Bridgeport Dental Implants and the Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

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This article explains the importance of replacing single and multiple missing teeth with dental implants.


  • This article explains the importance of replacing single and multiple missing teeth with dental implants. Bridgeport Dental Implants: When Teeth Go Missing Here today, gone tomorrow. It only takes a single unfortunate accident for one of your pearly whites to become irreparably damaged and require extraction, or to get knocked out entirely. A car accident, a peach pit on your slice of cobbler or a childs swing received square in the face; life is a series of hard lessons learned (like inspecting your peach cobbler for pits before digging in!) Unfortunately too, it only takes a single missing or severely damaged tooth to completely distract your audience from the quality of your smile. But what happens when the affected tooth is not really all that visible? Could you get away with a missing molar or pre-molar? Do you really have to cover the cost of Bridgeport dental implants if this is the case? Understanding the Benefits of Bridgeport Dental Implants The answer from dental professionals is: Absolutely not! If you have ever lost one or more of your original pearly whites, it is incredibly important to seek professional treatment. Why? Because replacing missing and damaged teeth with Bridgeport dental implants is imperative if you are to preserve the health of the underlying jaw bone, your natural youthful facial contours and the stability of the neighboring teeth. You see, a missing tooth damages far more than just your smile Lets take a look at the anatomy of a tooth. The crown is the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. The function of the tooth varies according to its shape, but generally its for biting, tearing, grinding and chewing. Beneath the crown extends the tooth

  • root, which serves as both an anchor as well as a channel for all the nerves and blood vessels that feed the entire tooth structure. The root, however, also serves as a fundamental source of stimulation to the underlying hard tissue. Through the natural forces and pressure associated with chewing and grinding, the tooth root essentially keeps the jaw bone stimulated and alive. Just like any muscle in the body, if you dont exercise this tissue, it atrophies and wastes away. So, if you lose one or more teeth, your jaw bone is also losing this stimulation! Bridgeport dental implants, unlike other tooth replacement technologies like dental bridges and removable dentures, replace the entire missing tooth, from the root to the crown. Because they replace this important source of stimulation, Bridgeport dental implants essentially preserve the health of the underlying jaw bone tissue, keeping it alive and healthy. This in turn prevents the natural youthful contours of the face from changing and resulting in that aged and sunken appearance we typically associate with denture-wearers and the elderly. Bridgeport dental implants also provide support to the neighboring teeth, preventing the entire dental arch from destabilizing and shifting in to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. The Importance of Bridgeport Dental Implants: A Final Note Bridgeport dental implants provide so much more than just an aesthetic tooth replacement solution. They promote the health of the underlying jaw bone, prevent destabilization of the neighboring teeth and, by filling in the exposed tooth socket, disallow bacterial infection from causing any problems. Replacing missing teeth with Bridgeport dental implants is fundamental, not only for your short term smile aesthetics and bite functionality, but also for your long term health and youthful appearance!