al-Jamal

    And her lovely family

    Wishing the best to the rest of

    your life, fullof care, hope and success

    Thank you.

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever



    Broken wings dont stay broken forever

    Between the arms of lost , the whispers of faith, and theheart breaks on what can be carried in the arms of having toive what she is looking to fill her empty space with, a girl livinga life in the middle of people just like any other breathing soul, abroken heart from what goes on in time that passes by likeanyone could go through, but once you meet Sarah you'll know

    how she is different, and not like any other person livingneeding, and suffering in this world, she is blaming life for

    what is falling down, and what she can't fix or pick up, she iswise and knows that what falls from the sky, lands on theground, and has to be lived the way it falls, unless it's writtenrom god for it to change, otherwise she has full faith in what is

    going on is something from god, and whatever is meant to be

    will work out perfectly, because the cause of this earth is onegod and one creator, which is the same thing, so whateverdestiny holds is what she knows is better than anythinghappening.Souls are breathing, as hearts are all off and broken, feelings

    are working and hurting, as faith lights up wherever you headspecially in dark spots of where you want it...

    n the sound of angels, the breaths of living humans, she has

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    She shared her happy feelings with the one she lost but hasalways loved, she cried on him and made a river as she walkshrough anything that goes on from such states in her life, she

    has showed him how empty her heart is without him, but stillshe is only living to please him under god's blessing andobeying for human prayers, the solid that covers his grave iswhat she lives and will die to be close to each day, but yet shecan't get to the place he was berried in , and in her sight he wasnever gone, he's under the blood of her hurting heart coveredwith the deep feelings of love and protected with the veins that

    will never let him go anywhere, or loose the path of her love forhim.

    A loving soul, a creative mind, a healed memory , a blessinghought, the medicine of her life, her guide, and wish of hereasons to breath, to see and be with for one last time just toell him one last word and feel one last thing.... It's the word


    The tenderness she couldn't enjoy yet, the warm lap she didn'tget to fall asleep in, the unborn life she had been throughwithout him , is what she suffered , but still is on her feet to seehe best out of herself in her life just for him, his soul is never

    dead, her tears are never dry , her spirit will never stop

    breathing for him, he's the only man she knew , and now shewants to be his little angle to guard him as he falls asleep andcan't wake up ever again .Can she breath again?, can her hopesget back to place?, is the time going to be hard on her morehan it has? Than what is life all about?

    Questions and nobody there to give the exact right answer tohe feeling Sarah has ,what haunts her mind are webs ofhoughts, spreading from the events of life like a spider web

    spreads on the walls of haunted rooms, she no longer can move

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    on but will never give up, so how can she precede?!.Trapped in a dark room, listening to unspoken thoughtsswimming in the liquid of her mind, trying to escape from one

    replaced author, but yet can't be grabbed, because what shehas is not like what she can ever express in words or evenspeeches. It's hard to be someone else and try to dosomething that doesnt belong to you, but nobody ever saidanything about imitating someone to be the best you can andcreate the best out of you. And as Sarah's life walks throughthe tic tocks of time she tries and tries to move on, but no

    matter how hard she tries the stone of joy has to remain inthe spot of her heart where memories will never fade.In the heart of an orphan , between the broken nights and theblown candles, she speaks as her heart wide opened, gettingfilled with feelings from the sky's touches, is the only thingthat she feels clearly comfortable with, and loves to move onby the sense of it, and the immortal memory of how it helps

    her break the dark with full strength, because its the onlyplace he could be there watching her in every move shemakes, and on her mind was what came out of her mouth asher breaths help her speak his name and stand on her feet tohave courage to move on and let the world know thatsomething missing in your life is not the end of it, as long asyou have believing that what you lost is buried inside your

    heart and will always be missed and trapped in your insidesand love will spread as long as what you miss is on your mind,so she spoke and didnt stop, her heart carried her away to aplace where she could finally be with him with nothing to beafraid of and nothing there to harm her or cause hurt to herfeelings because she knew and was sure that when he isthere, which to her he always is, nothing can get close to herfeelings or make a single tear fall ever.

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    So her words got heavy and her mind got emptier as shestarted to say:

    My man, the one I gave my heart to, the main reason of my

    life and why I'm living when he is not. People in my placemight say they lost their father but I never did loose him, itsjust that I missed him, as I lost my chance to meet him, timewas over for him and now he can't bring time back like anyother person who can't bring a regretted moment or anincident that passed them by back to life, circumstances havebeen a shock to us and his soul will remain closer than ever

    each time we say his name or even think of him, and to mehis soul is always alive and will never leave his place insidemy chest and deep in my heart. At night I whisper his name sohe gets closer its all about my imagination and how close Ineed him to be in my life because I know that nobody will everbe there for me no matter how good friends are, or how goodpeople pretended to be or how nice you see life, nothing is

    like having a deep hug from you own father.

    Once, I looked up to the sky, where I could always see himand know he is there, I started thinking: why did you everleave me? Why is it easy for my sister and brothers, but nevereasy on me? What about mom, having to handle the pain ofyour lost? That was when I knew I was not making anything

    better, I was giving him more than he's suppose to hold justlike he's sitting in front of me and all I'm doing is staring in hisdeep brown eyes, with the clear sparkle of innocence fillingthe space of love to me and what he had left behind, a piecefrom him, a smell from his blood has landed and is standing infront of him willing to be what he expects. So I say to my selfagain: your what he is waiting for, he's your only faith, andwhen you know someone is there for you to do the best youcan, you never have fear or can reject that, so what do you

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    think your feelings will go when you know that the personwhose waiting for you is guarded by angels and kept in the

    sky of your hopes!?

    The feeling of pain, the cross of hearts, between wishing tobreath longer and be ok, pain remains to take one deep spotof his body and promises to not let go of him, it will stay withhim and take him from life, will take him from his adorablewife and kids, from hearing the word "daddy" and being in theplace that not everyone could be in, to be taken from thehands of hope, care, and joy in life, to leave tears on the

    sweet pure cheeks of the ones who loved him and promised tolive for his reputation and to show the best out of themselvesfor him as he taught them to be brave, clear, honest, careful,and holding love and hope inside them till the end, cancer isthe black winged devil that was the cause of what we areliving and what can make you believe in that god can do whatis in his mind to do if we are allowed to say that, dad has been

    living long enough to let us believe that its not cancer's fault,that its just what makes people believe in god more and knowthat death is a book that has to be passed on each and everyone of us whether you want to read it or not.

    I get bothered like any girl living, but my inspiration is right infront of me, its what lightens up my dark and shows me theway through what I need so I know where I am looking, I see

    what nobody can see, I see nothing but the truth, as the bayhugs the waves only he will never let me go, he loves me forwhom I am, he leads me to where I have to go, he means theworld to me, he's what all my dreams are all about, he's theoxygen that flows on my skin and in my lungs to breath, theblood that runs in my body in my veins to move on and stayalive, if only he could have stayed longer, if only I could havetalked earlier when I was younger, if only I could have onemore night in his lap so he could read me a story, or tuck me

  • 7/30/2019 Broken Wings Dont Stay Broken Forever


    in bed, or play with my hair as I fall asleep, or hold my hand toshow me how afraid he is on me while I cut the street, orcome to school to ask about me and see how good I am and

    what I'm doing for hi

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