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BRAZIL: WORKSHOP ON WATER & WASTEWATER OPPORTUNITIES. Ontario Investment and Trade Centre December 12, 2012. Mission Statement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Developing a Water Quality Model for Nutrient Management

BRAZIL: WORKSHOP ON WATER & WASTEWATER OPPORTUNITIESOntario Investment and Trade Centre December 12, 2012

Through the dedication of a multi-disciplinary team of reputable professionals, the GREENLAND Group efficiently provides its clients with integrated professional engineering and landscape architectural services. We also strive to offer excellence and exceptional service in the development of related environmental technologies and maintaining the integrity of our practices for all customers, employees and the business community.

Since 1994, the GREENLAND Group has been committed to providing innovative solutions with a conservationist ethic that respects the natural environment at the outset, while also complying with best available science and proven technologies.

Mission Statement2County of SimcoeWater and Wastewater Visioning StrategyTo address Simcoe County Resolution CCW-007-09, and to provide current information that would assist potential/future infrastructure strategies to be initiated by the Province of Ontario, the County of Simcoe retained Greenland Consulting Engineers to complete the primary project goal, namely:To prepare a Servicing Gap Analysis that assesses existing water and wastewater system requirements for all County member municipalities, the separated cities, and federal lands within Simcoe County.

Greenland interpreted that the primary goal could be achieved through the completion of the following project objectives:Assess the existing water supply and wastewater treatment system capacities with respect to servicing existing and proposed population growth identified in the County of Simcoe (adopted) 2008 Official Plan;Compile a general review of existing environmental (natural, socio-economic) conditions for the County of Simcoe and utilizing available / local available science;Based on Greenlands assessment and review of the above 2 objectives, prepare individual Level 1 summaries of water and wastewater servicing opportunities and constraints and which also considers baseline condition results from Greenlands in-kind / value-added technology contribution (called CANWET - 4) during the study; and,Identify Level 2 and Level 3 opportunities (also using CANWET - 4) for identified regional areas within the County that were found to have servicing gaps and which would require consolidating current water supply and wastewater treatment infrastructure and maybe a restructuring of local delivery and O & M service models.

4Town of Innisfil Water and Wastewater(Level 3) P3 Business Case Development

5Town of Innisfil Water and Wastewater (Level 3) P3 Business Case Development

CANWET 4 Model Comparison of Average MonthlyPhosphorus Loading Under Historical and Future Climate Change Meteorology

Spatial Analysis of Permit To Take Water (PTTW) Database

Source Water Protection7