Brighton Business School - Engagement Week Data Report

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Brighton Business School - Engagement Week Data Report


<ul><li><p>Engagement Week Feedback Brighton Business School </p><p>Vice President of Academic Affairs Engagement Week Data Brighton Business School Hi everyone, Weve been busy coding and analysing your comments from Engagement Week, now on a School by School basis. The sheer amount of data we have collected is amazing! From teaching to transport, assessment to accommodation and canteens to Camtasia you clearly have an opinion on all areas of academic life and are not scared to let us know about it. Demographics We collected qualitative feedback from 189 students across the Brighton Business School. Most of these students (94%) were from Moulsecoomb Campus and 12% of these were from Hastings. Respondents were largely female, 104, with 84 male respondents and one rather not say. The majority of the respondents were in first year (40%) and third year (23%) with 23% in second year. 9 of the respondents were postgraduate-taught students. This summary includes an overview of comments on the top six comment subject areas with comparison to the university comment trends. The full Keep, Start, Stop commentary from students in the Brighton Business School is included at the end of the document. Thanks again for all of your feedbackwe look forward to closing the feedback loop and reporting the changes very soon! Amy Rutland | VP Academic Affairs E: Facebook: VP AcademicAffairs Brighton-su Twitter: bsuacademic Blog: Brighton SU Academic </p><p>I MY EDUCATION A Few Words on the Data Analysis </p><p> We have now coded the data under a number of categories coving academic issues, organisational issues an d other facilities and activities at the University of Brighton. We collected data from 1126 students and often each Keep, Stop and Start comment box had multiple comments addressing a number of areas of concern, delight and suggested improvements. Comments ranged from brief and specific to long and detailed and we would like to thank all students that took part for the consideration put into the responses given. This research now forms a rich database of student opinion across the university and will be a valuable source of input for not only the upcoming institutional review but also decision making process at the university. A detailed discourse analysis of the comments will be available soon with a school by school breakdown. Keep an eye on the new research area on the Students Union website for updates! </p></li><li><p>What have you said? Most of your comments have been about Teaching and Learning, with a large amount indicating a positive experience. However, there are also a large amount of statements on what needs to stop and what you would like to see start. Following this are your comments on programme design with a large amount of comments on guest speakers and practical skills. Organisation is an area of concern with a number of comments on timetabling and last minute changes. Learning Resources comments show you value having your tutor notes accessible online. You would prefer to have longer library opening hours and would like to see assessment deadlines spread out and feedback on assessments given more quickly. </p><p>Overview </p></li><li><p>Teaching and Learning </p><p>Students had a lot of comments on positive relationships with tutors who were accessible, supportive, and offered them regular meetings. They cited good experience of support on placements and favoured teaching in small classes. Criticisms were of tutors who taught by reading out of their handbooks or off of lengthy PowerPoint documents. There were also a number of critical comments about lecturers who went off topic during classes. Some students also found that tutors did not respond to emails. Suggestions for improvements were in the form of more interactive, creative teaching and greater use of online facilities. There were a number of requests for more one to one time with tutors and increased study skills and language programmes. </p><p>Programme Design Students had positive comments about the inclusion of guest speakers in courses that allowed them to relate their work to real life scenarios. There was an appreciation where flexibility in module choice existed and of the support and guidance given when making this choice. Modules that focused on practical real life skills were appreciated. There was a preference for shorter lectures. Students appreciated being able to form groups across seminar classes. </p><p> Issues were raised over module cancellations and how changing one module could change your course title. Some students expressed concerns over the weighting of their third year marks and others felt that group work should not be part of the final year. Students in general would like to see more </p><p>guest speakers and study trips. </p><p>Some more detail... </p></li><li><p>Organisation </p><p>Students found the use of Student Central for communication effective and appreciated where there was flexibility in timetables. Issues were raised around modules that were dropped late on. Some felt that timetables were poorly structured with long gaps between lectures and seminars. There were issues over room changes and class cancellations not being effectively communicated to students. </p><p>Learning Resources </p><p>Students valued lecture notes, PowerPoints and handouts being posted on Student Central. Handouts given with relevant articles were also </p><p>appreciated. Some found the PASS scheme very useful and also found the Placement Office to be a very useful resource. However, students were critical of lecturers who refused to put notes online although some preferred printed handouts to be provided. Better study spaces were also listed as desirable. </p><p> In terms of suggestions for resources students would like to see more available computers and computer rooms opening earlier. </p></li><li><p>Library Facilities </p><p>Many students had positive comments about the standard of the library and the helpfulness of library staff. There was an appreciation of the increased opening hours during examination times. Students also spoke positively of the e-books and journals with a desire to see these increase. Issues around libraries included high fees for overdue books and not being allowed to withdraw books until fees were paid. There was also a call for increased IT support in the library. Suggestions for improvement included a very large number of comments about 24 hour library access and ensuring that core reading materials were adequately stocked. </p><p>Assessment </p><p>Students gave positive feedback on the revision assistance given in class and the online revision notes on Student Central. There was also appreciation where flexibility had been given for hand-in dates due to personal circumstances. Bunching examination and hand-in deadlines were an issue for some students. Some students felt that exam times were too short to complete the work. There were some negative comments on the use of group assessment. </p><p> Suggestions for improvement focussed on quicker feedback as some students felt that late feedback had a negative impact on their ability to improve their grades. Better consideration of workload and assignment hand-ins and examination dates were also desirable. </p></li><li><p>What Happens next with the Engagement Week Data This data is already being used in the university to inform de-cisions that they will be making to improve the student expe-rience. Reports from the data will be fed into university committees and any changes made as a re-sult of your comments will be fed straight back via course reps and the Students Union website. The data will also be feeding into the Student Written Submission which we are due to submit to the QAA as part of the Institutional Review in November 2012. The first draft of this document will be available late June for you to pass comment on. We will be passing reports to school reps and course reps to ensure they have evidence to help them make changes in their own areas. If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to get in touch: </p></li><li><p> The course tutors are careful to relate teaching to real examples and make us apply our learning in the workplace to produce real results both inside and outside the course </p><p> use of correspondence via e-mail </p><p> correspondence via e-mail </p><p> all online resources e.g. student central, library card etc </p><p> e-learning, blackboard </p><p> providing a nice relaxed working environment smiley people :) </p><p> Robert Prosser's momentum mentoring scheme is great </p><p> Updating student resources on student central </p><p> I like the shop! Good supplies. </p><p> Providing so many services &amp; opportunities </p><p> Feedback reports Use of student central to communicate Bursaries Careers centre information - graduate fairs Friendly staff + helpful office staff </p><p> interactive learning </p><p> Having regular seminars where i.e. go through any questions one might have </p><p> Pass groups. Flexible timetables. </p><p> Uploading updates &amp; announcement to student central </p><p> Feedback from assignments Raise of module options </p><p> Lemon bus service </p><p> Offering modules such as digital marketing as modern and fresh </p><p> Putting up lecture slides and revision material. </p><p> Careers fair. Business talks - guest speakers and recruitment. Support sessions - co writing, research advice etc </p><p> Lectures from different architects. </p><p> Bossing things at the top of the league. </p><p> Uni library facilities </p><p> Library and IT staff very friendly + helpful </p><p> have lots of help around and having lecturers who answers their emails </p><p> Cold water fountain </p><p> Giving student opportunity for feedback </p><p> Being friendly. Keeping the timetables (mine is good). Being an enjoyable place to learn. Focussing more on employability and life skills than simply skills. </p><p> Careers service really helpful, loads of great info available </p><p> Engaging teaching stuff Good teaching (societies) </p><p> Helpful teaching staff/students </p><p> keep sending helpful online aids to us, to enable improve our abilities during self study </p><p> offering value for the price of tuition </p><p> Being connected with students, making the place feel welcoming </p><p> Providing free parking for students Providing online material via student central </p><p> Low hours </p><p> keep encouraging extra curriculum activities keep providing job support for students keep student unions active and encourage group membership </p><p> Putting lecture slides and videos online </p><p> The SU is great, much better priced than all other outlets + fair-trade </p><p> Cheap food events uni sports clubs </p><p> support for students from lecturers and tutors </p><p> Keep giving me a lot of feedback on my assignments provide all the sports facilities </p><p> Student feedback and mentoring </p><p> international business </p><p> fantastic library facilities and in the library </p><p> Comfortable seating in cafe </p><p> Serving nice food </p><p> Support for students with disabilities. Lecture handouts. Sports available. </p><p> keep library open long hours have all lecturers on e-learning </p><p> Offering free sweets </p><p> Lecturers + tutors being approachable (in general most are really nice and contactable) </p><p>Keep Comments </p></li><li><p> Correspondence by e-mail </p><p> Correspondence via e-mail </p><p> Coming up with societies and events </p><p> Relating my learning to a practical application in a working business environment. </p><p> Open door policy with staff library times during exam periods </p><p> award merit-based scholarships holding its fair trade certificate income-assessed bursaries accept a lot of students from abroad </p><p> Having free personal study rooms Offering cheap food </p><p> lecturers being approachable </p><p> Finding out what the students want and getting them involved in the Uni more </p><p> Keep the same staff, we are very satisfied with our tutors </p><p> Putting up lecture slides. </p><p> library hours are good hole in the walls law cards for exams! </p><p> Providing great resources for students. Free workshops to improve your skills. Chance to study a language for free. Financial support. </p><p> Lecturers detail and delivery seminars are effective </p><p> encouraging applications from mature students </p><p> Keep library the same and student central </p><p> Uploading videos of lectures. Printing out further reading sources. </p><p> Print reading sources e.g.. lecture booklets. </p><p> Inviting interesting guests from a range of practices to give lectures. Providing a range of good food in the canteen. </p><p> Journal and library resources. Free workshop skills: English, co improving. Good international student support. </p><p> Good communication between staff, teachers and students fair trade food 24 hours open library for exams </p><p> reading weeks mentors </p><p> reading weeks mentor meetings </p><p> Good canteen, shops. Good library hours. </p><p> Good resources and excellent teaching. </p><p> Keep providing support to students </p><p> Incredible library resources. Helpful staff. Good SU. </p><p> Care about students. Modules choices flexible. Deadline of assignments can be extended according to personal circumstances. Teachers are easy to approach. </p><p> The staff at Brighton Business School are very helpful and eager to guide students on the right direction. I am not sure about other faculties at Brighton, but one teacher has started to video/record his lectures and post them up on student central along with YouTube video links with the topic /area of study which prove to be a great help for both students who don't attend but also poses a great advantage for international students </p><p> My course leader Clare Millington is very caring about student welfare and how they feel. I hope all course leaders are like this. Giving student flexibility in assignment hand in deadlines in time of pressure and difficulties. Well explained module choices and lecture support. </p><p> The careers centre provides valuable help in creating a good CV, cover letter and careers advice. The volunteering section is very helpful and amazing. </p><p> Communication by e-mail </p><p> Maintain the excellence of the law lecturers </p><p> Have the resources and support the students need. Having relevant opportunities both inside and outside the university. </p><p> The university should make more use of seminars. The university should also organise more social events to integrate the students, especially undergraduate students in medical school, so they feel part of Brighton University and meet students doing other course </p><p> Friendly staff and helpful people. Not changing our timetable. </p><p> Giving good feedback on work. Caring about students welfare. Giving lots of support. Good and challenging content of seminars. </p><p> Brilliant placements office Helpful staff Increasing the size of the e-book portfolio </p><p> Using StudentCentral to conduct e-Learning seminars is a really good way of assessing how students are getting along with a module. </p><p> Giving typed lecture notes </p><p>Keep Comments </p></li><li><p> giving out lecture notes and slides in the lectures </p><p> Active info on student central </p><p> Library flexible hours of open social events Amsterdam! </p><p> Providing excellent library facilities i.e. Books + Journals </p><p> C...</p></li></ul>