Bridal Henna Packages and Henna Brochure - 2016 - v2...Bridal Henna Packages and Options Thank you for your interest in Blue Lotus Mehndi’s bridal henna services! Since 2011, we

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  • Bridal Henna Packages and Options

    Thank you for your interest in Blue Lotus Mehndis bridal henna services!

    Since 2011, we have proudly served brides, grooms, and their families and

    guests with quality mehndi at reasonable prices. Our clients have come from all

    walks of life and all major ethnic groups and religions.

    We also specialize in bi-cultural weddings where only one party is from a culture

    with a henna tradition.

    If you have any questions or would like us to develop a customized quote for

    you, please use the contact information on the last page of this brochure.

  • Royal Luxury Package

    An absolute must for the bride who wants nothing but the densest and most

    intricate mehndi!

    Designs fill nearly all available skin space and can extend to the elbows and

    the upper calves.

    Full Hands (top and palm) and Feet $600

    A la carte:

    Partial Hands (palm or top side) $200

    Full Hands $400

    Feet $200

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  • Traditional Beauty Package

    A bridal look that is denser and more traditional yet utilizes negative space.

    Coverage can extend to mid-forearm on arms and to mid-shin on the legs.

    Full Hands (top and palm) and Feet $300

    A la carte:

    Partial Hands (palm or top side) $100

    Full Hands $200

    Feet $100

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  • Simple Elegance Package

    For the bride who wants only partial coverage and a more modern look.

    Coverage can extend to a few inches above the wrist line. Foot coverage

    goes slightly to the ankle crease.

    Full Hands (top and palm) and Feet $210

    A la carte:

    Partial Hands (palm or top side) $70

    Full Hands $140

    Feet $70

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  • Photo Gallery

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  • Wedding Party/Sangeet Services

    Designs for bridesmaids, other bridal party members and guests will be charged

    at an hourly rate of $70. We do custom work for each client using traditional

    motifs but in a simpler format than the brides henna.

    Our minimum age to apply henna is (6) years.

    We recommend booking (1) hour per 8-10 people. You will be charged only for

    the time we actually spend applying henna to guests, and any unused time will

    be credited back to you. (Likewise, we can charge additional time if needed.)

    We also have relationships with other Birmingham-based artists who can be

    brought in for very large events where having two or more artists working

    simultaneously would be convenient and less time-consuming

    Here are some examples of designs that guests have enjoyed at prior events.

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  • Add-on Services

    Invitation and Program Design

    We can help you incorporate mehndi motifs

    into your invitations, stationery, programs and

    other printed materials. Please contact us for a

    custom quote.

    Custom Henna-decorated Party Favors

    Imagine sending your guests home with a hand-designed gift to remind them

    of your beautiful wedding!

    Candles painted with actual henna paste are popular, but we can hand-paint

    nearly anything using craft paints of nearly every color and finish. Glitter work

    and rhinestones are also possible.

    Contact us for a custom quote!


    For a minimum of $300 of booked services and a travel fee of .25 cents per mile

    round-trip, we can come to your location, including but not limited to:

    Anywhere in the state of Alabama

    The northwestern Gulf Coast

    Meridian, Hattiesburg, Tupelo


    Atlanta, Columbus

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  • Testimonials and Happy Brides

    Amy Miller the best henna artist in Birmingham.

    Bisakha Pia Sen, Ph.D., native of Kolkata, India

    We booked Amy for my wife's henna decorations for

    a Hindu wedding, and she did a fantastic job.

    Everyone loved the authenticity and level of detail,

    even the aunties from the old country who have seen

    dozens of similar decorations before. They did a

    wonderful job with traditional Indian wedding designs

    for a pretty discerning audience. Sri Narayanan,

    M.D., first-generation Indian-American

    When I showed my friends my mehndi, they were surprised that a non-Indian

    did it. Rumita Rowchowdry, native of India

    Amy/Blue Lotus Mehndi provided amazing henna

    for my henna party prior to my wedding. Amy was

    such a pleasure to work with AND she is a talented

    henna artist. As an Indian bride, I was very

    impressed and happy with her workit was

    creative, intricate and beautiful. My guests were

    just as happy with the henna designs she did on

    them. I recommend her highly! Bera Sekhon,

    first-generation Indian-American

    You guys were such a pleasure to work with! Thanks for making my wedding

    day extra special. Cessie Spearing, Caucasian/Filipino American marrying

    into an Indian family

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    Bera Sekhon

    Jaya Varma, American-born of both Indian and Caucasian heritage

  • More About Blue Lotus Mehndi

    Blue Lotus Mehndi is based in Alabaster, Alabama, just south of Birmingham.

    Amy Miler is the owner and principal artist.

    Amy first became interested in mehndi in 1999 and pursued

    it first as a hobby and then a side business before going full-

    time in 2011.

    I feel indebted to the cultures that developed the art of

    mehndi, and I do my best to understand the traditions,

    history, motifs and other essential elements of henna while

    using modern materials and techniques to achieve the best

    results possible, she says.

    Her clients have come from around the world: Tunisia, Nepal, Bangladesh,

    Pakistan and, of course, India. Among her Indian clients, Amy has served

    families from Gujarat, Assam, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Punjab and Karnataka.

    Amy has found that sometimes being a non-native artist has its benefits,

    especially when working with intercultural weddings.

    The majority of couples Ive worked with have only one partner whose ethnic

    background is from a henna-using culture, she says. Being Caucasian and a

    native English speaker, I can easily introduce the Western side of the family to

    the beauties of mehndi. At the same time, I have the skill, knowledge and

    cultural awareness to turn out traditional designs.

    Amys wedding clients also have included couples with no ethnic ties at all to

    henna-using cultures. Many of my clients are deeply interested in Middle

    Eastern and Southeast Asian culture and art and wish to incorporate mehndi in

    unique ways in their weddings, she says. Everything from Bollywood to

    Bhangra are becoming more popular in the West, and mehndi along with


    Amy is a frequent fixture at cultural events including the Birmingham

    International Street Fair, the Alabama Asian Cultures & Food Festival, and the

    Da De Los Muertos festival. This year, she has the distinction of being the

    mehndi provider at Bangamela 2016, an annual gathering of the Mid-America

    Bengali Association.

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  • Important Things to Know

    We use our own 100% natural, handcrafted paste exclusively. As you can

    see from the photos in this brochure, the stain quality is exquisite because the

    product is fresh.

    We are committed to client health and safety. Our paste contains

    organically grown Rajasthani henna powder, distilled water, and essential oil

    of lavender, cajeput or tea tree. (We may also add a small amount of table

    sugar.) We use no preservatives, artificial dye, artificial ink, solvents, PPD or

    any other chemical that would compromise the health of our clients.

    We show up. We always arrive early for bridals!

    We are culturally informed. Our clients have included Muslims, Hindus, Jews,

    Christians, Neo-pagans and non-religious people. We can wear traditional

    attire if desired, and we will be sure to ask ahead of time about any cultural

    or religious considerations we need to be aware of.

    We make it easy for you to do business with us. For deposits (25% of quoted

    total), we accept personal checks, money orders, cash, PayPal transfer and

    ALL major credit and debit cards. For the balance due at the day of the

    event, we accept cash or any form of electronic payment.

    We are reachable. You can call, email or text us. (Contact info below.)

    Ready to Book?

    You can click here to be taken immediately to our online booking engine. If

    you have any questions or would like a custom quote, please email us or give

    us a call:

    Blue Lotus

    Amy Miller

    205-378-8058 (voice and text)


    Twitter: @bluelotusmehndi

    Instagram: @bluelotusmehndi