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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 1/58</p><p>BRAVENEWWORLDREVISITEDBYALDOUSHUXLEY</p><p>EVERSION4.0</p><p>BLURB(BACKCOVER)</p><p>When the novelBrave New World first appeared, in 1932, its shocking analysis of</p><p>a scientific dictatorship seemed a projection into the remote future.Today the science of thought control has raced far beyond the dreams of itler</p><p>and !talin. "ethods for destroying individual freedom are being rapidly developed, and</p><p>the pressures to adopt them are becoming increasingly po#erful. $o#, in one of the mostimportant, fascinating, and frightening books of his career, %ldous u&amp;ley scrutini'es</p><p>these and other threats to humanity and demonstrates #hy #e may find it virtually</p><p>impossible to resist them.</p><p>With overpo#ering impact, this book is a challenge to complacency and a plea</p><p>that mankind should educate itself for freedom before it is too late.</p><p>(opyright ) 19*+ by %ldous u&amp;ley.</p><p>rinted in the -nited !tates of %merica.</p><p>%ll rights reserved.</p><p>No part of t!" #oo$ %a&amp; #' "' or r'pro*'</p><p>!+ a+&amp; %a++'r ,at"o'-'r ,!tot ,r!tt'+ p'r%!""!o+</p><p>'*'pt !+ t' *a"' of #r!'f /otat!o+" '%#o!' !+</p><p>*r!t!*a art!*'" a+ r'-!',".</p><p>or information address arper / 0o#, ublishers,</p><p>ncorporated, 9 ast 33rd !treet, $e# 4ork, $.4. 15516.</p><p>"ost of the material in this book #as published byNewsday under the title T40%$$4780T"$.</p><p>Brave New World Revisited #as originally published by arper / :rothers in 19*+.</p><p>irst 0$$%;;:0%04edition published 196* by</p><p>arper / 0o#, ublishers, ncorporated, $e# 4ork.</p><p>This book is sold subject to the (ondition that it shall not, by #ay of trade,</p><p>be lent, re0!!(%T%;7&gt; (%0 $-":0? 123541</p><p>Co+t'+t"</p><p> Foreword</p><p> Over-Population Quantity, Quality, Morality</p><p> Over-Organization</p><p>8 Propaganda in a Demorati !oiety8 Propaganda "nder a Ditators#ip</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 2/58</p><p>8 $#e %rts o&amp; !elling</p><p>8 Brainwas#ing</p><p>8 '#emial Persuasion@ !u(onsious Persuasion</p><p>@ )ypnopaedia</p><p>@ *duation &amp;or Freedom@ W#at 'an Be Done+</p><p>6or',ar</p><p>The soul of #it may become the very body of untruth. o#ever elegant and</p><p>memorable, brevity can never, in the nature of things, do justice to all the facts of acomple&amp; situation. 7n such a theme one can be brief only by omission and simplification.</p><p>7mission and simplification help us to understand </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 3/58</p><p>n 1931, #henBrave New World #as being #ritten, #as convinced that there</p><p>#as still plenty of time. The completely organi'ed society, the scientific caste system, theabolition of free #ill by methodical conditioning, the servitude made acceptable by</p><p>regular doses of chemically induced happiness, the orthodo&amp;ies drummed in by nightly</p><p>courses of sleepermany and</p><p>#hen the 0ussian tyrant had not yet got into his stride. n 1931 systematic terrorism #asnot the obsessive contemporary fact #hich it had become in 19+, and the future</p><p>dictatorship of my imaginary #orld #as a good deal less brutal than the future</p><p>dictatorship so brilliantly portrayed by 7r#ell. n the conte&amp;t of 19+, ./01 seemed</p><p>dreadfully convincing. :ut tyrants, after all, are mortal and circumstances change. 0ecentdevelopments in 0ussia and recent advances in science and technology have robbed</p><p>7r#ell=s book of some of its gruesome verisimilitude. % nuclear #ar #ill, of course, make</p><p>nonsense of everybody=s predictions. :ut, assuming for the moment that the &gt;reato#ers can someho# refrain from destroying us, #e can say that it no# looks as though</p><p>the odds #ere more in favor of something likeBrave New World than of something like</p><p>./01n the light of #hat #e have recently learned about animal behavior in general,</p><p>and human behavior in particular, it has become clear that control through the</p><p>punishment of undesirable behavior is less effective, in the long run, than control through</p><p>the reinforcement of desirable behavior by re#ards, and that government through terror</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 4/58</p><p>#orks on the #hole less #ell than government through the non</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 5/58</p><p>life of even the most highly civili'ed society has its beginnings </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 6/58</p><p>the e&amp;isting billions Cthere #ill be more than five and a half billions of us by the time my</p><p>granddaughter is fiftyD, this biological background #ill advance, ever more insistently,</p><p>ever more menacingly, to#ard the front and center of the historical stage. The problem ofrapidly increasing numbers in relation to natural resources, to social stability and to the</p><p>#ell</p><p>song and ask,</p><p>Will the space that you=re so rich in;ight a fire in the kitchen,</p><p>7r the little god of space turn the spit, spit, spitF</p><p>The ans#er, it is obvious, is in the negative. % settlement on the moon may be ofsome military advantage to the nation that does the settling. :ut it #ill do nothing</p><p>#hatever to make life more tolerable, during the fifty years that it #ill take our presentpopulation to double, for the earth=s undernourished and proliferating billions. %nd even</p><p>if, at some future date, emigration to "ars should become feasible, even if any conovernment. :ut societies are composed of individuals and are good only insofar as</p><p>they help individuals to reali'e their potentialities and to lead a happy and creative life.o# have individuals been affected by the technological advances of recent yearsF ere</p><p>is the ans#er to this Buestion given by a philosopher</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 12/58</p><p>physical universe could be e&amp;plained and dealt #ith in terms of a single system of ideas.</p><p>n the same spirit the artist takes the innumerable diversities and uniBuenesses of the</p><p>outer #orld and his o#n imagination and gives them meaning #ithin an orderly system ofplastic, literary or musical patterns. The #ish to impose order upon confusion, to bring</p><p>harmony out of dissonance and unity out of multiplicity is a kind of intellectual instinct, a</p><p>primary and fundamental urge of the mind. Within the realms of science, art andphilosophy the #orkings of #hat may call this EWill to 7rderE are mainly beneficent.</p><p>True, the Will to 7rder has produced many premature syntheses based upon insufficient</p><p>evidence, many absurd systems of metaphysics and theology, much pedantic mistaking ofnotions for realities, of symbols and abstractions for the data of immediate e&amp;perience.</p><p>:ut these errors, ho#ever regrettable, do not do much harm, at any rate directly </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 13/58</p><p>:iologically speaking, man is a moderately gregarious, not a completely social</p><p>animal od only,E as "ilton said of %dam and ve, Eshe for &gt;od inhim.E %nd in one important respect the #ife of the ideal organi'ation man is a good deal</p><p>#orse off than our irst "other. !he and %dam #ere permitted by the ;ord to be</p><p>completely uninhibited in the matter of Eyouthful dalliance.E</p><p>$or turned, #een,</p><p>%dam from his fair spouse, nor ve the rites"ysterious of connubial love refused.</p><p>Today, according to a #riter in the)arvard Business Review, the #ife of the man</p><p>#ho is trying to live up to the ideal proposed by the !ocial thic, Emust not demand too</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 14/58</p><p>much of her husband=s time and interest. :ecause of his single</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 15/58</p><p>;ike !ir &gt;alahad=s, their strength is as the strength of ten because their heart is pure </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 16/58</p><p>men and #omen are probably decent enough and sensible enough to be trusted #ith the</p><p>direction of their o#n destinies.</p><p>emocratic institutions are devices for reconciling social order #ith individualfreedom and initiative, and for making the immediate po#er of a country=s rulers subject</p><p>to the ultimate po#er of the ruled. The fact that, in Western urope and %merica, these</p><p>devices have #orked, all things considered, not too badly is proof enough that theeighteenthiven a fair chance, human beings</p><p>can govern themselves, and govern themselves better, though perhaps #ith less</p><p>mechanical efficiency, than they can be governed by Eauthorities independent of their#ill.E &gt;iven a fair chance, repeatA for the fair chance is an indispensable prereBuisite.</p><p>$o people that passes abruptly from a state of subservience under the rule of a despot to</p><p>the completely unfamiliar state of political independence can be said to have a fair chance</p><p>of making democratic institutions #ork. %gain, no people in a precarious economiccondition has a fair chance of being able to govern itself democratically. ;iberalism</p><p>flourishes in an atmosphere of prosperity and declines as declining prosperity makes it</p><p>necessary for the government to intervene ever more freBuently and drastically in the</p><p>affairs of its subjects. 7ver</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 17/58</p><p>interest is probably the highest of effective motives. f politicians and their constituents</p><p>al#ays acted to promote their o#n or their country=s long</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 18/58</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 19/58</p><p>lived in too continuously, both can become, in "ar&amp;=s phrase, Ethe opium of the peopleE</p><p>and so a threat to freedom. 7nly the vigilant can maintain their liberties, and only those</p><p>#ho are constantly and intelligently on the spot can hope to govern themselveseffectively by democratic procedures. % society, most of #hose members spend a great</p><p>part of their time, not on the spot, not here and no# and in the calculable future, but</p><p>some#here else, in the irrelevant other #orlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology andmetaphysical fantasy, #ill find it hard to resist the encroachments of those #ho #ould</p><p>manipulate and control it.</p><p>n their propaganda today=s dictators rely for the most part on repetition,suppression and rationali'ation </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 20/58</p><p>nations might be dominated by technical means. That nightmare #as almost reali'ed in</p><p>itler=s totalitarian system.E %lmost, but not Buite. The $a'is did not have time od=s sake or in order to achieve</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 21/58</p><p>personal salvation, but for the sake of the !tate and for the greater glory and po#er of the</p><p>demagogue turned ;eader </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 22/58</p><p>the heart of his hearers.E 7tto !trasser called him Ea louderman masses. t is by manipulating Ehidden</p><p>forcesE that the advertising e&amp;perts induce us to buy their #ares </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 23/58</p><p>characteristic not of men and #omen as individuals, but of men and #omen in masses.</p><p>"indlessness and moral idiocy are not characteristically human attributesA they are</p><p>symptoms of herd</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 24/58</p><p>nature. Truth and reason are Iekyll=s affair, not his. yde is a motivation analyst, and his</p><p>business is to study human #eaknesses and failings, to investigate those unconscious</p><p>desires and fears by #hich so much of men=s conscious thinking and overt doing isdetermined. %nd he does this, not in the spirit of the moralist #ho #ould like to make</p><p>people better, or of the physician #ho #ould like to improve their health, but simply in</p><p>order to find out the best #ay to take advantage of their ignorance and to e&amp;polit theirirrationality for the pecuniary benefit of his employers. :ut after all, it may be argued,</p><p>Ecapitalism is dead, consumerism is kingE </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 25/58</p><p>malignant fren'y of the orator, the audience #ould groan and sob and scream in an orgy</p><p>of uninhibited passion. %nd these orgies #ere so enjoyable that most of those #ho had</p><p>e&amp;perienced them eagerly came back for more. %lmost all of us long for peace andfreedomA but very fe# of us have much enthusiasm for the thoughts, feelings and actions</p><p>that make for peace and freedom. (onversely almost nobody #ants #ar or tyrannyA but a</p><p>great many people find an intense pleasure in the thoughts, feelings and actions that makefor #ar and tyranny. These thoughts, feelings and actions are too dangerous to be</p><p>e&amp;ploited for commercial purposes. %ccepting this handicap, the advertising man must do</p><p>the best he can #ith the less into&amp;icating emotions, the Buieter forms of irrationality.ffective rational propaganda becomes possible only #hen there is a clear</p><p>understanding, on the part of all concerned, of the nature of symbols and of their relations</p><p>to the things and events symboli'ed. rrational propaganda depends for its effectiveness</p><p>on a general failure to understand the nature of symbols. !implereek god, the radiance of one of iana=s nymphs.With the monthly best seller #e acBuire culture, the envy of our less literate neighbors</p><p>and the respect of the sophisticated. n every case the motivation analyst has found some</p><p>deep</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 26/58</p><p>haunting and fascinating in their o#n right. 7f this kind are the rites and pomps of</p><p>religion. These Ebeauties of holinessE strengthen faith #here it already e&amp;ists and, #here</p><p>there is no faith, contribute to conversion. %ppealing, as they do, only to the aestheticsense, they guarantee neither the truth nor the ethical value of the doctrines #ith #hich</p><p>they have been, Buite arbitrarily, associated. %s a matter of plain historical fact, the</p><p>beauties of holiness have often been matched and indeed surpassed by the beauties ofunholiness. -nder itler, for e&amp;ample, the yearly $uremberg rallies #ere masterpieces of</p><p>ritual and theatrical art. E had spent si&amp; years in !t. etersburg before the #ar in the best</p><p>days of the old 0ussian ballet,E #rites !ir $evile enderson, the :ritish ambassador toitler=s &gt;ermany, Ebut for grandiose beauty have never seen any ballet to compare #ith</p><p>the $uremberg rally.E 7ne thinks of Meats enius has been the servant of tyranny and</p><p>art has advertised the merits of the local cult. Time, as it passes, separates the good artfrom the bad metaphysics. (an #e learn to make this separation, not after the event, but</p><p>#hile it is actually taking placeF That is the Buestion.</p><p>n commercial propaganda the principle of the disproportionately fascinatingsymbol is clearly understood. very propagandist has his %rt epartment, and attempts</p><p>are constantly being made to beautify the billboards #ith striking posters, the advertising</p><p>pages of maga'ines #ith lively dra#ings and photographs. There are no masterpiecesA for</p><p>masterpieces appeal only to a limited audience, and the commercial propagandist is out tocaptivate the majority. or him, the ideal is a moderate e&amp;cellence. Those #ho like this</p><p>not too good, but sufficiently striking, art may be e&amp;pected to like the products #ith</p><p>#hich it has been associated and for #hich it symbolically stands.%nother disproportionately fascinating symbol is the !inging (ommercial.</p><p>!inging (ommercials are a recent inventionA but the !inging Theological and the !inging</p><p>evotional </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 27/58</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Brave New World 2</p><p> 28/58</p><p>capable, if given a fair chance, of making a reasonable choice in the light of available</p><p>evidence. emocratic institutions can be made to #ork only if all concerned do their best</p><p>to impart kno#ledge and to encourage rationality. :ut today, in the #orld=s most po#erfuldemocracy, the politicians and their propagandists prefer to make nonsense of democratic</p><p>procedures by appealing almost e&amp;clusively to the ignorance and irrationality of the</p><p>electors. E:oth parties,E #e #ere told in 19*6 by the editor of a leading b...</p></li></ul>