Brighton Business School - Engagement Week Data Report

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Brighton Business School - Engagement Week Data Report


  • Engagement Week Feedback Brighton Business School

    Vice President of Academic Affairs Engagement Week Data Brighton Business School Hi everyone, Weve been busy coding and analysing your comments from Engagement Week, now on a School by School basis. The sheer amount of data we have collected is amazing! From teaching to transport, assessment to accommodation and canteens to Camtasia you clearly have an opinion on all areas of academic life and are not scared to let us know about it. Demographics We collected qualitative feedback from 189 students across the Brighton Business School. Most of these students (94%) were from Moulsecoomb Campus and 12% of these were from Hastings. Respondents were largely female, 104, with 84 male respondents and one rather not say. The majority of the respondents were in first year (40%) and third year (23%) with 23% in second year. 9 of the respondents were postgraduate-taught students. This summary includes an overview of comments on the top six comment subject areas with comparison to the university comment trends. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the Brighton Business School is included at the end of the document. Thanks again for all of your feedbackwe look forward to closing the feedback loop and reporting the changes very soon! Amy Rutland | VP Academic Affairs E: Facebook: VP AcademicAffairs Brighton-su Twitter: bsuacademic Blog: Brighton SU Academic

    I MY EDUCATION A Few Words on the Data Analysis

    We have now coded the data under a number of categories coving academic issues, organisational issues an d other facilities and activities at the University of Brighton. We collected data from 1126 students and often each Keep, Stop and Start comment box had multiple comments addressing a number of areas of concern, delight and suggested improvements. Comments ranged from brief and specific to long and detailed and we would like to thank all students that took part for the consideration put into the responses given. This research now forms a rich database of student opinion across the university and will be a valuable source of input for not only the upcoming institutional review but also decision making process at the university. A detailed discourse analysis of the comments will be available soon with a school by school breakdown. Keep an eye on the new research area on the Students Union website for updates!

  • What have you said? Most of your comments have been about Teaching and Learning, with a large amount indicating a positive experience. However, there are also a large amount of statements on what needs to stop and what you would like to see start. Following this are your comments on programme design with a large amount of comments on guest speakers and practical skills. Organisation is an area of concern with a number of comments on timetabling and last minute changes. Learning Resources comments show you value having your tutor notes accessible online. You would prefer to have longer library opening hours and would like to see assessment deadlines spread out and feedback on assessments given more quickly.


  • Teaching and Learning

    Students had a lot of comments on positive relationships with tutors who were accessible, supportive, and offered them regular meetings. They cited good experience of support on placements and favoured teaching in small classes. Criticisms were of tutors who taught by reading out of their handbooks or off of lengthy PowerPoint documents. There were also a number of critical comments about lecturers who went off topic during classes. Some students also found that tutors did not respond to emails. Suggestions for improvements were in the form of more interactive, creative teaching and greater use of online facilities. There were a number of requests for more one to one time with tutors and increased study skills and language programmes.

    Programme Design Students had positive comments about the inclusion of guest speakers in courses that allowed them to relate their work to real life scenarios. There was an appreciation where flexibility in module choice existed and of the support and guidance given when making this choice. Modules that focused on practical real life skills were appreciated. There was a preference for shorter lectures. Students appreciated being able to form groups across seminar classes.

    Issues were raised over module cancellations and how changing one module could change your course title. Some students expressed concerns over the weighting of their third year marks and others felt that group work should not be part of the final year. Students in general would like to see more

    guest speakers and study trips.

    Some more detail...

  • Organisation

    Students found the use of Student Central for communication effective and appreciated where there was flexibility in timetables. Issues were raised around modules that were dropped late on. Some felt that timetables were poorly structured with long gaps between lectures and seminars. There were issues over room changes and class cancellations not being effectively communicated to students.

    Learning Resources

    Students valued lecture notes, PowerPoints and handouts being posted on Student Central. Handouts given with relevant articles were also

    appreciated. Some found the PASS scheme very useful and also found the Placement Office to be a very useful resource. However, students were critical of lecturers who refused to put notes online although some preferred printed handouts to be provided. Better study spaces were also listed as desirable.

    In terms of suggestions for resources students would like to see more available computers and computer rooms opening earlier.

  • Library Facilities

    Many students had positive comments about the standard of the library and the helpfulness of library staff. There was an appreciation of the increased opening hours during examination times. Students also spoke positively of the e-books and journals with a desire to see these increase. Issues around libraries included high fees for overdue books and not being allowed to withdraw books until fees were paid. There was also a call for increased IT support in the library. Suggestions for improvement included a very large number of comments about 24 hour library access and ensuring that core reading materials were adequately stocked.


    Students gave positive feedback on the revision assistance given in class and the online revision notes on Student Central. There was also appreciation where flexibility had been given for hand-in dates due to personal circumstances. Bunching examination and hand-in deadlines were an issue for some students. Some students felt that exam times were too short to complete the work. There were some negative comments on the use of group assessment.

    Suggestions for improvement focussed on quicker feedback as some students felt that late feedback had a negative impact on their ability to improve their grades. Better consideration of workload and assignment hand-ins and examination dates were also desirable.

  • What Happens next with the Engagement Week Data This data is already being used in the university to inform de-cisions that they will be making to improve the student expe-rience. Reports from the data will be fed into university committees and any changes made as a re-sult of your comments will be fed straight back via course reps and the Students Union website. The data will also be feeding into the Student Written Submission which we are due to submit to the QAA as part of the Institutional Review in November 2012. The first draft of this document will be available late June for you to pass comment on. We will be passing reports to school reps and course reps to ensure they have evidence to help them make changes in their own areas. If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to get in touch:

  • The course tutors are careful to relate teaching to real examples and make us apply our learning in the workplace to produce real results both inside and outside the course

    use of correspondence via e-mail

    correspondence via e-mail

    all online resources e.g. student central, library card etc

    e-learning, blackboard

    providing a nice relaxed working environment smiley people :)

    Robert Prosser's momentum mentoring scheme is great

    Updating student resources on student central

    I like the shop! Good supplies.

    Providing so many services & opportunities

    Feedback reports Use of student central to communicate Bursaries Careers centre information - graduate fairs Friendly staff + helpful office staff

    interactive learning

    Having regular seminars where i.e. go through any questions one might have

    Pass groups. Flexible timetables.

    Uploading updates & announcement to student central

    Feedback from assignments Raise of module options

    Lemon bus service

    Offering modules such as digital marketing as modern and fresh

    Putting up lecture slides and revision material.

    Careers fair. Business talks - guest speakers and recruitment. Support sessions - co writing, research advice etc

    Lectures from different architects.

    Bossing things at the top of the league.

    Uni library facilities

    Library and IT staff very friendly + helpful

    have lots of help around and having lecturers who answers their emails

    Cold water fountain

    Giving student opportunity for feedback

    Being friendly. Keeping the timetables (mine is good). Being an enjoyable place to learn. Focussing more on employability and life skills than simply skills.

    Careers service really helpful, loads of great info available

    Engaging teaching stuff Good teaching (societies)

    Helpful teaching staff/students

    keep sending helpful online aids to us, to enable improve our abilities during self study

    offering value for the price of tuition

    Being connected with students, making the place feel welcoming

    Providing free parking for students Providing online material via student central

    Low hours

    keep encouraging extra curriculum activities keep providing job support for students keep student unions active and encourage group membership

    Putting lecture slides and videos online

    The SU is great, much better priced than all other outlets + fair-trade

    Cheap food events uni sports clubs

    support for students from lecturers and tutors

    Keep giving me a lot of feedback on my assignments provide all the sports facilities

    Student feedback and mentoring

    international business

    fantastic library facilities and in the library

    Comfortable seating in cafe

    Serving nice food

    Support for students with disabilities. Lecture handouts. Sports available.

    keep library open long hours have all lecturers on e-learning

    Offering free sweets

    Lecturers + tutors being approachable (in general most are really nice and contactable)

    Keep Comments

  • Correspondence by e-mail

    Correspondence via e-mail

    Coming up with societies and events

    Relating my learning to a practical application in a working business environment.

    Open door policy with staff library times during exam periods

    award merit-based scholarships holding its fair trade certificate income-assessed bursaries accept a lot of students from abroad

    Having free personal study rooms Offering cheap food

    lecturers being approachable

    Finding out what the students want and getting them involved in the Uni more

    Keep the same staff, we are very satisfied with our tutors

    Putting up lecture slides.

    library hours are good hole in the walls law cards for exams!

    Providing great resources for students. Free workshops to improve your skills. Chance to study a language for free. Financial support.

    Lecturers detail and delivery seminars are effective

    encouraging applications from mature students

    Keep library the same and student central

    Uploading videos of lectures. Printing out further reading sources.

    Print reading sources e.g.. lecture booklets.

    Inviting interesting guests from a range of practices to give lectures. Providing a range of good food in the canteen.

    Journal and library resources. Free workshop skills: English, co improving. Good international student support.

    Good communication between staff, teachers and students fair trade food 24 hours open library for exams

    reading weeks mentors

    reading weeks mentor meetings

    Good canteen, shops. Good library hours.

    Good resources and excellent teaching.

    Keep providing support to students

    Incredible library resources. Helpful staff. Good SU.

    Care about students. Modules choices flexible. Deadline of assignments can be extended according to personal circumstances. Teachers are easy to approach.

    The staff at Brighton Business School are very helpful and eager to guide students on the right direction. I am not sure about other faculties at Brighton, but one teacher has started to video/record his lectures and post them up on student central along with YouTube video links with the topic /area of study which prove to be a great help for both students who don't attend but also poses a great advantage for international students

    My course leader Clare Millington is very caring about student welfare and how they feel. I hope all course leaders are like this. Giving student flexibility in assignment hand in deadlines in time of pressure and difficulties. Well explained module choices and lecture support.

    The careers centre provides valuable help in creating a good CV, cover letter and careers advice. The volunteering section is very helpful and amazing.

    Communication by e-mail

    Maintain the excellence of the law lecturers

    Have the resources and support the students need. Having relevant opportunities both inside and outside the university.

    The university should make more use of seminars. The university should also organise more social events to integrate the students, especially undergraduate students in medical school, so they feel part of Brighton University and meet students doing other course

    Friendly staff and helpful people. Not changing our timetable.

    Giving good feedback on work. Caring about students welfare. Giving lots of support. Good and challenging content of seminars.

    Brilliant placements office Helpful staff Increasing the size of the e-book portfolio

    Using StudentCentral to conduct e-Learning seminars is a really good way of assessing how students are getting along with a module.

    Giving typed lecture notes

    Keep Comments

  • giving out lecture notes and slides in the lectures

    Active info on student central

    Library flexible hours of open social events Amsterdam!

    Providing excellent library facilities i.e. Books + Journals

    Career fair days. Extended library hours during exam period.

    only allowing 7 day loan on popular books

    Good canteen food. Good support from tutors.

    Keep with library times, services available for students

    *Illegible* hours

    guest speakers

    help to visa renewal

    available lecturers clear module framework

    Cold water fountains, they are great!

    good services for international students

    lecturers suggesting extra reading, good text books etc

    Opening the library 24 hours and it would be great if it were like this for the whole year

    Interesting lectures by tutors and guest speakers. The studios are light and spacious - don't let them get cluttered. Recycling in the building but need to provide more bins.

    Highlighting the importance of the placement year

    extra help

    Offering support and interaction days

    Competitions to win ipads etc!

    Half an hour talks on, for example, finding journals and referencing etc. Careers fair. Guest speakers - we get to know the module from somebody who has experience in the field.

    finding ways to get students to know each other through the introduction of (games)

    Encouraging and supporting the placements. Providing good career support and opportunities. Small seminar classes for best learning experience.

    Nice staff in the offices. Good choice of modules.

    big pool resources good cafe

    Field trips

    Counselling service very access able/approachable

    Lecturers being available constantly and on short notice

    Supporting and promoting the PASS scheme. Supporting and promoting course reps.

    Free travel

    Have social party for international students

    having online library with all the journals updates

    providing good feedback & help revising

    great positive tutors

    Well prepared teacher with real experience from the business. Provided useful practical skills (seminars)

    Keep the good lecturers! The disability team are great! Having bagel man bagels

    Easy to contact and meet tutors. They are very helpful and supportive.

    Offering support and care

    Low hours

    Keep relating real studies with practice. Keep improving the helpfulness of the placement office in the Business school.

    Hours low. Same amount of time at uni.

    Offer seminars as well as lectures. Some *illegible* of independent study and working time.

    Keep up with all the resources available for 1st year students

    Teaching the course. Giving out lecture notes. Keeping them shorter (1hr lectures). Encourage attendance.

    Active student service is great, really supportive came up with a few very suitable ideas and followed up etc.

    feedback on coursework handouts with related academic articles putting up handouts & seminar work on student central in case we miss our lessons

    Maintain prompt lectures and provide a good welcome to students coming to the university.

    Provide assistance for students through student central, student union and regular meetings with tutors additional help such as math seminars in Watts building

    Keep Comments

  • Providing the shuttle bus service between campuses

    Providing students with supports throughout their education

    Keeping lessons small

    Providing friendly working environment

    Good opening hours - open very late (and extended during exam periods) Workshops for revision, work, learning skills provide a variety of choice of shops for food and stationary self check out / check in facilities in the library

    Student central is a great resource. Placements office are very helpful and provide valued advice.

    providing so many careers events

    Dedication and patience of lecturers & support staff to the students

    My course is fantastic. It provides a variety of modules that are applicable in the world of business, and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Also, the support I've received from both the business school undergraduate office and student services (accommodation, counselling, finance, learning and employment) has been exemplary. I had several things happen in my personal life which made University seem very difficult in my first few months here, but with the help from those departments, my problems were solved and I'm happier than ever and so happy I chose Brighton University

    Library during exam time (keep open 24hrs)

    student central

    listening to course reps talks from student ambassadors regular feedback on exams

    listening to course reps getting students involved in everything i.e. open days, student ambassadors

    Providing students with detailed feedback

    Don't change timetable. Keeping relatively small seminar groups. As mine only consists of around 10-12 people. Friendly staff.

    online resources such as online library (journals) exam time library opening hours choice of final year module

    The lift

    Having student reps and course module reviews for next year students Running of Brighton Bursary as benefits lots of student that struggle with finance Increasing the amount of e-books available through Student Central Availability of one to one help High standards of lectures

    Providing drop in sessions. Providing long opening hours library. Sports.

    coursework feedback putting useful articles at the back of lecture handouts

    Student central is excellent Student Union Great teaching - supportive tutors

    feedback on coursework and case study outside speakers application to real scenarios

    advertise jobs on placement boards or via e-mail

    Placement and internship opportunity to them Dissertation during that period Send placement officer visiting placement student

    Placements and dissertation during placement Keep sending tutor to placement

    Allowing students to form coursework groups across seminar classes

    Putting up lecture slides/case studies/course information on student central. Hot food in Mithras cafe.

    Encouraging fair-trade in the cafes and sustainability through the allotment group etc.

    support students well and stay innovative and awesome and cool

    support students and new ideas

    bringing in guest speakers/work experience talkers

    teaching us good keep you up to date on e-mails

    Keep us up to date on e-mails

    keeping staff for teaching

    Keep the cafe and the restaurant. It is doing a great job. For international students there are personal tutors, it is useful The tutors are very friendly, very energetic The library is fantastic. I really love spending time there; the Xerox machine, printer, scanner every source is available. Cash machine in Cockcroft building is useful The GP is also very very useful

    Supplying wi-fi in the university main buildings

    University shop full of good resources

    Keep Comments

  • high priced cafeteria food

    high priced canteen food

    stop giving out exam timetables only a couple of weeks before - start of term would be good

    cancelling optional modules/ offering modules that have low yield

    expensive snacks and treats when you have Tesco next to you. i.e. drop the prices, mate =)

    Its not encouraging to go to lectures if the tutor just reads out of the course handbook

    charging library fines at high rate maybe reduce from 50p per day to 25p

    We don't get taught anything. It's all guessing

    changing things so quickly & drastically

    Cash only at Mithras Cafe Union shops closing at 4pm Seminars not programmed around clashes - Just alphabetical / if only alphabetical - release sooner please?

    9am lecturers & seminars

    only having the Mithras computer room open after 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning

    Stop setting group work as assignments. Group work is fine in the classroom but I want my grade to reflect my work.

    sending me same e-mail multiple times

    stop making the third year account for 75% of the degree - its too much

    Charging so much for graduation

    taking 2-3 months to hand back work/grades as difficult to improve other work

    Letting you learn from your mistakes in first assignments and give explanation on what they expect in a report/essay. Being obsessed with attendance, it isn't school and students need to take responsibility for their education. This attitude does not prepare you for working life. Using a terrible textbook in principles of marketing.

    Students should be allowed to drop a core module without having to change the entire university course. Lectures should not be compulsory, should not be registered - attendance should only be counted in seminars.

    We need a more inspiring place to work. Better buildings. We need more materials. Better architectural library. Better sources.

    Lecturers missing lectures

    too much pressure

    Please reduce library charges, or consider not charging for weekend when many people can't come in

    being in Brighton

    minimum spend of 5 at uni shop

    Staff ignoring emails.

    not allowing any borrowing when you have library fines

    Making people at varley have such an expensive bus experience

    Bad communication

    stop closing the library early 24hrs please

    having different requirements from lecturers (i.e. referencing)

    Holding seminars the day following a lecture

    Teachers being late/cancelling lectures/seminars

    closing the library at 2pm. should be 24 hours all year to encourage more students to work hard online seminars - from my experience people don't learn as well where they cannot compare ideas with others

    having confusing file names on module materials on student central

    Other outlets run as businesses not services so very expensive

    surveys closing campuses early

    increasing fees

    Charging us to display our degree shows

    personal + academic skills

    awkward timetables with 6 hour gaps

    Not having sufficient hearing in certain areas of the library

    Closing the library at 9. Fining people so much at the library.

    Modules not related to the course and in the reality the job

    stop having PAS module

    Giving me bad grades

    Electives - stop doing them

    Charging min 5 in the shop! stop e-learning seminars 9 o'clock lectures, no-one goes! late seminars/lectures e.g. 5pm

    late seminars + lectures

    Stop Comments

  • Wasting too many fliers, fix microphone in lecture halls

    Group assignments when we are all make the same group grade - it can be very easy for members to the group to not pull their way and rely on others and still get a grade. Sometimes I feel like someone else is getting a good grade for my work. Also don't want to be marked down if someone else's work isn't up to standard.

    dropping final year modules, not so amusing

    too many computers at aldrich library and in the different pool rooms do not work (properly), servicing must get more efficient have many classes scheduled across courses that are not regularly (we want 12 hours per week every week)

    Extra hot University Not fixing computers in pool room

    too long to get assignments back

    Stop putting most of the computers on administrative as these are needed and can be used more

    Really early deadlines for handing in coursework.

    MG8 aircon in winter!

    Giving so much assignments to complete at the same time. Giving early starts and huge breaks between lectures and seminars.

    not posting everything on student central better tech in teaching rooms

    using international lecturers whose English is not good enough

    charging for audio books so much

    9am lectures.

    Lectures after 5pm

    Giving us unnecessary CAD tutorials in software we barely use. Charging so much for large format printing. Shutting reprographics on a Wednesday afternoon.

    Not giving 5 assignments for different modules at the same time. Timetable should be improved (very long breaks between classes)

    Mixing timetables - over laps mitigating circumstances for everything

    employing teachers not suited for the job team skills days long breaks between lectures

    employing unsuitable teachers

    Giving assignments at the same time. Have less early starts. No library fines.

    Cancellation of classes.

    Closing the library area so early

    Closing cafe and library so early. Students live at night!

    Exam time needs to be longer. Cancelling timetable/changing rooms. Lecture and seminar should be follow each other in order to improve learning performance. Separating lecture and seminar in different days are time wasting.

    Lectures at Brighton Business School need to start making their lectures a bit more informative or interactive so to speak. For example, within the first two months or so just by talking to students about the course, complaints were always made about lecturers always reading off PowerPoint slides. Students can also do this at home!

    Exam times are sometimes short leading to incomplete exams - this should either be increased in time to be longer or shorten the exams. Changing the lecture rooms and times because it causes confusion. All lectures and seminars should put on the same day following each for continuity of information of material delivery.

    Give tons of seminar work and then lecturers gives us a lecture if we don't do it because we were doing our assignments Seminars should be interactive and gives students opportunity to learn something rather than shooting questions at us

    High priced cafeteria food


    Less group assignments in final year.

    Stop making use of lectures as they are pointless, no one really pays attention as there is little control of a large group, so people end up distracting other students who want to study

    Giving such short notice of lecture/seminar cancellations. 9am lectures and seminars.

    Accounting lecturer - Does not cover content well or explain well, students on my course feel they are very under prepared on the content.

    Inconsistent time for feeding back marks to students starting a new project before marks of last one are handed back (obviously in module) Letting first year students complete and hand in 4 or 5 assignments before they get their first mark back, a simple misunderstanding in referencing or Uni writing make costs them severely, however if one piece was marked initially then any misunderstanding could be picked up on

    Making coursework deadlines quite so close together.

    Some lecture styles - just read back PowerPoint's. Copying some lectures straight out the book.

    copying lectures from the textbook without changing anything

    Stop Comments

  • full schedule

    expensive snacks- EVERYONE GOES TO TESCO!

    Attendance records. Doing drop in to get grades. Permit parking.

    Setting assignment hand in dates the day after reading week. Library fine reduction.

    stop library fees

    Cancelled seminars/lectures

    too many e-learning seminars

    everything good so far too packed schedule

    some seminars too busy

    5 debit/credit card limit at shop

    closing the SU so early!

    Cancelling lectures without notice

    The portions of food in the canteen are too big and hence are quite expensive - make smaller portions an option to (so much waste). Having the heating on so high constantly all through autumn and winter, it's unnecessary and too hot.

    So much group work in the second year

    9am lectures/seminars

    Giving coursework back late

    Lectures that are just reading a PowerPoint, need to be interactive

    I (and many other students) have experienced this year that our marketing planning and strategy tutor talks about irrelevant topics in the lecture and we run out of time! Therefore I cannot finish the lecture slides. Tutors should stick to their topic - the rest is up to us.

    Lecturers who don't give any hand outs but have word docs on the board - can't expect us to take notes on this as well as listening to what they say. Too much group work in the final year, not fair considering the marks are so important and dependant on other people not just yourself.

    Too much coursework. Group assignments. Presentations.

    better layout on student central cancelling lectures

    Too many hours Stuff made in Cockcroft Kitchen

    More IT support needed in library

    late / delayed feedback => assignments etc

    Referring to departments as Schools.

    Closing the library too early

    relying on PowerPoint for boring lectures an expensive canteen using outdated articles in lectures

    Wireless LAN connection in the library is too weak!!

    Lectures cancelled the morning of them

    Canteen food is too expensive + quality and variety of the food is bad

    Bad Communication

    Stop taking so long to give us back our feedback and grades.

    Teachers being late to lectures

    Lots of seminar work as well as assignments to much to handle with work

    Stop the gaps between lectures and seminars

    Boring lecturers/lecture styles. Copying out of the books. Relying on student central to get info out. Wasting seminars doing nothing new to improve skills.

    Using Turnitin for submitting work online, it is so stressful and never works properly. The other online system is better

    there seems to be too much work to do at one time: cramming coursework leaving the exam timetable till late make printing cheaper stop making us print out the lecture handouts

    Getting students to print off lecture handouts

    Stop charging so much for food at the canteen. Where are the tuition fees going if you can't even provide good facilities for students?

    having the names written down on assignments, should be anonymous so there wouldn't be an objectivity threat Lecturers reading PowerPoint slides, instead of giving additional reading information

    Charging extortionate prices at the canteen - dismiss independent canteen.

    increasing the fees for moving from undergraduates to postgraduates

    charging too much for food. it should be subsidised

    charging to print

    broken computers in the library

    Virtual lectures (trialling currently) We pay to attend a university rather than watch a pre-recorded screen (We don't

    Stop Comments

  • wish to attend an open university). Taking months to mark work.

    running different department activities that overlap

    Not getting e-mails from admin consistently. Perhaps student databases should be checked at the start of each new year to make sure all mail gets through.

    Whilst I realise students need to learn to be self disciplined, we aren't really prepared enough in school for so much individual study, and some people don't bother doing work for seminars as it's not checked or marked. Perhaps in the first year, to get people on the right track, more work should be monitored to ensure students do the work required charging so much in the canteen - it's probably run by an independent company, but it should be the responsibility of the university to ensure the canteen is good value for money and affordable. In a work canteen, food is subsidised to make it more affordable for employees, whilst still allowing the canteen to make a profit - is this not possible here?

    Although cannot be helped cancelling modules at late notice

    charging for overdue books so much

    late coursework feedback

    late coursework feedback (we have been waiting 2 months for our first course work piece back)

    Providing microphones that don't work. Cancelling seminars and lectures so often and without any notice to students. Making it so difficult to access teachers/tutors.

    more modules specific resources online (e.g. lecture slides)

    Not teaching us things

    Mass printing of journal articles The need to hand in paper copies of assignments No more rises in course costs wasting unnecessary resources which can be done electronically trying to sell intranet cables at library and supply IT support to set up students Wi-Fi on laptops

    Serving rubbish food. Cancelling lessons without notice. No accountability for lecturers.

    cramming all the coursework! making us print out lecture material. we pay enough! giving vague or misleading descriptions for coursework brief

    Lower tuition fees for students on placement year. What am I paying 750 or so for? Paperwork?! New sound system for Mithras House lecture room G8. Toilets on the upper floors in the library! Sick of taking my laptop to the bathroom! Earlier opening times at weekend - library.

    group coursework making us print out lecture handouts and material

    confusing submission process for assignments

    making student choosing modules according to availability and provide modules choices according student expectation Making student feel low during lecture by make rude comments

    Stop module availability, when modules become full as doesn't allow students to enjoy that option If 5 students are on a module only it gets cancelled but it shouldn't be as this is their choice to study

    stop not having a Uni pub. Get The Lectern as the Uni Pub but don't charge them for doing so. Maybe arrange joint events or discounts instead?

    Changing people over in different seminars unless completely necessary. Keeping the same groups for group assignments.

    Really uncomfortable lecture theatres in Mithras!

    having exams after winter breaks have them before

    having exams after winter breaks. Exams just before the winter breaks would be more beneficial for the students and will stop the disruption of coming back from holidays, having to do exams and then starting with new modules and therefore not having a big enough mental break

    e-learning seminars - pretty irrelevant

    Repair the microphone at the lecture room MG8

    Repair the microphone in G8 lecture room, Mithras

    assignments - most 30% of module grade - some require far more effort + word count - needs evening out poor timetable layouts

    Please reduce the assignments for all modules

    Lectures talks after 4pm

    Fire drills - they are so unnecessary to happen so often - also it defeats the object as you never believe it is a real fire

    Stop Comments

  • 1 to 1 meetings for each module

    24 hour library all term

    24 hour library opening all year

    24 hours library opening hours - not just social zone computers dedicated to those who simply want to print quickly more bookable study rooms more computers at aldrich library set maximum period of time for marks to be re-turned

    24hr library!

    a lively student party life in Hastings more focus on activities with fresher's more books in the library in Business (core materials)

    A programme so current students can encourage children to aim for University

    advice sessions for after university or job applications

    Alert people when lessons are cancelled

    align & collect together services as possible into one place/online site

    All lecturers to have BBS twitter accounts, updating every week, also usable for searchable content. Facebook pages for courses - integrating student central with Facebook?! Card in Mithras house ATM in Mithras house A better business lounge with free coffee + tea + business channels on TV

    allow card use in the canteen

    allow computer room to be open earlier offer desks where one can sit and study and so on close by, like close to the corridors or similar

    Allow kindle to access the network and use material from books that are available to kindle. Record audio of lectures and put them on student central.

    Allow revision or question or answer sessions other than in seminar as seminars only allow time to focus on the weeks previous work

    Allow us to remove and resend coursework on student central Introduce a common room Introducing more com-puters Make sure printers are always working Keep the library open for longer on weekend

    ATM cash machine in Mithras House

    Be more innovative on actions concerning the environment

    being a bit more organised , must be difficult but timetables and general info is hard to come by

    Being more organised, make it easier to see timetables, exam dates, term dates. Be more consistent - some modules don't tell you much while others spoon feed you. Allow you to pay by card in the canteen. Improve lecture audio equipment.

    Better canteen food - increase the time food is served. Better wi-fi connection in the library. Create a student social area i.e.. university bar. Add an extra computer pool room within Mithras house without classes. Ass a library book return slot at Mithras house. Add a free cash withdrawal atm at Mithras.

    Better facilities. Equip library. Pay for our study visits. Better control of the materials we bought. Better program and tutorials.

    Better relationship with teachers.

    better responses from lecturers

    Bigger reference section of core textbooks as people borrow them

    building a new campus in Essex

    card machine in Mithras

    Cash point in Mithras All lectures are recorded

    Change carpets in library. Change microphones in lectures.

    Change the microphone in the lecture hall. Return grades sooner (I have waited two months for one so far). Give better notice of lecture/seminar cancellation. Organise the accounting student central. Make the SU actually help stu-dents or if they do - let us know how. Review lectures more often - teaching standards are significantly different across the business school (accounting in particular).

    cheap fruit and veg more readily available

    Cheaper better value food more recruitment availabilities better sport facilities

    Cheaper bus service at varley

    Cheaper food games room

    Coherent course times - no overlap

    competitions between seminar groups, to help every get involved in a physical activity, for those who really do nothing

    creating more of a campus atmosphere for Hastings!

    e-mailing events to organise things - [roher], friendly football matches

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  • Ensuring there are enough books in the library when it is recommended reading / study material Spend less time in lectures and more time in seminars Increase competition amongst students in seminars The ability to buy lunch on debit/credit card

    Events area in paddock fields

    Extra classes for those who wish to learn a language More schemes for students to create projects (e.g. business plans)

    Fix the microphone in G8 in Mithras House!!!

    Free hot water! Ridiculous that you have to pay.

    free pool sign pubs/clubs as union bars

    free printer credits

    Free shuttle between Varley and Moulsecoomb

    Fund our exhibitions in London and Brighton

    funding sport more

    get a cash point in Mithras!

    Get an SU bar, or club

    Get bigger car parks

    Getting some teachers to go through seminar work in seminars rather than just ignoring it. Reduce the speed of lecture teaching by some teachers. Easy accessibility from Moulsecoomb to Falmer for sports.

    give alternative lectures (for people who can't function in the morning) get a printer in Mithras house

    Give me a 1st

    give more feedback on work, not so vague

    giving exam timetables cash point in Mithras

    giving exam timetables out earlier Cash point in Mithras

    giving less assignments

    Giving more feedback on my progress through the year - not only quicker feedback on assignments but some pointers from tutors - so I know if I'm on the right track. Also really need a social area - only Uni I know with no big SU! Makes it more difficult for socialising and meeting people.

    giving more in depth feedback on work, too vague

    have exchange programmes abroad for more courses have a graduate office (such a the placement office) to adver-tise job openings bring back a bookshop (like Blackwell's)

    Having a library in-house rather than in Cockcroft Tastier food in the canteen (too sweet)

    having a set time/date to give assignments back

    help create more part-time jobs that work around course schedules

    Improve Aldrich Library: As a business student I have a lot of studying to do and the library is helping me a lot for my [homework]. However none of the lamps work on the 2nd + 3rd floor, check the facilities. I would also suggest to have someone on the quiet zone to maintain quiet as a lot of people are whispering and talking loudly, laughing, mobile phones are being heard. There is no-one to take a look at what's going on on these floors so start doing this! There are no toilets on the thirds or second floor, so every time we want to go to the toilet [we] have to go to the ground floor and this takes about 20 mins from my time. Improve the elevators [as] they are very slow

    Improve lecture audio equipment. Pay by card in canteen or get an ATM machine in Mithras.

    improve quality of food MG8 microphone!

    Improve technology in lecture theatres and seminar rooms. Making more virtual lectures. Improve the menu in the canteen. Making more events especially for business students (informal).

    improve the computers + amount of turning heater down in summer

    improve the gym facilities at Moulsecoomb in line with those at Eastbourne

    improve/upgrade lecture hall facilities - the microphone etc.

    Improving facilities. Making student central clearer.

    Improving facilities. Upload videos of lectures for any that are missed.

    Improving student central. Put printing and material card fees down. Lowering the cost of canteen food, More CAD lessons earlier on in the course in vectomorks, cinema 4D and Photoshop.

    Improving technology at classrooms. Better canteen. Organising events for business school students. Inviting business people from organisations for share experience.

    improving video equipment

    inform the students clearly more functional timetables

    informing students timetable efficient

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  • Keep library 24 hours all the time. More computers in the library. Printers in Mithras house. More seminar revision sessions. Cash machine in Mithras.

    Keeping student better informed.

    Keeping the library area 24/7 like in the exam period

    Later hand in dates (as in later in the day)

    Lecture first, then seminar follows straight away. Handouts for discussion should be given a week in advance. Teach-ers should speak loud and clear.

    lecturers and tutors; in order to get the best out of their students, just like how course representatives work need start closing the feedback loop. A lot of queries are put through e-mail and not many of them are even answered. In addi-tion there is a key issue regarding assessment and regular feedback, which is irregular, along with feedback deadlines from tutors which if I get chosen, I will work very hard to make changes

    Lectures first then seminars follow straight away. Handouts for discussion should be given in advance before the semi-nar to allow student to read before they attend.

    Less boring lectures Put an ATM machine in Mithras so that we don't have to walk all the way to Cockcroft to take money out Make parking safer; so many cars are being vandalised!

    library 24 hour opening all year round

    Longer opening hours. For those students whose domestic situation makes working at home difficult, having some-where to work would be a godsend.

    Make all relevant slides and material accessible on student central. Printers and cash points in Mithras house.

    Make more transport available so all other campuses are accessible, for example there is the Falmer Shuttle, I will like to see this at Varley Halls, Phoenix etc If not allow for more flexibility in the learning process such as encourage e-learning, especially for students in 2nd year who live far away from University

    Make sure the microphone works in lectures! More organisation on student central. Video lectures and post online. More interaction with the SU.

    Making sure equipment in lecture halls are working as when mics aren't working it's hard to hear the content. New accounting lecturer.

    Making the marking of the first years' first piece of course work top priority open up rooms for study in Mithras House Open the library for longer, the security do an excellent job of only allowing Uni card holders in and the only difference in their job between exam time and non exam time is 'doing the rounds' on the upper floors, I understand there are costs for electric etc but I wonder how much extra these would be or if there would be a way to make the lights automatic (i.e. turn on when someone is moving)...

    Maybe using Facebook as some sort of communication platform would be a good idea. Not everyone likes or does use StudentCentral/email all the time. Facebook could be a good alternative to making sure students get communications.

    Mentoring for law students. Guide to writing assignments. Law society - more structured and events.

    mentors for first years

    more activities involving courses free gym membership

    more business books move career workshops @ HASTINGS campus!

    More computer facilities More guidance for report writing Giving real statistics on pass grades and degree attain-ment grades for each subject

    More computers (computers actually in Mithras). Larger study areas.

    More computers and more copies of popular books

    More computers in library. Cash point in Mithras. More revision seminars.

    More computers in pool rooms

    More detailed notes on assignment and first ones *illegible*

    more events course events law society update course communicate more of what teacher wants from us

    more events for international students more sports clubs free gym membership

    More feedback on assignments More revision sessions with exams Provide more employment opportunity 24 hour library

    more field trips

    More healthy snacks - fruit at lower cost

    More info about charity work available through the Uni

    More info about masters etc available at the Uni

    More lectures and seminars rather than leaving a student for self study More computers in the library

    More lessons on how to do our course: more ICT tutorials, more drawing technique workshops, more education on how to draw technical drawings, more lectures than we already have. More one to one time - tutorials. More organ-

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  • ised space to work in - more tables.

    More maths in course

    more one to one help online videos more interactive games/tasks more activity days better canteen food all day breakfast

    More online lectures/interactive lectures

    more out of hours contact with lecturers/help with questions

    More realistic workload that is set - otherwise us final years are unable to cope. Better management of the library. There are still some people chatting in the silent zone which is very distracting. More computers in the pool room. Cash machine in Mithras house!

    more social clubs for students to (interact) with each other

    More study rooms in Mithras house for business school students. Somewhere to print in Mithras house for students. Cash point in Mithras house. Library needs to open earlier on the weekends, not all students stay in bed until 1pm!!

    More study rooms in Mithras. More places to sit. Cheaper canteen - affordable to students. Motivating students.

    more surveys

    More use of student central Upload handouts on net, makes it easy for international students

    More water fountains please

    More work stations (PC's) available in the Mithras HSE 24hr access to Annex + Pool Room throughout the year

    Move the Checkland Building reception desk top allow those sitting in the atrium to watch the world go by. Something to address the amount of non-recyclable take away cups generated. Structured consistency on student central. Li-censed provision of PASS scheme.

    Need more computers + wi-fi areas plus printing more group rooms also

    Need more information about placement, internship importunities etc usually the application process difficult + time consuming and hard to get a place because of strong competition. Mainly for non- UK student. I imagined that there is an advice centre/service where I can practice and prepare for this process. In my opinion the Uni has to continuously monitor the providers opportunities and known the method of selection.

    offer more advice for academic journals specific to the module i.e. where to find them etc put feedback from essays online rather than illegible handwritten scripts give marks for essays a lot quicker making student central more rele-vant for specific modules - lecturers should update it more often than they do Have more Mac computers Put up time tables/exam time tables up quicker

    Offer more field trips (related to the course) to companies

    Offering more clubs for the ethnic minorities. Update software in library. Ensure microphones in lecture work!

    Open an events area in paddock field

    Open the library for longer hours during week-ends Not enough core books available on the shelves. (reading list)

    Organising modules which overlap with assessment deadlines & exams

    Organising our schedule more reasonably - not with 3 hours gap in between the lectures.

    Paying money to us

    PDP reviews in lesson

    Peer aimed sessions - a final year student that help 1st year students on the same course

    Present information creatively. Get their own knowledge and experiences involved as a teaching method.

    Printer in Mithras house upstairs computer lounge please

    printing necessary handouts & articles choose better textbooks in assisting our studies issuing exam timetables ear-lier

    Provide assignment and exam support more consistently i.e. more wider assignments briefs. Have reviews with stu-dents which should boost student to work harder to achieve good results for themselves and the university.

    Provide healthy food at lower prices. Or set meals e.g. starter and main for 4? Installing a cash machine in our build-ing.

    Provide more accommodation for students

    Provide more accommodation for students reduce international students fees

    Provide more feedback for assignments and especially exams, since the grade is not to realise where you went wrong

    Provide more parking spaces at Mithras

    provide students with more activities

    providing better sporting facilities, activities

    providing exam results quicker and online on personal student central NUS card through the university

    providing more online tuition e.g. podcasts, online lectures etc. crucial for revision more assessed seminar work - op-

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  • portunities to practice for assignments and exams

    Providing more opportunities for interaction with lecturers and seminar tutors in order for clarification with disserta-tion. Providing better instructions as to what to prepare for seminars.

    providing more postgraduate careers service

    Publish exam time tables earlier please

    Put themselves in the shoes of a new student/first time visitor. On both the Moulsecoomb and Falmer Campus, direc-tion from the train stations is appalling. In Moulsecoomb, the Huxley building is obvious but there's no campus map/signage to anywhere else. When I first came to Falmer station I first headed towards Sussex Uni, but even when in the right direction, it was five minutes before I came to a faded sign, not visible in the dark (when I arrived). Overall, how the university welcomes new comers with no signage or direction was very confusing, and it's something they really need to work on. Also there aren't nearly enough computers in the library or in Mithras House - it's a University, yet when I and other students need to work, we can't, so most people go home. It would be great if resources improved.

    Quicker feedback on module assessment results

    record lectures and put them up on student central like Sussex upgrade lecture hall, it's unacceptable for the money students pay

    regular feedback from course tutors quicker replies to e-mails from country tutors

    regular feedback from course tutors so we have a better idea of how we are progressing on the course

    Resolve the technical issues in the G8 room

    Review accounting module (needs improved level of teaching). Staff reply to emails - don't just ignore them. Make 4th year mentors actually reply to their students emails. Some modules need to organise their student central area.

    school trips!! A week in New York would have been nice! Free of course!

    Selling better food

    send links to journal articles instead promote lecturers to run blogs and other online resources to help learning e.g. podcasts personal review modules broken down into smaller assignments More social interaction between students on student central promote second hand books for 1st years and where to set them

    Serving breakfast in Mithras house.

    set exam timetable earlier so that we can plan our lives accordingly put model answers for past papers on student central record lectures and put them on student central put all lectures and seminar answers on student central for easy resources use better textbooks that are more to the point and don't waffle on

    Silent study area in Mithras where you won't be distracted, in contrast to the noise and smell of the canteen. Taster sessions for new modules to help you make an informed decision when choosing them. (chat to lecturers, existing stu-dents etc.)

    spread out deadlines use of accounting software (SAP)

    subsidised bus or train travel to university

    take student complaints more seriously MK327 - many complained about the module, no action taken to make questionnaire for different lectures so that students can say why they not attending the lectures & improvement can be made

    Take student complaints more seriously MK327 many students have complained about the module / considered dropping it, however nothing has ever been changed

    Teaching digital marketing BEFORE students go away on placement (so first or second year) Having lecturers sit in on other lectures to highlight different teaching ideas & highlight problems

    To improve lecture audio equipment. Rotating/changing group work people so you experience working with everyone.

    Turn Blackwell's into a used textbook swap-shop!

    UoB offer intercourse sports teams offer better student union open library 24 hours all term time student ticket for Brighton FC games

    UoB should have an on campus student bar & should sell tickets to the Brighton FC games, maybe allocate 100-200 to students depending on the demand they would have from students

    updating course - present times etc

    Using credit/debit cards at the restaurant in Mithras house Have more computer access in Mithras House

    Using credit/debit cards in Mithras restaurant plus cafe More available computers

    utilise all rooms for booking for group work

    While introducing the assignment please make sure the brief explanation. Please include some practical classes for e.g. : workshops, activities but not these assignments Please ask the tutors to be active and make the class alive, ra-

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  • ther than showing slides, they can relate it with current happenings

    Wi-Fi in halls of residence

    would love a microwave to reheat cooked food. Students need to save money!

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