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  • 1. CzechCzech RRepublicepublic

2. Area:78 866 km2How many people are there:10,4 millionFirst president: T. G. MasarykOur capital: PragueRegions of the Czech Republic:We have got 14 regions.Some BasicSome BasicInformationInformation 3. Our currentOur currentpresident is Milopresident is MiloZeman.Zeman. 4. President sPresident sflagflagEmblem of ourEmblem of ourstatestate 5. This is the flag of the Czech RepublicThis is the flag of the Czech Republic 6. AnthemAnthemof theof theCzechCzechrepublicrepublic 7. We border on Poland, Germany, Austria andSlovakia. Boundaries are mostly created by mountains. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic isSnka (1602 meters above sea level) and its inthe mountains of Krkonoe. 8. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in theworld. In the main town (Prague), there are a lot ofhistoric buildings and monuments, for example:National Theatre , Charles Bridge, Prague Castle there lives our president. In temple of st.Vitus, there are crown jewels. 9. This is the Dancing House.This is the Dancing House.This is Prague Castle.This is Prague Castle. 10. National TheatreNational TheatreOur patronOur patronSt. VclavSt. Vclav 11. It was built by Charles IV. in 1357.It is in gothic style , 516m long , 9,5 m wideand supported by 16 massive pillars.Charles BridgeCharles Bridge 12. PraguePragueOrlojOrlojThis is very old astronomicalclock.Prague Orloj is on Old TownHall, in the Old Town Square.This machine is very specialand you can find only two ofthis kind in the Czech Republic. 13. Thank you forThank you foryour attentionyour attentionYou were a good audience!You were a good audience!