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    Much more then buy art

    Guided tours of artists studios

    Valparaiso Walk in search of a good piece of art to buy can be a big problem or a great experience is that while the galleries and cultural centers are scarce, there is a chance to meet artists in their own homes or workshops. To know, have a cup of tea or talk to them about a common theme. These are just some of the possibilities is all possible at this meeting that the last four years promoting the engineer Sergio (Caco Mesa) through the idea is to bring artists and artworks to buy, rather than a cultural tour or something simple anecdotal he explains.

    There are already fans of this new way of approaching art for Chileans and foreigners was led by Luciano Benetton shops Valparaiso to buy works of local artists and works of the painter took Ilabaca and sculp-tor Gonzalo Rodrigo Villalobos, along with artist bird coirn Eduar-do Mena, Edwin Rojas, Claudia Kemper, Chantal de Remetera, Mary Harrison are among the group

    of local artists to visit. With visits to their workshops, the authors increase their power of sale, and buyers have a choice between a greater number of works that if they do in a conventional art gallery, says caco table and adds, when a person buys in a gallery rarely see personally know the artist, and only agrees to work in the gallery is avai-lable. With this business model who

    purchase goes directly to the wor-kshop. The creator talks about his work and the reasons that led him to perform certain work. Clearly the magic of knowing the artist and his workshop is a contribution.

  • p3Guided tours of artists studios

    The narrow streets hide many secrets of the port as works-hops for painters printmakers, sculptors and other artists, who take refuge in the atmosphere of Valparaiso for his creations, however the link with customers sometimes fails.Came to contact Valparaiso wor-kshops, visits to these keylocations, which aims to fall in love with a work of art and buy it.

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    Our Services Talleres Cultural Center of Valparaiso is designed to provide the following services provided in three areas:

    For Buyers - Sale of work by artists to individuals, public collec-tions and / or private

    - Advise on the purchase of contemporary art

    - Shipping and moving works of art

    For Artists

    - Marketing jobs in different sales platforms

    - Publicize the work of ar-tists in various formats

    - Registration of works

    Visitors Workshops, guided tours in Valparaiso

    services BuyersSale of works by artists to indivi-duals, public collections and / or private

    Talleres Cultural Center of Valpa-raiso sells the works of our artists represented. Through our website prices shown include commission and cer-tifications.

    Shipping and transportation art

    We support the removal of your purchase. Designing and producing site-specific packaging and sen-ding your purchase anywhere in the country and abroad, (permits ma-nagement to government agencies) organizing its receipt in a safe and comfortable.

    Cecutava`s services

    PACKING: In case you need to pack your work Cecutava has a working agreement with the company BAG-NARA solutions space which has the necessary experience in packaging, both full frame (with frame) or tube format (rolling, no frame).

    SHIPPING: Valparaiso Workshops deliver your order through FedEx Express this way we ensure the quality and safety of shi-pments. TAXES: To remove artwork from Chile have to work with a cer-tificate is issued by the Ministry of Education, whose office for this pro-cedure is in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago. The value of this certificate is $ 12. Valparaiso Workshops helps in managing this process.

  • p5Cecutava`s services

    Services toartistsMarketing jobs in diffe-rent sales platforms

    Talleres Cultural Center of Valpa-raiso want to link artists with buyers through various forms of sale. The-se range from the incorporation into our website to the exclusive repre-sentation or open to the works.

    Spread the work of artists in various formatsProduce individual exhibitions or linking artists with galleries, collec-tors and interested public. Broad-cast media and seeking sponsors-hip and support.

    Registration of worksThe Cultural Center offers works-hops Valparasoo the infrastructu-re needed to professionally record both works in various formats for inclusion in book or open use.

    Guided byWorkshops in ValparaisoCArt Trail is a guided tour of artist studios in Valparaiso. This innovati-ve service aims to allow the person who enjoys the art, can approach the artistic life of Valparaso. In a circuit through some of the most significant areas of the city, visit artists studios, which opened the doors of its building space allowing the visitor access to the intimacy of the creative process, providing a unique opportunity to acquire a work of art from his author. The course includes workshops in pho-tography, sculpture, painting, insta-

    llation, printmaking, concluding in an art exhibition space, where you can appreciate the works of these and other artists, while enjoying a panoramic view of Valparaiso. The-se visits are conducted in small groups of no more than ten people. Are held from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm. Ask about spe-cial services

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    Visit is to enter to our world

    Two years ago, the artist Gonzalo Ilabaca began receiving a group of buyers in your home every two months on average to significant sales materialized, but most states sa-tisfaction in welcoming interested in meeting an artist at a time when prevailing showbiz and football in the media, generating poor dissemination of authors work, adding, visit us at are his world, which is a neighborhood and your home or workshop. For the coming is very entertaining, because they are small groups we spoke with confidence and you enter on arrival, led the workshop and presented on the lectern with the proper lights, works with an order and time.

    Gonzalo Ilabaca, Painter

  • p7Gonzalo Ilabaca, Painter

    2007 Retrospective - Exten-sion Center Catholic University of Maule, Talca, Chile

    2007 The Flower That Never Was - Museum Lord Cochrane. Valparaiso, ChilePeoples Gallery of the Domini-cans. Santiago, Chile

    2006 Back home with a box - Museo La Sebastiana, Valpara-so, ChileThe militants of Beauty - Cecilia Palma Gallery. Santiago, ChileStone Bar Feliz. Valparaiso, Chile (2007)

    2003 Painting on the back of the lectern. Cecilia Palma Gallery. Santiago, Chile.

    2000 In real canteens fl owers 14 at Lake Atitlan. paintings of Mexi-co and Guatemala. Corporacin Cultural de las Condes, Santiago, Chile.Old Mexico. Modigliani Gallery, Vina del Mar, Chile.

    1999 Old Mexico. Duo Duo Ga-llery. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

    1991 Route 5 - road paint. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santia-go, Chile.

    Yuri or 1984 K. Paint in a can. Instituto Cultural de Las Condes. Santiago, Chile. Municipal Gallery of Art in Valparaiso, Chile


  • p8 Loro Coiron, Engraver

    I love the business as a benter artistic side

    The Frenchman Thierry Defert, better known as the Loro Coirn, arrived at Val-paraiso for 15 years and is in love with his pace. Of its winds, its places, hiding places and of course its inhabitants. Perhaps because he lived to see adolescence also a port, Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Valparaiso is in harmony with me. For me drawing is given not to reproduce. What I do is closer to the text font and photography. Demonstrate a moment in one place. When someone passes on the street and burns to another is a moment of life. My idea is to describe that mo-ment for a friend who is in Paris or New New York. It is a chronicle of life, he says and adds: The port is home to a tradition of hospitality and business. I love the artistic side business in barter.

  • p9Loro Coiron, Engraver

    - Sala El Farol, Valparaiso Uni-versity (2000, 2004 and 2009 week of the French ...)

    - Carre Bonnat, Musee Bonnat, Bayonne, France (2002)

    - Color Chile in the Hotel de Ville in Bobigny, Paris, France (2003)

    - Maushabitos, Porto, Portugal (2003)

    - Hipocampus, Concn (2004)

    - Sala Via del Mar (2005)

    - La Sebastiana, Pablo Nerudas house, Valparaiso (2007, 2009)

    - Chocolate Tails, Maule, France (2006.2007, 2008 ...)

    - La Tertulia, Valparaso (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 ...)

    - Hotel Sheraton Miramar, Via del Mar (2008)

    - Municipal Art Gallery of Valpa-raiso (February 2008)

    - Crystal Gallery, National Library of Chile, Santiago (December 2008 to February 2009


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    Of Beeswaxto Contemporary art

    Mary Harrisons work is from a material and its characteristics, in this case, beeswax, a material that it was used anciently in his hands making contem-porary features.Beeswax has two main features, gross capacity and essential attribute trans-lucent characteristic: the ductility dependent degrees.It allows you to add translucent objects, genres, textures that are assimilated to the matter, without causing conflicts. It also allows the addition of pigment to color the pasta. Also important is the thickness of the material as appro-priate, such as paint on paper or block corporeal, or superposition of blast reaching proposals on relief that value tangential light. The use of graphite overlay and also generates an unprecedented result, producing a unique re-sult of the mix.All materials used in their work takes on a tactile aspect, which tempts them to be touched.The color appears restricted and conditioned the material used.

    Mary Harrison, experimental

  • p11Mary Harrison, expe